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Regime Change In Venezuela: Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries And Disappearing Gold

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Over the past few days, the intensity of anti-government protests in Venezuela has declined despite attempts of the US-led bloc to warm them up through both public and clandestine measures. However, the conflict continues to develop amid the acute standoff in the media sphere between the Maduro government and its opponents backed by the US-led bloc.

On January 29, CNN released an interview with two “Venezuelan army defectors” who appealed to US President Donald Trump to arm them to defend “freedom” in Venezuela. They claimed to be in contact with hundreds of willing defectors via WhatsApp groups and called on Venezuelan soldiers to revolt against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“As Venezuelan soldiers, we are making a request to the US to support us, in logistical terms, with communication, with weapons, so we can realize Venezuelan freedom,” one of the alleged defectors, Guillen Martinez, told CNN. Another one, Hidalgo Azuaje, added: “We’re not saying that we need only US support, but also Brazil, Colombia, Peru, all brother countries, that are against this dictatorship.”

During the entire clip, these persons were presented in a manner alleging that they had just recently defected and are now calling on others to follow their step. However, therein lies the problem. The badges on their uniform say FAN – Fuerza Armada Nacionales. This is an outdated pattern, which has been dropped. Now, Venezuela’s service members have a different badge – FANB, which means Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana. So, either the “Venezuelan army defectors” somehow lost the letter B from their uniform, or the entire interview is a staged show involving former Venezuelan service members, who have been living for a long time outside the country, or in the worst case –  actors.

The interview came amid increasing US political, media and sanction pressure on the Maduro government. White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was even spotted with a mysterious note about the deployment of 5,000 US troops to Colombia, the US ally which borders Venezuela. In this situation, a large-scale military uprising or at least formation of some opposition within the army would become a useful tool in a wider effort to overthrow the country’s government. On the other hand, the use of such CNN-styled content shows that so far the US and its proxies have achieved little success in buying the support of Venezuelan service members.

On January 29, Venezuelan lawmaker Jose Guerra claimed via Twitter that a Boeing 777 of Russia’s Nordwind Airlines landed in Caracas on January 28 to spirit away 20 tons of gold bars, worth some $840 million, from the country’s central bank. When asked how he knew this, Guerra provided no evidence. By January 30, these items of breaking news had rocked the headlines of most of the mainstream media.

Another version, which was also quite popular among pro-opposition media, is that the plane, which reportedly made the trip directly from Moscow, moved in a group of Russian private military contractors to support the Maduro government. This version is fueled by reports claiming up to 400 Kremlin-linked private military contractors may have arrived in Venezuela.

The developing crisis is also accompanied by the growth of citizen journalism. Bellingcat members already created a Twitter page named “In Venezuela”, which provides field news about the crisis from Toronto, Canada. It’s easy to expect some “open source intelligence investigations” revealing crimes of the Maduro government against peaceful protesters very soon if the conflict escalates further.

Roughly speaking, the mainstream media presents the audience with the following story: The Maduro government is about to fall and is already moving the country’s gold reserves somewhere via Russian planes. At the same time, Vladimir Putin sent his mercenaries to rescue Maduro and to keep the corrupt regime in power in order to secure Russia’s economic and political interests. This, as well as the oppressive nature of the regime, are the only reason why the forces of good have not yet achieved victory.

Fortunately, there is the shining knight of democracy, Juan Guaido, who was democratically appointed as the Interim President of Venezuela from Washington. He, his Free Venezuelan Army consisting of hundreds of WhatsApp defectors and a group of unbiased US/NATO-funded citizen journalists and investigators are ready to stand against the Maduro-Putin alliance and to defend freedom and democracy in Venezuela… with a bit of help from the Trump administration for sure.

There are no doubts that modern Venezuela is allied with Russia and Moscow will employ its existing influence to resolve the crisis and thus defend its investments and oil assets. Furthermore, Maduro and his supporters showed that they are not going to give in to the US-led pressure. At the same time, The level of MSM hysteria, including an open disinformation campaign against the Maduro government and attempts to demonize it through various means, including its ties with Moscow, show that the Washington establishment is serious in its regime change efforts and may even be ready to instigate a Syria-style “proxy war” in the country in order to achieve own goals.

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Len Zegelink

syria 2.0 .russia send migs and s400 to venuzuela .fuck you usa .golddiggers and olie thiefs.


All Venezuelan’s eager for US democracy as received by the countries of Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria etc. should immediately support the effort. In no time at all they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as in Greece, Ukraine etc. whereby their respective country’s resources are stolen by those great spreaders of democracy leaving the people to wallow in austerity, joblessness, homelessness and without or a meager pension if any. Of course one can’t rule out the other great benefit, all the murder that will precede the receipt of this great gift such as the Libyans are still receiving.

Pave Way IV

Hey! Don’t forget Colombia. I wonder if the U.S. already has some kind of child rape amnesty deal with Guaido? Our ‘Special Child Rape Envoy to Venezuela’, Elliott Abrams, is really hesitant to send the U.S. Army or DynCorp any place where they can actually get busted for raping 12-year-olds.

Hear that, Venezuela? U.S. Freedomization comes with certain risks. Lock up your little girls (and their nice, fresh organs), or Elliot will get them and sell them at a discount.



I caught on since the so called Arab Spring protests, though painfully slowly. Today, even a mongol with an IQ below 50 will become bright soon enough about the on-goings of these fake wars. It’s either you are complete dimwit or a conked out drug addict to not wake up to this.

Here is my take:The paid actors materialization in the news broadcasts is an essential part of the war against Venezuela. Economic strangulation has already achieved its purpose to rouse protests against the government. This strategy has been proven to work wonderfully in other theaters such as Zimbabwe, Iraq, Syria and Iran.


As you imply, all of us have seen this show dozens of times already. Now admittedly, practice makes perfect and the US has developed a certain proficiency. I’d guess Elliot Abrams doesn’t even have to call his tribesman Zucker at CNN; the latter knows what’s expected of him and puts on a good show. But on the other hand, it’s always the same show and always the same people. So what excuses the current dear-in-the-headlights reaction in Caracas? Didn’t they think Trump would be coming for them? What kind of advice have the Cubans been giving them? What do you have an army for?


I’m surprised that guido hasn’t been arrested for working with a foreign government to overthrow his own… I mean, it’s pretty blatant.


Maduro isn’t as stupid as the western presstitutes make him out ot be. He is well aware that anything he orders (regardless of it’s legality in his home country) will be used as an excuse by the sewer nation to send in the b52’s full of “freedom and democracy” to Venezuela.


As opposed to sending those planes without excuse, like the Dark Throne always does if the need arises? If your air defenses are lacking then you make up for it with hostages; plenty of CNN kids prancing around in Caracas these days. Yanukovich was intimidated into letting a violent, armed uprising just run its course; how did that one work out.

You should compare notes with Sergei Lavrov on the art of being non-confrontational. But the time for that has passed: an American spy has crowned himself president, addressing foreign statesmen as if he speaks for the country; and a very powerful Empire is backing him up; billions of your assets have been stolen. So damn straight you’ve been confronted; the rules have changed now. If, as you put it, Maduro has internalized that Americans only kill, while Americans can never be killed, as you suggest, then sorry his mind has been defeated already.


Good Questions, I hope Russia had a solid Plan of action to help!


And they will be forced to take the loans from IMF and World Bank, that they will never become independent and self-determined.


Couldn’t do worse than your by Maduro. I mean 1 MILLION % inflation! How poor of a leader does a man have to be before you guys will say enough is enough?


It’d be interesting to see just how good their economy would do if the US would ever stop targeting it and using it as an attempt to rile the population into ovethrowing the elected government. Once the US sets it’s sights on stealing a country’s resources, it’s to be expected that that particular country’s economy is going to suffer sever consequences. How many years now has the US targeted Venezuela’s economy? If the US were targeted by a power great enough to treat it as it treats Venezuela, a million % inflation would be it’s position as well.

Incidentally, those times when the US isn’t successful at squeezing a country economically in order to overthrow it’s government, the military is brought in to just plain outright destroy it. Libya, Iraq, Syria ring any bells?

Do try your bs on people who don’t think or understand cause and effect.


Their economy WAS doing good. Then Chavez and Maduro got a hold of it and now look what they have. They the resources to turn the country into the Dubai of Latin America. Instead it looks like Somalia. But what I truly don’t understand is why Russia is wasting billions to prop up such an incompetent leader.How poorly does a leader have to fail before you say. “Yeah we are not wasting anymore of the peoples pension fund to keep your dumb a$$ in power.” At some point you really have to cut you losses.


“Their economy WAS doing good”

Yep, then came years of US sanctions and attempts at coups including the current attempt at strangulation.

What really seems to drive the US plutocrats insane is that any country would spend it’s wealth for the betterment of it’s population. They’d rather see that wealth going into their own pockets. Judging by the growing number of homelessness in the US, they’re being successful at home, now if they could just do the same to Venezuela….. so many resources to steal..

Regards Russia…. maybe they remember the impoverishment that was bestowed on them back in the ’90s when the new type of carpet-baggers from the US came to bestow Democracy on them. Fortunately for the Russian people, they now have a strong leader and not a plutocrat who thinks only of himself and his fellow plutocrats.


Bolton the Psychopath planner of this illegal coup attempt,needs to be taken down,before he takes the whole world down with him.These neocons won’t stop until the whole world is under their satanic zionist boots.

Tommy Jensen

The President support us.

Brother Thomas

The real US President is Nancy Pelosi.

Nikos Yiasou

Add Lindsay Graham as vice president.

Joe Kerr

Better hope that Lindsay Graham never gets the top job, lest the Syrian war heats up again and a U.S.-Iran war ignites… all for the greater glory of Schitrael.


In Venezuela the government should finally solve the economical problems. The shops are more empty as were in the USSR.

My candidate for president of Venezuela:



I take it their oil industry has been mismanaged, and is a heavier crude. You have to have the know how and equipment. US sanctions are meant to stop this. :( But I like your pick. :)


I think, you are an intelligent guy. Why do you believe in this bullshit?

USA stopped only for its firms. Venezuela had a chance to get technology from othr countries. Why did not send Russia experts, specialists? Venezuela does not need mercenaries, but technical help.

On theother hand, the 2 lefty presidents did not anything for the development of the agriculture. This is big fail and shame! Maduro has no rught to blame others. He made almost everything wrong. He is disaster for that country.


I have to agree. Theses guys basically abandoned the agro industry when oil was 100 bucks a barrel..


Thank you for your response Vladimir, I know you are a busy guy. If you are not to busy, perhaps send a couple more planes over. :D

Brother Ma

Given the venezuelan women are hot they should start to worry. If Yankers or their head pchopping Moslen proxies are sent over they will rape all these beauties. Women ,learn to fight with your menfolk to protect the sanctity of your as*holes.

Tommy Jensen

“We will stop making regime changes”, Trump. And you guys believed in it. Dont deny it. You were slubbering and licking every single word up Trump said, believing Trump would save you.


i suggest u white nations stand the fck down!!!you out of all are going to need my kind of help like real soon!!!taking sides against those under my wing means u wish a war with me and if so i fckn accept spain uk france germany and america!!


and do to the fact that my demands have not been met by either canada uk or italy then so be it!!!!we FINALLY get to butt heads full fckn force!!!!


I am not an authority on Venezuelan family and given names BUT I find it odd that a man in a soldiers uniform called ‘Josue Hidalgo Azuaje’ has the name ‘Hidalgo’ on his right hand breast pocket. I assume that Hidalgo is a second given name for a male and that Azuaje is his family name ( Surname).

“Origin of hidalgo. 1585–95; < Spanish, contraction of hijo dalgo, Old Spanish fijo dalgo a noble, a person with property, a son with something < Latin filius son + dē from + aliquō something. "

It is unheard of in my opinion , that his surname is not on the Name Tag. This being the case, the CNN costume department have fucked up again.

I would think the conversation went something like this. CNN fake new Editor :- ' Get Hidalgo and his friend some Venezuelan uniforms for the video shoot. Costume expert :- Yes Sir, I'm on it.

The result is what we can see at 01:14 on the video All the military I have ever seen with name tags have their surname ( family name) on the tags and not their given names ( Christian names).

Hidalgo sounds grander than Josue ( Joshua in English ) , so that could be the reason for this charade..

Scott Miller

Surnames in Spanish culture are the father’s patronymic followed by the mother’s patronymic. For the sake of brevity, as well as to relate to an English speaking audience, it is common to just drop the mother’s patronymic. Therefore, Josue Hidalgo Azuaje would be commonly put as Josue Hidalgo, and Hidalgo is the one that would be put on the name plate. Josue is a common name in Hispanic culture, so there is no reason to suspect anything nefarious because of the name tags.

Your analysis of Hidalgo is mostly correct. The full expression is “hijo de alguien” or son of someone, and indicated descendance from a minor noble, but it is also a common surname in Hispanic cultures.


Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

AM Hants

Off topic, but, same crowd involved.,

Novichok Full O’ Nuts – Tweet-Happy Local Police Chief Leaves Clues in Skripal Affair…https://russia-insider.com/en/novichok-full-o-nuts-tweet-happy-local-police-chief-leaves-clues-skripal-affair/ri26116

Xoli Xoli

Russian,Syria, Iran,iraqchiba,North Koreamust start putting Halley,Pompay,Bolton USA generals on sanction.Then this buggars won’t enter this sovereign states to spread lies.Even the future elected ones also.

Xoli Xoli

USA and NATO democracy reflects in Yogoslawia,Iraq, Syria, Lebanon ,Libya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria Ukraine, Georgia.


>> So, either the “Venezuelan army defectors” somehow lost the letter B from their uniform, or the entire interview is a staged show involving former Venezuelan service members, who have been living for a long time outside the country, or in the worst case – actors.<<

There is one other option though, playing devil's advocate here, but maybe the soldiers wearing the FAN badge did so to differentiate themselves from the FANB. Which could be considered as tainted pro-Madura. Just like in Syria the socalled Free Syrian Army was formed as the opposition alternative to Assad's Syrian Arab Army. Like I said, playing devil's advocate here.


Nah your not playing the devil’s advocate, your just being a pompous alt-right neoliberal jackass. Liberal, right-wing your both cut from the same western ass hole.

Joe Kerr

Filth merchant Murdoch and his “news” have hopped on the war wagon as well… reminiscent of the MSM peddled lies about Iraq used to generate support for ousting Saddam. Although Americans are currently not in favour of war with Venezuela (particularly so close after losing to the Taliban), a constant barrage of media lies combined with a dollop of false flag jobs could change that soon. Russia needs to be prepared for the worst, and start installing S-400s in Venezuela, together with some iskanders in case Brazil’s new zio-friendly govt. and Colombia get itch trigger fingers. That’s the only language godzilla understands.


Complete Guide To The NYTimes’ Support Of US-Backed Coups In Latin America



Nice, thanks for posting.

John Whitehot

folks, Venezuela literally floats on oil, their oil reserves are more even than those of Saudia.

But, the US won’t allow them to extract it and sell it.

Instead, US companies will do the process, get all the money for it, and give nothing to the Venezuelans people. Always if the coup attempt succeeds.

Besides, it’s the same principle that goes for all the other nations that are rich but don’t bend to the exploitation of the US : Syria – Iran – Russia. And sadly, Lybia and Irak.


Where the Fuck are the Cookies and Stale Donuts?

HaJo Os.

The United Fascist Empire of America tortures again the Americas. After Lord Thomas Cochrane threw those Spaniards out of the southern american continent, anglo-american corps took over their unfortunate rule there, always backed with public office-admin and the military. Only a enforced secession of this united fascist empire of America could save the planet.


Why does the name “Ahmed Chalabi” keep popping up in my mind?

Rodney Loder

Bernie Sanders has opposed support for Venezuela Regime Change so the strategy is on shaky grounds it’s a possible split in the wealthy man’s club these poxy Roman Catholic swine worked closely the Evangelist swine organising the Rwanda genocide in the 1990’s,

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