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Seven Killed In ISIS Attacks In Afghanistan Capital Kabul (Videos)

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Seven Killed In ISIS Attacks In Afghanistan Capital Kabul (Videos)

Screen grab from ATN News video.

On June 12, two minivans transporting civilians were targeted in different parts of the Afghan capital Kabul, where ISIS cells are still active. 

The first blast took place in Dasht-e-Barchi in Kabul’s District 13. The second happened less than 30 minutes later in Mahtab Qala in District 6. Both blasts were caused by improvised explosive devices, which had been planted in the minivans.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs, the blast in Dasht-e-Barchi killed one civilian and wounded four others, including a woman. Six civilians, including a woman, were killed and another was wounded in Mahtab Qala blast.

In a statement shared by its news agency, Amaq, ISIS claimed responsibility for both blasts. The terrorist group claimed that 23 Shiite civilians were killed or wounded in the attacks.

Over the last few weeks, ISIS cells carried out a series of attacks against security forces as well as civilians in Kabul, Jalalabad and Parwan. At least two civilians were killed in a recent bombing by the terrorist group in Jalalabad.

By orchestrating such bombings, ISIS is attempting to terrorize civilians and challenge the government. Afghan security forces and intelligence are yet to act in meaningful manner against this threat.


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None of you

How can you attack civilians? They say are doing the work of God. They are Satanic entities. Their mentality is so twisted. They don’t deserve to have any fair trials. How can kurdish put this parasites in jail? I cannot call them even animals because they are brain less. Animals have brains but this parasites dont have brains (Isis) I would exterminate them on the spot. No remorse for killing them they have no souls. They are a creature of darkness. My poo is more valuable than Their life.

Peter Wallace

Yet your brothers are supporting these animals with money equipment and medical treatment so they don’t value you much and the rest of us think you are just shit anyway.

None of you

You are an idiot. Muslim countries support this parasites like Pakistan and few more

Peter Wallace

Proven fact that Saudi Arabia , USA and Israel purchased weapons that ended up in the hands of ISIS. User end certificates were followed from captured weapons back too the supplier in legitimate sales but were illegally diverted too ISIS. Israel regularly rescued ISIS and treated them in Israeli hospitals. Captured ISIS base camps full of Israeli medical supplies and munitions. Now who is the idiot . YOU are because you are so fuking ignorant and think you know when you obviously know sweet FA. Dipshit , moron brain. As I said we and I especially just think you are a total dumbsh it

None of you

Dumb fuck. If America would help Europe to win World War 2 Muslims and many other religions will be eradicate from surface of the earth as well with Jewish religion, so you should kiss the ass of soldiers who die in WW2 For us to be free. And now you are calling us Western civilization a terrorist, you idiot. If Western civilization wouldn’t win against Hitler you will be ruled by Hitler and Japan or Comunism and no freedom of religion will ever be on earth. So you should say thanks to West for what they did and not calling us terrorist.


In interests of historical accuracy, do note the following facts. In relation to your first statement, during WWII Nazi Germany in fact recruited an entire Muslim SS division in Bosnia. In relation to your second statement, it was in fact the Soviet Union that effectively defeated Nazi Germany, over 75% of German war losses occurred on the eastern front – and these losses came from the uppermost tier of German troops and equipment, in 1945 the Soviets stormed Berlin – single handedly.

Last edited 1 year ago by VaporTrail
None of you

Yes you are almost right but don’t forget that Hitler didn’t like Muslim or Hindu or any other religion apart from Christian. After the war Hitler they would kill every single person wich was not Christian If Hitler army wouldn’t be attacked in 3 fronts they would crush Russian defences, The outcome of the war happened because American helped .During the war some 16,112,566 Americans served in the United States Armed Forces, with 405,399 killed and 671,278 wounded. There were also 130,201 American prisoners of war, of whom 116,129 returned home. So all Muslim countries should kiss the ass of Americans who died for your freedom. Please Don’t call us terrorist because we save you life and your culture and religion from total extermination. Almost 500000 American soldiers died for the freedom of expression of religion and freedom of speech. But Muslim people forget that or they don’t want to admit that America and Europe save them from extermination. Now they call us terrorist. Next time when ww3 will happen don’t worry we will not give them a hand. We will let them until they beg us for help. Is so sad to see Muslim people calling Europe and America terrorist but they are moving to Europe or America for better life. Scumbags until they need help again.

Peter Wallace

The year is 2021 not 1945. One hell of a lot has changed in the world since 1945. You are living in the past totally ignorant of the present … and you call me .. dumbfuk. .. Man look in the mirror to see that one. Syria was a CIA inspired secret war to get rid of Assad as stated by Obama. ISIS is a result of that war and the illegal war started in Libya so dumbfuk get educated.

Simon Ndiritu

ISIS now i-SAS has arisen from it’s slumber and is now providing justification why Western thieves must continue to pillage Afghanistan.

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