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Several Security Forces Units Side With Evo Morales’ Supporters Amid Developing Crisis In Bolivia (Video)

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Several security forces units sent to supress protests in support of the ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales as the crisis started with the righ-wing coup in the country continues developing.

Morales supporters blocked an oil refinery near La Paz in a move to protest against actions of the post-coup government.

Mainstream media outlets prefer to ingore the violence against pro-Morales protesters and the crisis developing in the country because of actions by the coup supporters


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Tudor Miron

That’s an interesting development. It seems that on lower level is not that united around Bolivian US whores.


It would be interesting to know the ethnic make up of the Bolivian Army , including the Officer Class.

Pave Way IV

Mostly indigenous campesinos for enlisted cannon fodder in the Bolivian Army. Whites of European descent make up the officer ranks, just like in the old Colonial days. Some of the enlisted revolted a few years back for the right to go to the elite military academies and become career officers. Morales was sympathetic, but didn’t do much. Bolivian military leaders, of course, had no desire to see any indigenous savages in their elite ranks. No idea about the police, but they’re unpopular and seen as mostly corrupt. A lot of them did walk off their jobs after the coup.


It was positive to see ‘naturel’ leaders come to the fore in 2014 Donbass revolt against US backed forces. Such men and women are needed from the indigenous population in Bolivia now.

Pave Way IV

It’s not like the indigenous people are totally behind him like they once were. He nationalized the gas fields and used that money to help the indigenous, rural areas after his first election (inordinately benefiting his tribe over the other 36, but oh well). Good for him and Bolivia elected him again. But he doesn’t have magical powers where he, alone, has the ability to see after their interests. Why doesn’t he trust the indigenous people (or Bolivia as a whole) to elect someone else to do that? He gets exception to run for a third term. OK – no disaster, but he’s starting to look more like a control freak than good guy. And by now he’s a millionaire – how does that happen in a socialist paradise? (yet it always does)

In 2016, Bolivians voted AGAINST a referendum allowing him to run for a fourth term (he accepted the results). The next year, he got the Constitutional Court to abolish term limits from the constitution. South Americans put term limits in their constitutions for obvious reasons considering history. He said he wanted to be president for five terms. I don’t trust people like that.

Zero doubt the US jumped all over the last election for regime change – they’ve been trying to overthrow Morales since he was first elected and replace him with some US-friendly, right-wing nutjob. And I’m damn sure the CIA wants a cut of the cocaine traffic – that’s what they do. Like clockwork, they’ve started to accuse Morales of what they are/want to be doing: trafficking cocaine out of Bolivia.

I trust the Bolivians to choose what’s best for themselves, but the US will never let that happen.

Pave Way IV

The Bolivian coup looks more and more like some kind of elaborate ruse – to what ends I don’t know. Why isn’t Morales clarifying the threats/orders for him to leave? Why did his vice president and the heads of both houses resign as well (the next three in succession), knowing the racist harpy from the smaller opposing party would be the next in line? What’s their excuse for saying nothing, and where are they? Let’s question the general… oh, he (and apparently other top commanders) got sacked by the harpy and have now disappeared or remain silent. Don’t any of these weasels care about the Bolivian people? Did they ever care? The harpy is just too comically right-wing evil and corrupt as hell to be believed. It’s like a movie company’s central casting cooked her up to be the face of the coup.

I can usually understand this kind of theatre – the typical US ham-fisted regime-changing attempts look like this. But why would Morales and the others participate if they hate US meddling so much? Did they sell out?

Hasbara Hunter

Everyone got his or her price to begin with….the Indigenous Bolivian Peoples should get rid of these Elitist White Boys & Girls…that is good for starters…


Exactly, how can any nation survive if the military is not loyal to the elected government. The Bolivian Parliament voted Sergio Choke ( indigenous ) as the new House leader. Sergio said the Parliament did not accept Morales resignation, and still consider him to be the President.

AM Hants

That is a good question.


You may have seen this,AM. It is very very disturbing whatever ones opinions of the mid to late 1940’s period are.

” Hellstorm” the banned of JewTube video.


AM Hants

Thanks Florian and no I had not seen it, but, will be popping over to The Truth Seeker. Must admit, I have not visited the site recently and so need to.


Funnily enough, the Truth Seeker site was one of the first I found in the early 2000’s.

It has always been a valuable site to find opinions and evidence that our government’s have sought to conceal. The site archives are comprehensive as well and easy to negotiate by Year.

I hope that you are well now that the icy blasts are with us again. Its Russian fault of course for ‘bombing’ us with Siberian weather.


Thanks for the link– had forgotten about it …

AM Hants

It is a tad nippy up here. Prefer Russia sending a blast of Siberia, than HARRP gifting non-stop flooding. Hope the horse is not suffering from Siberian winds, or yourself come to that.

Do believe that US Democratic policitian, Swalwell, might be blaming Russian infiltration, for his Siberian wind problem. Seems they blame Russia for everything else, so why not bad manners when up close and personal, with a microphone.


The main weather issue for horses etc is Freezing Rain. There is an issue though of ‘over rugging a horse’. This in itself can cause an infection of the skin called Rain Scald, due not to actual rain , but the warm humidity under a very warm rug. My horse can choose to stand in his stables, he has two, a bedroom and a dining room :) However he chooses to stand in the rain, albeit with a rain sheet that also covers his neck if he is not eating in the dining room. He tends to stand in his bedroom in the very hot weather.

I blame Russia for the dire TV debate between Corbyn and Johnson last night. All the moderator would allow were tired ‘soundbites’ of 45 seconds.

That is NOT a debate. The Chosen questions were banal as well.

It was rather like an episode of the ‘Archers’.

AM Hants

Your horse is a lucky beast, with his two room stables. However, you could have provided him with an en-suite and kitchen, to keep him content. No wonder he sulks out to the fields, wearing his coat haha.

Corbyn and Johnson, glad to say I missed it and had no desire to watch it. I am just completely anti anything to do with UK politics, this century. Jo Swanson, of 6 seat Lib Dems, who believes she has it in the bag. Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish legend in her own ego, assuming she has it in the bag and can demand anything she wants. Boris, I seriously do not trust, owing to his attitude with Russia. When we do eventually leave, we will need all the friends we can get, yet Boris, born in the US, educated in Brussels, before winning a scholarship to Eton, prior to Oxford, has done his best to antagonise Russia. Plus, as Foreign Secretary, he would have happily been writing the cheques to the White Helmets, Integrity Initiative, Statecraft etc, etc, etc. Seriously do not want to vote, as I have a severe allergy where politicians are concerned, but, I want to stay in Europe even less.

Do wish I knew if Boris has gone with the EU Defence section of the May agreement and handed over our Forces, systems and weapons to the EU. Can you imagine who will have the finger on the button, where our nuclear deterrent is concerned? Will it be the German, with Nazi loyalties, who has taken over from Tusk or is it Juncker? There are so many EU Presidents, I can never keep up with who does what. Or will it be some Atlantic Council sponsored NATO member?


Hans has no need of a kitchen as he has a full time , seven day, 24/7 butler on call.


He does not even need to clean himself as that’s one of my duties as well.

AM Hants

Haha. Will have to call you Parker and does he have a pink Rolls Royce, chaperoning his Horse Box?


He has a 26 tonne gross three axle Volvo 420hp horsebox with horse showers and a qualified chauffeur, me.

The colour is a manly metallic grey/blue :)

AM Hants

He is one pampered and well cared for horse. Shower in transit, sounds good, when up against the clock, as you try to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Shame, about the manly gunmetal blue colouring haha, ‘FAB’ pink, could provide so much fun, when transitting the M1. No doubt, to the horror of your horse haha.


A model with big boobs who became a celebrity bought a rather nice horse. I forget if it was for dressage or showjumping now. She had a bright pink horsebox that was often seen in the Essex area. :) Where else.

‘Pink’ men and bossy ‘She-men’ are not Han’s favourites, or mine :)

AM Hants

Haha, was thinking of her horsebox, but, would not insult Hans, with that comparison. I am a Lady Penelope fan, with a soft spot for Parker. Hence FAB 1 version of a horsebox. Can understand why Hans might not be amused haha.


He does not have a TV. He says its mostly ‘horse shit’ in the corporate media anyway.

AM Hants

Haha, with regards his ‘horse shit’ reply.

Going random, but, your horses faecal reply, reminds me of a story a friend told me, with regards her time at boarding school. The girls could only spend a certain amount of time in the bath, owing to timing constraints and lack of bathrooms available. So when it was my friend’s time for her 10 minute bath, the girl in front, decided she wanted longer, to soak up the carbolic residue. My friend was not amused and so found a sink plunger and aimed it at the girl, who was enjoying her soak. No problems, only the plunger hit the chest area of the young girl, firmly lodging on one side of her chest and refusing to release it’s grip. Resulting in the young girl being taken to A&E to have it removed, and facing a life with ‘lopsided’ breasts.

Well, the headmistress was not amused and sent my friend to look after the ‘prize rose bushes’, for punishment. Knowing that fresh horse manure kills roses, she then popped down to the stables and came back to the prized rose bushes, with a wheel barrow full of fresh horse manure. Killing the roses, which came off worst in the punishment scenario. She was then called before the headmistress, and feigned ignorance, stating that she thought manure was good for flowers. Sorry, going random, but, the story still makes me laugh, when something random triggers off the memory.


That is certainly a funny story. A form of Asymmetric warfare. :)

AM Hants

Girls school at it’s best. Some of her stories are hilarious and you would never realise just how funny she is on first meeting. Sort of Hattie Jaques Carry On Matron character merged with Jolly Hockey Sticks character.

AM Hants

Sorry, Europe should be EU.


Incredible documentary. Florian, never see you comment much on RI anymore … miss your comments there.


Thank you. I have much to do, even as a pensioner. I will endeavor to visit RI again soon.

I am pleased you found the documentary interesting and no doubt it shocked me as it did me, even when I was aware BUT this is the first time that I have seen the results of deliberate homicide by the victorious allies. I felt disgust and shame to be British.

My parents married in 1947 and had a honeymoon in Germany. I have always found that rather odd, and even more so now. My mother was in the Wrens, based in London during the V Bombing and D day period. My father was wounded at Anzio.


Yes, guess I’m around the same age as you … possibly a few years older, as my parents married in 1942. Regarding WWII and the Red army– what to me is mostly ignored through ignorance and I consider even deliberately hidden– is that the USSR was still gripped by the throat of a Jewish Bolshevik government and their NKVD kommissars headed a very much divided Russian army — most REAL Russians fighting to save their motherland and at the Battle of Stalingrad distinguishing their indomitable courage. German letters written by women and the aged, discovered after the war, recounted how the white Russians, mostly serving the Red Army Front– sent out scouts to warn them to leave their homes and hide from the communist butchers within their ranks.

Therefore, the Red Army representative of Russia– was actually a misnomer– as even by its name, it announced the whole of Russia as communist, while in fact, millions of Russians resisted and fought against the evil Bolshevik coupd’etat in 1917 and which, after the murder of the Tsar and his family, instituted communism in Russia and then followed their ungodly reign of terror on the Russian people — a veritably ethnic cleansing, which over time, brought about the genocide of around 60 million Russians– churches, cathedrals and mosques razed to the ground– synagogues left untouched. Russian Orthodox Christians executed, her intelligentsia murdered– fled for their lives as well as her rich and ancient arts and culture destroyed. A book called Under the Sign of the Scorpion and a 2 hour documentary called In the Shadow of Hermes, shows more than any other exposes, that Russians endured hell on earth, unequalled throughout modern human history at the hands on inside half bred Jews and international Jews– well funded US Jew bankster gangsters– who started infiltrating America already in 1918-19 and at this time, we all know who really runs the USA and so many countries across the globe– these same bankster gangster ilk, but by a different name- NWO Zionists.

Always accomplishing their world revolution agenda with inside traitors in tow– Russia’s Lenin and Stalin belonging to the same global club as these western money masters and regime changers and their falsely engineered wars against the gentiles. Too late though, Stalin turned on them– but its about the only thing he did that was good– throw out these impostor Khazarian Jews!

Sorry Florian, when I’m not even Russian, but originally from European heritage– still, what the communists did to Russia and to Germany and to France, and the Rottenchild’s cunning theft of the BOE, did to Britain — even what these bstds did to China and Japan in the past to Latin America– their colonialism all over … India, Africa, Saudi — Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddhist’s — every religion and race– deliberately setup against each other in order to divide and rule. No — not a country on the planet blessed with precious natural resources, escaped and even now escapes their satan claws– their main aim at this time to finally come for Russia’s blood– the nation who escaped them and ever remained unconquerable … But Russia is wide awake to it today …

A pensioner too, I truly love and support the ordinary people of the world, no matter their race, culture or creed– it is our backbones, our labour and enterprise, our grit and determination, which in fact runs the global economy and have always kept global social order structures alive and well– because we’re the intrinsic foundation of humanity.

But evermore we’re abused by the fiend that slyly have ever ruled us all– but we’re waking up, albeit too slowly still– that we all face a common foe and only when we set aside all our differences and unite across the globe — are we able to slay this synagogue of satan foe, threatening our very existence as a specie.


I completely agree with ALL that you say.

I was not aware of ‘White Russians’ warnings to German civilians about to be attacked ( this term alone would get the ignorant ‘White skin’ haters of today in a frenzy of angst and hatred ).

Mentioning the ‘Jew’ word in any critical way is verboten these days. A small proportion of Jews are critical of their economic and political behaviour, but the majority of Jews are swept along in the wake of the Zio-Mafia criminals who seek to rape the world, in both senses of the word.

History shows that ALL jews will pay a price for what the worst jews have done and a Pogrom is well overdue. This is why, of course, that the Jewish mob and Zionist’s of all creeds are so terrified of the current flood of Paedophilia facts being exposed.

Sexual predators are despised by the vast majority of all humans. Billions of us.


Yes, but then we’ve always been on the same page … But an oldie, don’t think I’m going to be around witnessing too much of what’s still to eventuate on our planet, but you are right, for sure the evil khazarians will reap every morsel they have ever sown, from the original beginnings of time … God bless and stay you Florian– my pleasure to again pick up on your thoughts and words …


Thank you for your contributions that expose the ‘Democratic Tyranny ‘ of the US/NATO toward all those who dare to disagree with them.


Thumbs up over and out for now!


There might be an indigenous majority in the army, with a good number of officers too, which might be why Morales didn’t do more rigorous restructuring of the army, as he knew the majority would naturally support the cause he is championing.


Let us hope that the strategy of Morales was to give the US backed opposition the rope to hang themselves with.

Time wil be the arbiter of that possibility.


Thinking about your support Tudor for the Russian acceptance for the Fascist Anez.as interim President. Sometimes I feel your loyalty to Russian decision making borders on “my country right or wrong”. Russia has for the last 5 years been a bulwark to Yanki/Zionist aggression and has being gaining a lot of support for it’s approach not just from individuals but fron Independent Nations. However, their overtly quick support for Anez. was wrong and should be corrected. Think Lavrov, Putin et al should immediately withdraw Russia’s support from Anez.the Racist white face of this Fascist Coup.

Ricky Miller

No. I think that this is a case of Russia reading the tea leaves right. Morales left the country and changed the game. As soon as he stood down the ballgame became about the next election. What is needed is a monitored electoral process, especially the vote count, and to have a voice in that Russia needs a place at the table. The Russians called it what it was, a military coup. But if the coup is to have lasting value the next election will probably have to be stolen. Tell me how the Russian Foreign Ministry can shed a light on or combat a fraudulent process from a closed embassy?


I read most all Tudor’s posts and I didn’t get that from his posts at all. If you know why they did, then you know it was because she was legally entitled to that and that their recognition was strictly until new elections, meaning tempory. The decision of the House now is that she is not President and Morales still is. If Russia has changed their stance as yet, I have not seen it. The US however still does recognize her and always will, screw Bolivian law. When she is seen as no longer legally entitled to her post, Russia will drop her like a hot rock. Russia views this whole episode as a coup, the US does not. It seems as though there are those that will turn on a friend at the drop of a hat, without fully understanding an issue. Sad.

You can call me Al

Are you sure ?, I have never seen anything like that on here.

Tudor Miron

I didn’t like it and I openly said about it. But I also said that we should not judge to early and see how it unfolds.

S Melanson

Tudor is proud of Russia and so he should be. But Tudor does not give Russia his blind support and I have direct experience. I have found for the most part that Tudor responds to my posts according to the merits of what I say, irrespective of whether it is supportive of Russia or not. My Disqus is not private so see for yourself.

My point is that Tudor has something to say and so do you. Let us not engage in personal attacks and focus on the arguments. I look forward to reading yours and Tudor’s future posts.


No, I don’t agree — Russia is keeping diplomatic doors open, because they know Anez ain’t going to last– it has something to do within the Bolivian Constitution and the backing this woman doesn’t have, to become president– it means even though Morales resigned– he can’t just summarily be turfed out … there was a full article on it all on SN the other day– explaining it all. Russia sticks to international law and this means keeping doors open and enemies close …


That could be a real ‘issue’ for the coup leaders later. If those in the armed forces begin to see an inordinate amount of force used on their ethnic brothers, the plotters may have to flee for their lives. I think this would be the main worry of the military and their owners.

Jacob Wohl

lol only 50 police officers out of 100,000 side with that commie Morales. nice try russkies

Dino Michael Arcentales

Zionist Trump supporter ??? so you’re a brainwashed idiot. That’s nice


We all who this guy works for, he’s the same zio-tool that Adam Green had trouble with. I’m a far-right white ethno-nationalist, who hates communism, but it’s very clear there is a coup going on in Bolivia! It seems the fake foreign government groups pretending to be far-right are at work there.


Seems you are as big a dunce mathematically as you are socially. Lol


New pedophile picture from Jacob Wohl, planning on scaring your 6 year old victims.

Hasbara Hunter

You are getting uglier by the day…try to smile fuckface…you look like you just swallowed your own turd….

Hasbara Hunter

Kill the Bolivian Elites….perfect timing…get rid of them Treacherous Bastards…


Yes they have shown their intentions and now the targets are clear.

Rhodium 10

Military Coup backed by CIA…70s Style…

You can call me Al

I am taking a big gamble here and I will say this one, against the odds will fail..

Pave Way IV

OAS analyzed the way the votes were counted in the election and found a lot of irregularities. The OAS is even less credible than the OPCW, so who knows. Their full analysis here [link]. Funny, but the vote count looks to me like there was some kind of hacker war going on with both sides trying to skew the results their way once three-quarters of the votes were counted. No election vote tally looks like this, but you would have to trust the OAS that this really was the Bolivian tally. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fec8792d1f51c4ef5f662923c6210872b929e87ca18dc9f33b02131501ffd3d1.png


God bless this racist coup. The Bolivian oligarchy is mostly European/Spanish. The military is the same; however, the soldiers are indigenous and poor mixed (mestizo) Bolivians. The Morales administration was a mixture of progressive Euro Bolivians, Mestizo Bolivians, and Indigenous Bolivians. It was always a broad based government based on equality and respect among cultures and traditions.

You can call me Al

The Bolivian oligarchy is Spanish only (from Europe) with a few Yanks and Canadians thrown in.

Apart from that, I am 100% behind you.

cechas vodobenikov

utter stupidity—the Bolivian oligarchy is largely of nazi German and Croatian heritage

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

God bless this racist coup? What do you mean by this? Hoping that it may blow up in the plotters’ faces and become a counter-coup of sorts I hope?

Ryan Glantz

Blackwater has a hand in this. The derpstate proxy toy army.


Absolutely disgusting how the US is instigating coups again. It’s good to see the brave Bolivian people resisting. It’s not a racist coup per se, however, it’s about money. Yes, most ‘indigeneous’ people are poor, so there’s that, but it’s still about money. Poor is poor.

The Farney Fontenoy

What’s increasingly annoying me is the use of the term ‘right-wing’, guys, SouthFront…THERE HASN’T BEEN A RIGHT-WING IN 60 YEARS!!! There are GLOBALISTS, their acolytes & then, everyone else, that’s it.

cechas vodobenikov

Morales foolishly did not purge the Bolivian military of its nazi-German leadership; it remains to to be known if Bolivians will tolerate the return to poverty and social inequality that informed governments prior to Morales that the Camacho/Mesa /CIA fascists hope for

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