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Several US Troops Injured In Gunmen Attack In Syria’s Hasakah Province: SANA

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Several US Troops Injured In Gunmen Attack In Syria's Hasakah Province: SANA


On April 20, unidentified gunmen attacked a vehicle of the US-led coalition on the al-Kharafi road, at the junction of Roueished village in the Syrina province of Hasakah, Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reported.

The report claims that the attack resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and the injury of a number of US troops.

No group has claimed responsibility for the supposed attack. The US-led coalition has not commented on these reports also.


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This is to be expected when you have invaded another country.

Jens Holm

Of course.

Jacob Wohl

Never “invaded”. US was invited by the Kurds and the FSA to fight isis in 2014.


The Turds are not the government of Syria, nor is occupied Palestine.


Yes, fool. It is an invasion. Also, the invasion was an illegal one where no UN declaration nor declaration of war occured .

Zionism = EVIL

Children, I had posted a month ago that the dumbass Americunts are misreading the situation in Syria in their infinite hubris. The bastards were hit by a new type of IED and lost an MRAP and at least 5 dead. This is just the beginning, either go home and die of your own corona virus or go home in a body bag. The stupid Zionist cunts are not doing any better as 80% of their missiles in Syria are falling into Iranian hands as the IRGC now a daily flight to cart off dud Zionist ordinance for cloning.

A Russian aviation news outlet close to intelligence sources says Iran may have replicated an Israeli missile that was shot down in Syria, citing a video of the test of a new Iranian anti-tank missile.

Avia.Pro reported that the new missile seems to resemble one of the Israeli projectiles that were downed by the Russian electronic warfare system during an attack on Syria,.

The report added that the downed missile was later successfully removed from the country by “Iranian intelligence service”, and was studied and completely copied. The news outlet shared a video that showed the accuracy of the Iranian copy of the Israeli “Spike” missile in hitting its target.

Avia.Pro quoted experts as saying that Iran may use Israeli missiles against Tel Aviv itself in the near future.


They wouldn’t necessarily be ‘israeli’ missiles. They’ve most certainly been improved.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, that is what the Russian intel report says. Iran has been carting off both Americunt and Zionist crappy missiles and UAV from Syria and Iraq and making improvements. The Turkish crap is two generations behind Iranian missiles and light years behind Russian tech.

Jens Holm

Goook goook mijav mijav bau wauw.

My Grandmother was like that after 5 cups of coffe and 1 kilo sugar.


Jens use a translator and write in your native language FFS!

Jens Holm

We try to learn them Turkish, Farsi and Arabic :)

Next generation will improve. .


Still doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Jens Holm

Its animal sounds and it do make a lot of sense.

Jens Holm

You never know in warfare. Often its best to the price like lowered prices and many. Well thats an improvement too:)


I know that’s English, however it makes absolutely no sense…please try again.

Jens Holm

And best regards for the “High Heel Rumors Bureau”.

Swift Laggard II

no rumors kid. i have no dog in this fight but the Iranians have cloned the Israeli spike atgm going by some media releases. you don’t have to oppose everything, it damages your credibility

Jens Holm

Yes, they all do copy and modify. But thanks for the information.

I dont oppose Your relevant information.

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol what credibility?

Ashok Varma

US and NATO forces have been brutally occupying northeast Syria and aiding terrorism and impoverished its people, so resistance is a natural consequence.

Jens Holm

Actually we are called back by the public elected Goverment in Bagdad after they could not handle things themselves hardly having a IMickey Mouse army.

Nato dont have the Iran-USA Agendä. We even pay to help.

You have no relations to facts. Zebras and horses in Your world probatly are same thing too.

John Wallace

So how does Baghdad Iraq give permission too America too occupy Syria. You dumb moron. How about Sweden give permission to Russia too occupy Denmark . .That sounds reasonable, Just an incessant need to make a comment relevance or not. Why don;t you go and give mouth to mouth to those virus patients struggling to breathe. Now that would be useful .

Jaime Galarza

To say he’s a useful idiot is too generous. He boviates bs 24/7, and he thinks he’s producing philosophy.

johnny rotten

What goes around comes around.


Finally the uprising is starting! Heroic Syrian civilians taking their lives back from the US Thugs Gang-Rapist Cutthroats! Foresaw this last year, but the IsraHell Deep State is proficient in delaying these for us worthy-to-celebrate events into infinity!

Jens Holm

I se none uprising. It must be under Your bed blanket:)


the yankeetwats need to realize that they will never be welcome and that the sniping will continue till the day they either leave voluntarily or forced to leave before the body bags will be too many – and the jews, they have ´never been well received and in fact, by now they are hated by the world with one notable exception, the bought and paid lawmakers in washington dc and in westminster. so the jews better start packing the stuff they’ve acquired by theft and murder and underhanded ways – it’s either 6 feet under or relocating to the disintegrating states of A.

Zionism = EVIL

Dude, the arseholes have killed a million Iraqi women and children and bankrupted a once middle income country and do you think anyone will forget that. The day of reckoning for the murdering Americunt cowards is just beginning. I am not a religious man, but do believe in Karma or natural justice. The bastards will pay bigtime, just watch.

Jens Holm

And You counted themselves too finaced by Maliki himself:)

Jens Holm

They are not You. They hardly dont care about welcome from You and anybody else.

Why did You think they came in the first place.

It babling nonsense where You assume from under Your bed blanket only.

f You made a kind of center for that science fiction there will be more custimers then in Disneyland. Remember Mecca Cola.


I want to see how its handled, if the report is true. This type of activity is not a possibility. It was always when, not it.

Jens Holm

Yes, those Assads never has liked the SDFs as well – for good and bad reasons.


Iran…N Korea …China…Russsia.

This garbage will be passed around the brothas like a dirty zionist ho

Jens Holm

Another minority rapport.


Blinders still on kid?

Peter Jennings

Most locals, much like america, own guns. The local Syrian population doesn’t want american’s treating their land as if it was Afghanistan. So if US forces didn’t see this day approaching then stupid is as stupid does. US forces won’t get the hint until their convoys begin failing to return to their bases.

Jens Holm

So what about the rest. Turks are not there now???

Peter Jennings

The article was about american troops being attacked by local Syrians. Turkey isn’t mentioned. For now, the Turkish admin is getting a pass because of their cooperation with Russia.

Jens Holm

But but, the Rurks has replaced the americans. Hvant they:)

fayez chergui

why injured not killed?


Because your muzzie brothers can’t even win a war against themselves much less the US. ???

Jacob Wohl

ALL US ARMY PATROLS IN SYRIA NEED 24/7 gunship/AC-130 escort support. Teach these damn iranian and arab terrorists a lesson they will never forget.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No Mustapha the US doesn’t need to do that, what they need to do is renege on the deal they made with your boss Erdogan, and then kick all the Turks and their degenerate offspring they brought with them out of Al Hasakah for good. Then they have to sit down with Assad and work out a solution, hopefully they can go back to the stage Trump was saying over and over again, “I want to pull the troops out of Syria”, that’s the solution to ALL the US’s woes right now, and it’d also be the best outcome for Syria too, but not for you Mustapha, your boss Erdogan wouldn’t like that one little bit. Any luck interograting Baghdadi’s sister and all the other Isis commanders your boss Erdogan captured in Idlib, where they were vacationing in the safest place they could find, has any useful information come to light since they’ve been languishing in a Turkish jail, surely they must of told you something valuable by now. Maybe the Turkish torture methods need some improving, instead of letting them live in 5 star hotels, and offering them 5 star service, and giving them unlimited credit cards, maybe you Turks should try some of the tested and proven methods of interrogation, they work much better.

Jacob Wohl

And who is mustapaha? You again, the same old Russkie Twerp troll living off government checks. I don’t care about Turkey, they are a NATO ally and I respect them. I even agree with their declaration of the Armenian genocide as NOT a genocide, because it WAS NOT. The only genocide in history was the HOLOCAUST. Now get lost and get over it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The only Jewish blood you’d have in your dna would be the remnants of some Jewish girls dna after she was raped by one of your Ottoman ancestors, and that’s how you might have some Jewish dna in you, but apart from that I’m sure it’s pure Ottoman Turk dna.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans lose all wars, except when invading island nations—they r so weak and incompetent that they failed to achieve regime change in Cuba…the amerikan cultural desert is near collapse…covid has transformed them into self hating antagonistic children begging in food lines….the US is too poor and cowardly to risk an actual war—even their bumbling leaders r aware that racism and another defeat will accelerate the demise of their collapsing empire….

John Smith

Pity the Syrians haven’t mastered the art of IEDs. Those 160mm & 230mm mortar rounds can make a hell of a statement…..


The locals have had enough it seems

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