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Several Civilians Killed In New Wave Of Protests Against Kurdish Forces In Deir Ezzor (Videos)

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The southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside witnessed a new wave of protests against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on April 24 and 25.

According to local sources, hundreds of Arabs took at the streets in the towns of Muhaymadiah, al-Hosan, Sufirah Tahtani, Sufira Fuqani, al-Wasi’a, al-Muylih, al-Hosin, Gharibyah and al-Daman. The protestors called on the SDF to end its “occupation” of their areas and chanted against the economic and security measures of the Kurdish-dominated group.

“No for the stealing of oil and underground resources,” one of the signs raised by the protestors reads.

In the course of the protests, the civilians clashed with the SDF’s security forces. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that at least three protestors were killed by security forces fire in al-Daman.

The protests received wide coverage from the Turkish media. Furthermore, in some protests the civilians were heard chanting against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is recognized by Ankara as a terrorist group. The party is not known to be operating in Deir Ezzor.

Local observers believe that Turkey may be trying to take advantage of the protests in order to achieve some of its goals in northeastern Syria. Earlier this year, Ankara-linked groups organized several protests against the SDF along the border line with Syria.

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Jens Holm

We should send some help. So many has no possible good future and cant even rebuild anything.

I dont get, why we dont.

Are the villagers same tribe ?

The last found un imployment rapport says 50% has no jobs – 50 %. Its an estimate from 2015.



am fed up with help: – it does not help only enrich the powerfull, give them more weapons and more means to discriminate and violent – all help send is backfiring: it is never enough and in the end they claim we are the one who forced them to fight. Look at Gaza who is rich, what do theydo with the money? Or Turkey,Afghanistan, Irak, etc. Turkey recieves the most European development money of the whole world and still Erdogan is threatening to go to war with us, this tiran is enslaving 50% of his people and surroundingcountries and we stay paying him. Only the incest and childabuse in Turkey brings them 9% of the civilisation MORE handicapts (12,6% of the population)
The whole islamic world is an intolerant discriminating legal system to kill the other with divine legality to do so.this is their thriving motivation and activity of the last 1400 year. No thanks lets get rid of those aberation in the west, keep them over there so they can continue to contain their own doctrine in a secluded territory. But help no thanks except maybe only for the Kurds we must be grateful and defenceful , the Egyptions and Jordans.the rest is utterly crap.

Jens Holm

I partly agree of parts of Your reflexions, but Syrias need food and have many unimployed farmers and UN and others hardly can feed all the ones.

I am sure a lot of help for food producing lower the frustrations some as well as tools for reconstruction for roads, admistrative buildings and hospitals.

Fx Denmark is famous or producing very good windows. Why dont we send many 100.000 of them. Well problems about that too. None in Denmakr says so and Turks as well as Damaskus block for anything apart from food´, tents and some medical care.

So my coments is and was not about weapons but about rebuilding the civile structures making it possible for refugees and displaced to go back – and as here – at least take some frustration away.

Even before any of the warthings the unimployment rates as in several other muslim areas was very, very high. Investments were eaten up by local corrruption by bad systems and close to none.

So I take this as no miracle but an important possibilty. And when You give those examples, You partly are right. Its very well described for Iraq.

There was no plan for after the military hard ones was solved by airpolanes and tanks.

All the soldiers of Saddam – most of them just small and low ones – should jave been given a job right away for rebuilding. Soldiers can do a lot of elementary things well, and they already are organised in groups af about 10 knowing each other well.

In stead we same them as unimployed and poor plunderes and well motivated to get any low paid job as guerille/soldiers/miliswias and like that. People has to have something to do and see at least some light after doing normal things like fx me in job.

I have food everyday. I am covered against rain, snow and partly heat, I can effort to have a scooter and fuel and repair it. I in witin a few Years will get pension, and if I get ill incl., teaths, I will be repaires – as old well constructed normal buildings can.

My family is the same. My neigbors are the same. We hardly has any corruption. We pay high taxes, but most is paid back and by that the children gets free schools and education.

So when I leave, I leave with a smile. Most things are with my help prepared for the future for the next ones.

I also are proud of women and men are equal and we all are safe in the streets, they are 90% taxpayers as I, are all over in the governess.

Almost only when I write here, I think about it, when I have to tell that 7 of 12 mainpolicedistricts has female leaders, but they are not females but just the best ones for the job.

mike gilli

This is fake news.. EP agency which is financed apparently by Turkey, made all the videos, and also invented the completely false ”news’ that the SDFG were planning to ‘storm Bukamal’ whioch conveniently went viral in Turkey and all over the Middle East. The SDF denied the ‘story’ and South Front published a post showing that the story was a fabrication. Turkey seems to be investing heavily in bribery, infiltration and black propaganda discrediting the SDF in NE Syria , perhaps for defeating their ISIS proxies.


Of course Turks, they support all subversive action against the rull of law, even in Turkey itself thereis only one Law:that of the strongest Kerdogan. Do not led you manipulate b that tiran and a bunch of his Islamic State and moslim brotherhood sycophants. Those who cowardly killed also 350 Sri Lanky families.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If the protesters are Arabs how is Erdogan involved, the Arabs don’t really listen to Erdogan anyway, it’s the Turkmen ethnic group that Erdogan has a relationship with, not the Arabs, unless of course those Arabs have affiliations with Isis that is, then it’s quite possible Erdogan has something to do with these protest, since I fully believe Erdogan still supports Isis.
And even though the vast majority of Arabs are anti Erdogan, anti Kurds and anti US, and for the most part, pro Assad, this is one of the areas that Isis did have a lot of support from, so it is quite possible that Erdogan is actually meddling in Arab internal affairs in this area.
We should pay more attention to what the demands are, they seem contradictory according to this article, “stop stealing our oil” is something the pro Assad Arabs usually say, but I never hear them say “PKK out of Syria”, that’s something the Isis supporters would say, so I’m finding it hard to believe the demonstrators were chanting both demands at the same time.
I suspect the PKK out of Syria comments aren’t accurate, just Turkish propaganda, though anything’s possible and I’m not really sure what’s the most plausible yet, we’ll have to see how things develop.
PKK don’t operate anywhere too far away from the Turkish border, and that because that’s where most of the Kurds live, close to the Turkish border, not many of them live out this way, and probably none at all now.

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