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Several Terrorists Killed In Failed Attack On SDF Prison In Al-Tabqah


Several Terrorists Killed In Failed Attack On SDF Prison In Al-Tabqah

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Late on May 21, ISIS cells carried out a coordinated attack on al-Tabqah’s central prison, where the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) held many terrorists.

According to several sources, the terrorists attacked a checkpoint of the SDF security forces, Asayish, on the al-Ajrawi roundabout in an attempt to reach the prison, which is located in the vicinity of al-Tabqah.

The attack coincided with a mutiny inside the prison, commonly referred to as the Aied jail. Several terrorists attempted to escape taking advantage of the nearby clashes. Attack helicopters of the U.S.-led coalition were spotted flying over the prison.

The Raqqa Media Center, which is affiliated with the SDF, said the terrorist attack on the prison was eventually foiled by Asayish.

“Seven of the attackers were killed and several others were arrested,” the media center said in a short report on the attack.

ISIS cells conduct attacks in Raqqa on a regular basis. However, the attack on the al-Tabqah prison was unrepresented, in terms of scale and complexity.

The Al-Tabqah attack shows that ISIS cells in northeast Syria are not only trying to increase their attacks, but also to carry out larger operations. The terrorist group’s cells in Iraq have been following a similar pattern for a few months, so far.




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