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Sex, Drugs & Novichok: British Media Claims ‘GRU Agents’ Had Nigh With Cannabis And Prostitute Before Skripal Poisoning

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Sex, Drugs & Novichok: British Media Claims 'GRU Agents' Had Nigh With Cannabis And Prostitute Before Skripal Poisoning

The mainstream media and analysts, led by British one, continue to spread rumors and allegations over the Skripals poisoning case. Earlier in September, British authorities alleged that two Russian citizens, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, are agents of the Russian military intelligence GRU involved in the attempted murder of Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Now, the British media claims that the alleged “GRU agents” spent a drug-fuelled night with a prostitute just hours before going to spray the Novichok nerve agent on Skripal’s front door and handle.

The Daily Mail reports (source):

The Kremlin assassins who attempted to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal with the Novichok nerve agent allegedly enjoyed a drug-fuelled night with a prostitute just hours before the Salisbury attack.

Russian agents Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov – who gave an astonishing interview last week claiming to be sightseers – reportedly kept guests awake at their £75-a-night hotel.

Witnesses say cannabis wafted from their twin room in the two-star City Stay Hotel in Bow, East London, as they partied through the night. 

Furious guests complained to staff after the pair smuggled a prostitute into their room for ‘noisy sex’.

According to the Sun on Sunday, the hitmen argued with staff the morning after their stay at the City Stay Hotel before setting off to Salisbury on the train to carry out the Novichok attack on Skripal, 67, and his daughter, Yulia, 34.

A guest who recognised the pair from CCTV images released by police told the newspaper: ‘I could smell weed from their room. It was by the door and in the corridor, it was unmistakable. It must have been around 7pm.

‘Later there was a woman in there. I think she was a prostitute. They were having sex. Definitely. I heard them having really loud sex for a long time.

‘It was definitely a woman. I don’t think the men were having sex with each other.’”

So, now, according to the British side, the audience has to believe that two “highly-trained GRU agents” used drugs and had sex with a prostitute before going to assasinate the former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence services upon orders from the top Russian leadership.

Summing up, the British version of the events is based on the one key assumption suggeting the audience to believe that servicemen of one of the biggest intelligence agencies around the world are idiots. It seems that somebody in the MSM propaganda machine has been deluded by own propaganda. MORE ABOUT THIS HERE

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Julian Clegg

They’re just taking the piss now.

Jim Bim

The Brits are getting more and more desperate and pathetic.

Julian Clegg

The cannabis and prostitute story is more believable than the “novichok” story.


If anything that makes them more like the tourists that they claim to be then the cool and calculating hitmen that the British claim them to be. Because if Putin’s best and brightest are more busy partying and nailing hookers, then poisoning his enemies, he’s got a MASSIVE problem. And why should have to fear such a bungling bunch of incompetents? Putin the Evil Chess Player Mastermind is scary, Putin, the Russian equivalent of Benny Hill? Not so much.

You can call me Al

John “Putin” Cleese – Monty Python.


You have to forgive them, they’re from Leningrad.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the novichok!!!

It would be cool though to see Putin do the Ministry of Silly Walks routine. :-)

AM Hants

Like this?

Putin walks in Saint Petersburg and does at the end crazy stuff. Cool Guy… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCZlvfC9SCM

Wow! Putin mobbed by models in wedding dresses… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjxB0cerulM

Putin’s Extraordinary Alpha Male Walk… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-zEftm7ZXo


With that last video 2 things struck me, those ceremonial guards have some weird ass crazy hats, and if he has to walk those long stairs regularly, no wonder he’s still in good shape for his age.


He is a cool guy, and like Assad before the US invasion can walk the streets without fear. Compare that to the leaders of the US who need wall to wall security to protect them from the people.
Yet the media tells us that the Russian people hate Putin.
Sadly most cannot see, that we are the bad guys, and Russia and Syria are the good guys.

stary ujo

Stupid Britains must to find another twins , because these was very noisy and druged .These was camuflage for somebody another , maybe right assasiners .


Good for them! They was insinuation that they were gay in RT interview. Glad they got high and fucked some English bitch. Good job guys!


The hooker story is probably MI5 trying to discredit the gay theory.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

But they just made them more likable… and undermined their “acted on behalf of the state” point of the narrative – what amateurs! This is a blamage for the whole profession of propagandists.


Why would the Brits dismiss the Gay Theory, as queers are known to be the cruellest of all men ?


Because they are supposed to be professional hit men on a job, not lovers on a dirty weekend.


The latest revelations of course are from other residents of the hotel who complained of the two men smoking cannabis and ‘entertaining’ a female prostitute in their room which kept many awake.

In the interview with RT the two men stated they went to London ” to have some fun” :)


They went to Britain to escape homophobic Russia, what’s the gay scene like in Salisbury?
Were they the only gays in the village?


There are a lot of military camps in the area as Salisbury Plain is a large training area, so in the new touchy feely British military, there will be many openly gay soldiers now.


Either the British people are extremely stupid, or the British Government thinks the British people are extremely stupid.
The plutocrats from the US and Britain told the British people not to vote for Brexit, but they voted for Brexit. The plutocrats told the American people not to vote for Trump, so they voted for Trump.
It’s pretty obvious that the people of the US, UK have no faith in their Governments.

You can call me Al

Your Answer – British Government thinks the British people are extremely stupid…….. and many, many are including my Dad.


There is actually a danger that MI6 contractors etc could murder these two men and then the MSM would proclaim ‘ Putin had them killed to keep them quiet ‘.

This is a very possible scenario I think Al.
The hole the British establishment have dug for themselves is just too deep to climb out of now.

AM Hants

You can see it happening. Together with Browder. He is getting embarrassing, so wonder when his contract will be delivered?


Now he is getting divorced, Boris Bond of MI 17 is free to do the dirty deed :)

AM Hants

Boris Bond, reminds me of this:

Bond Brooke Bond – Great Old ‘Novochok Tea’ Tips… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VSTjo0i_EE

‘Shower Gate’. Russian version Moscow – 5* Hotel – High Class Escorts
‘Novochok Gate’. UK version – Tower Hamlets – ‘0’ Star Hotel – Street Hookers.

Russia, always adds a touch of class to the story. UK, wow, how low do we go?

AM Hants

I personally can vouch for the what you say. The masses, friends included, seriously believe the MSM version, no questions asked. Then you have the ‘saner’ crowd, who believe nought, especially when delivered via Westminster.


Russia is SOOOO DANGEROUS that western countries in general and US in particular need to spend additional TRILLIONS on weapons (preferably on insanely expensive / not working, made-in-US kind), while at the same time the they are SOOOO INCOMPETENT as not to be able to off an overweight ex-double agent with obvious drinking problem and his nerd daughter. To add insult to injury Vlad’s own KGB colleagues – you know people powerful enough to get Trump elected – and would be killers, left a trail comparable to a heard of drunken elephants in the mating season, all over the UK…So what part of this fairy tale you find hart to buy…


Usa is not going to compete with Russia on wepons as Russians are far ahead in the game. I am very concerned about the bio-weapons that usa is manufaturing.

AM Hants

The Georgian Mosquitoes, not forgetting the $70 million investment, in Porton Down. Before you get onto Ukraine, with the US setting up so many bio-chemical weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity. Strange the OPCW say nought?

AM Hants

Saw it yesterday. Have you seen her article on ‘Porton Down’?

Salisbury attack reveals $70 million Pentagon program at Porton Down…

This is breaking, just waiting for the ‘press conference’ to start. Same crowd involved.

New Details in MH17 Case: Russian Defense Ministry Holds Press Conference… https://sputniknews.com/russia/201809171068089638-russia-boeing-mh-17/


Watching the press- conference now. Thanks for the link.


These two Russians are getting more grounds for legal charges against the media yet as an ordinary person I would be very conserned about safety if such (ridiculous) accusations were thrown at me. God forbid!


The media uses terms like, according to, or quote other media outlets or politicians.
Here in Australia, the Government changed the law, so victims of libel by the media cannot get enough compensation to cover their legal costs.
The Jewish media now rules the western world, politicians are their servants.


I feel sorry for the UK. the once proud nation controlling the high seas around the globe is now relegated to begging for table scrapes from the US.

You can call me Al

It really is complete load of Bllx; I am ashamed of my government, it has embarrassed itself and our Country again.

So if this story is correct, before their op, they did all you state above + took a bottle of the deadly, military grade Novichok into a two star dump, sorry hotel. Now we all know how trustworthy hookers are, so these experienced Russia 007s were not worried that the hookers would steal anything, especially A NICE BOTTLE OF PERFUME (not even spray themselves)…… what a crock.

Talking about digging a hole after a warning.

PS Trying to cover up the BREXIT fiasco + Syria, but the people are not falling for it – Christ, even the US people dont believe this BS and that says a lot !!!!.


It appears that the Bright Young Graduates from Coventry University ( There is actually a real one:) ) and the token dullards from Cambridge with a 2:2 in Media Studies and Sociology are now the brains of MI5 and MI6 Al.
comment image

You can call me Al

Hehehe, sounds the same as the Iraq WMD dossier.


This is a stain on humanity AL.


The US is trying to ban it from the internet. If is not available , I have a copy I can email to you.

You can call me Al

Thanks, when I chuckled it was because students / graduates – I think with Iraq, it was also a student that compiled the crucial document that led the US / UK into war – the dossier or something.

Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look later.

AM Hants

Today’s update of ‘UK Intelligence Services Russian Tourettes Symptoms’:

It’s NOT novichok, say police: ‘Russian’ couple fall ill at Salisbury restaurant with nerve-agent symptoms sparking panic as police in hazmat suits keep terrified diners in isolation for HOURS before giving the all-clear
Italian restaurant was put on lockdown after couple became sick at Italian diner
‘Their symptoms were consistent with novichok poisoning,’ police sources said
Man ‘had a fit in the toilet’ and blonde woman ‘was hysterical’, witness revealed
Diner who initially called the police said the scene was ‘like Armageddon’
Another witness said ill pair were Russian, but that hasn’t been confirmed
It comes just six months after Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia collapsed in Zizi
Were YOU at the restaurant? Tell us what you saw, email tips@dailymail.co.uk


You can call me Al

hahaha, what nonsense.

AM Hants

I feel sorry for Salisbury, having the Government basically, shut it down.

Have you seen this?

Russia Registered Rocket Launches From French Frigate in Mediterranean on Monday… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809181068115950-russia-registered-missilelaunches/

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

What retard thought this one would serve the narrative well? Ahahah… sometimes is the best just to let them talk and talk. What amateurs!!!!


They asked the US secret service what they usually do in the area of operation days in advance of their duty. Learn from the master says Sun Tsu. It´s getting so damn hilarious.

Valerianus Maximus

Well, the comment that the two HAD had to be having sex with a female prostitute and not each other proves this whole story is libel, because the British are virtue signalling that homosexuality is inherently anti-Russian and in no way connected to any “Kremlin” activity. It also fits wit the larger western propaganda line of Russian persecution of homos.

Richard M

Did the hookers urinate on the bed?



AM Hants

LOL – ‘Novochok Showers’, the UK way.


Poor scriptwriters, … The Novichock-saga becomes more and more a slapstick comedy. Too much booze and seen way too much bad James Bond films. They should forbid those rehearsals every summer !!! At the end you start to believe your own bullshit, isn’t it?!!! Thank God we both lost our pathetic Boris bears … ;-)


“Sources” and “witnesses” from a British msm outlet cheer leading this fiasco engaged in damage control are meaningless.


This element of this farce reminds me of two things. The first: Mohamed Atta and his co-hijackers, according to the FBI, they party in a strip club the night before “high”-jacking their 757 with box cutters and crashing it into the North tower. There were also reports that they hired a number of call girls. The second: an observation from Karl Marx “that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, the second as farce.”
All these conspiracy theories portray the perpetrators as amateur bungling buffoons which is counterposed against their professional training to carry out such attacks. A kinda 007 in reverse. Gambling and partying, pussy galore, gets the job done even after all the “cock-ups”. Farce as reality as drifting into tequila sunsets. LOL


Funny how none of the victims are allowed to freely talk, or in the case of Yulia not even allowed to see her Family.
comment image


I’ve looked at the Bellingcat passport article and it’s allegations about passport irregularities. What this says to me is that disposable travel documents commonly used by secret agent assassins were not used in this case. And the Brits are trying to salvage their alias accusations.

When I tried to go to the source material in the Bellingcat article, the link wouldn’t work. And I can’t find the purported source article on the Russia Insider site. That is supposed to be one of the sources for the Bellingcat article. Leaked is another word for stolen. If the purported source material isn’t publically available. Then there’s nothing preventing it from being a photoshopped scam.


There has been another poisoning in Salisbury, again it is 2 people at a restaurant.

I had a thought, maybe this is somebody like Bill Browder, trying to take over the Salisbury commercial real estate, and is demolishing the value to get it cheap.


It sounds to me like the information that the Bellingcat and Russia Insider are based on isn’t from open source public records, but from alleged computer hacking:

““Was the Federal Migration Service [FMS] database hacked just today?””

– Moscow slams Bellingcat for ‘leaking misinformation’ on Salisbury suspects from special services –



Would the British fabricate photo shopped screen shots to show unverifiable passport irregularities:
comment image


It’s been two weeks since the identical time stamps controversy arose indicating possible evidence tampering on the part of the British government. And the British government hasn’t commented on it or attempted to resolve it. Which they could easily do by releasing the entrance and exit videos showing the two men entering and exiting the corridors. And which they haven’t done, probably because it doesn’t support their version of events. So right now it looks like there may be a cover up of the crime of fabricating evidence committed by the British government.


That’s it, that’s all they have? This is so bad it is amusing.


We’ve gone from fake time stamps, to fake passport irregularity screen shots, to fake sex and drug allegations from unnamed sources and witnesses. It just keeps getting worse. The Brits are increasing their credibility deficit in the eyes of many.

The Farney Fontenoy

The British narrative has fallen to pieces, so they’ve resorted to time-honoured character assassination to destroy the credibility of the two Russians, “tell a lie big enough…”

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