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JUNE 2020

Several Civilians Killed And Injured In New Rocket Attack On Northern Hama


Several Civilians Killed And Injured In New Rocket Attack On Northern Hama

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At least two civilians were killed and two others were injured in a new rocket attack on the government-held town of al-Suqaylabiyah in northern Hama.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the attack, which took place in the morning of July 10, was carried out by militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a former branch of al-Qaeda. The militants were reportedly stationed within Idlib’s demilitarized zone, where several Turkish observation posts were located.

A similar attack killed three civilians and injured six others in the towns of Jurin and Ayn Salmu, near al-Suqaylabiyah, a day earlier. HTS and its allies were also held responsible for the attack.

According to the SANA, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) responded to the new attack by shelling several positions of HTS inside the demilitarized zone. The rocket launchers used in the attack were also destroyed.

The SAA’s recent setbacks have encouraged HTS and its allies to step up their attacks on military and civilian targets around Idlib.

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  • klove and light

    ohhh i´m sooo surprised…Zionist Putins Agreement buddies….pathetic rediculous treacherous

    Putin u fucking Zionist pig!!!

  • Len Zegelink

    erdogan is a war criminal.and a terrorists sponsor.all arab must invate turkija en kill erdogan.or lock him up in jail .

  • Brother Ma

    Those Turco-terrorists love rocketting those Christians don’t they?

    • Vitex

      Turks and Israelis are both good at that

  • Rob

    To be honest Assad does not wanna know that what’s going on in Syria. The entire Syrian cabinet is silent. Now only God can save Syria. Assad have no leadership capability.