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JUNE 2021

Seven White Helmets Members Assassinated In Idlib Countryside

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Seven White Helmets Members Assassinated In Idlib Countryside

On Saturday, unknown militants killed seven members of the White Helmets during a raid on their center in Sarmin town in the southern Idlib countryside, according to opposition sources.

The attackers allegedly used 9-mm pistols equipped with silencers during the attack.

An official statement of the White Helmets confirmed that Ziad Hasan Qadhnoun, Bassil Mustafa Qassas, Mohammed Shabib, Abdul Razaq Hassan Haj Khalil, Mohammed Deeb Alhir, Mohammed Karumah and Obaidah al-Dwan were killed in the attack.

The assailants stole some helmets, Tow-Way radio sets and two minibuses from the center after they killed the seven volunteers, according to the White Helmets official statement.

One of the stolen minibuses was found burned in the countryside of Sarmin town, which may mean that the real aim of the assailants was not theft.

No side has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. However, ISIS is believed to be behind the attack. Sarmin is considered an ISIS stronghold in Idlib province. In turn, the White Helmets are key partners of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) that launched a security campaign against ISIS in Idlib, including Sarmin town itself last month.

Opposition activists said that HTS was responsible for the incident because it had not deployed any security in the town after the group captured it from the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

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Steven Fay

Ha ha Russian special forces, GOOD JOB.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I’m also sure these 7 guys were not just some guys working for the group.

Andrew Pate

I wonder what movie they were in? Maybe even a short clip of some action saving beautiful babies.

Steven Fay

They are in the White helmets HQ wearing the W. H t-shirts, yeah must of had nothing to do with them ,yeah right. Terrorist actors deserve what they got.


Hmmm… I was wondering too….
I recall a relatively short world leader saying something like:
“Our task is to destroy terrorists faster than the United States can train them.”

Truth seeker

Keep it up! Kill those fake propaganda maker


Thats the way it goes in retard jihad idlibistan


nice !


Beat me to it!


Seven members of ISIS the less.
Well done.


terrorists kill terrorists, best manner of getting rid of them!


If by stealth , it was likely spetsnaz.
If by subterfuge, it was by SAA intelligence.

The SAA has moles in both Isis and idlib. But it’s harder to infiltrate idlib, because the Saudis refuse to trust any Syrians in command positions. Syrian conscripts are treated as cannon fodder.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It’s about time somebody started killing them. Doesn’t matter who.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA=Nato=UN informers were killed.Coalition again coalition.Let them sort out each other.Mistura,Salmon and Erdogan and world threat USA plan failed.Let Mistura escort the remaining white evil helmets out.


it would have been nice if the names were american, british or european.

Michal Zbrojnik

Go between dog’s ! Go to to hell !


Good friggin riddance, whoever did this

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

With everyone thinking it to be either Russia,SAA , HTS or ISIS no one ever thinks it might be the US/Coalition itself,take your pick in the possibilities who the attackers were.

Mauro Craizer

It’s not US/CIA bcs they have no propaganda gain of it. Close hand gun murder in Selafi ONLY populated area, it’s just Wahhabi power struggle, just like in middle ages, beheader warlords fighting for domination, HTS-al Qaida wants leadership, but their rebranding tactics are exposed a long time ago. There is no “moderate opposition” in Syria, no a single group support secular government, they all want Sharia Law, just minor details in brutality exist.
Also, there is no such thing as “radical Islam”, an ex Muslim said, if every Muslim in the world followed Quran by the letter, they’ll all be like Baghdadi.
Islam is violent, discriminatory, bigoted ideology, not a religion. In current version, Islam is not compatible with civilised world. Sharia Law must go and other violent, discriminatory “laws and orders” by pedo murderer Muhammad and liar and deceiver Allah. Untill then, Islam is 1400 yrs behind the world. Where are those western 3rd wave Feminists? They are not fighting for women’s rights, they are busy policing thoughts and internet, while in the same time imagining “new genders”, infinite number of potential new “victims”, SJW post modernists/marxists are plague just like al Qaida and ISIS, they both fight to end western world as it is. They are in constant search of the new “oppressor”, now they are turning on each other, just like beheaders in Idlibstan, Evergreen State College-those crazy antifa SJW’s accused full blown liberal jewish professor of racism, bcs he said it’s not right to restrict anything on any group of ppl…
#LeftEatsTheirOwn #Idlibstan follows…pls continue…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The thing is if all religious texts are followed according to their writing, this wold would be for some major hurt with religious extremism to the nth everywhere. Why most don’t follow these texts religiously as they were all given the choice in how to follow these texts.


Well guess what religion do Iranians or SAA follow?
Christianity? Lmao
It’s the US who created/supported a bunch of anarchists who later became terrorists.
There was no terrorism before US massacred over 1.1 million Iraqis, killed half a million Iraqi children due to blockade of food and funded terrorists in Iraq.


Why would they assassinate their own foot soldiers?
It’s not like folk are lining up to join any more…
And even those they train run away to the other side these days.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These seven might have planned to leave the group since there are some that are not tied to terrorists always need to have a real component to it ,they did kidnap the real Syrian rescuers. The taking of the White helmets and the vans indicates this was an attempt to distract from the real reason. There are always deeper motives than many think which can be easily overlooked.


Then they woulda cut their throats to chop their heads off.


Looks like someone didn’t like their movie directing skills.


Yes, Hoollywood actors always will risk their life trying to make film action in Syria.

I'm a Nazi hunter

White Helmets Fabricate Pretext For New U.S. Strikes


And they got an Oscar for THIS?!!?
Well the Oscar is a Shitshow anyway.


And nothing of value was lost



Cheryl Brandon

The evil that men will eventually catch up with them! God riddance: War Hooligans do not deserve any credit: £100 million of UK ta money for criminals!

Jan Tesarik

white helmets = ISIS financed by the uSSa

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