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JUNE 2023

Several People, Including Children, Injured In New Greater Idlib Explosion

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Late in the evening of September 3, a fairly large explosion rocked the town of Ma’arrat Misrin in the eastern part of Greater Idlib in northwestern Syria.

According to Enab Baladi, a booby-trapped motorcycle, that was parked next to the entrance of the town hall, exploded causing material damage to the building and to a nearby shop.

Hatem al-Shab, director of the “Civil Defense” center in Ma’arrat Misrin, told the pro-opposition news outlet that eleven people, including two children, were wounded. Four of them are reportedly in a critical condition.

Like most towns and villages in Greater Idlib, Ma’arrat Misrin is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and is run by the terrorist group’s Salvation Government.

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, yet. ISIS cells are known to be present in Greater Idlib. However, they have not been very active lately. This suggests that other groups may be behind the bombing.

HTS made a lot of enemies while working to assert its dominance over Greater Idlib. The group is attempting to turn the region into its own de-facto state.


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