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JUNE 2021

Sergey Surovikin – Russian General That Turned Tide Of Syrian War

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Sergey Surovikin - Russian General That Turned Tide Of Syrian War

Col. Gen. Sergey Surovikin

Col. Gen. Sergey Surovikin has received the nickname “Stark” for his uncompromising approach in fighting the terroirsm in Syria. Col. Gen. Surovikin, then Commander of the Eastern Military District, arrived in Syria in March 2017. In November, he was appointed Commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that under the command of Col. Gen. Surovikin, anti-terrorist forces have achieved a breakthrough progress in the fight against ISIS in Syria. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies, backed by Russian forces, liberated  a large area from the terrorist group, including the cities of Deir Ezzor, al-Mayadin and al-Bukamal.

According to reports, Col. Gen. Surovikin was able to increase the coordination level of ground troops, air-defense forces and the Aerosapce Forces.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad highly estimates the contribution of the general to the fight against the terrorism and thinks that Col. Gen. Surovikin was one of the persons that have turned the tide of the war in Syria.

According to media reprots, originally, Col. Gen. Surovikin was set to be deployed in Syria for 3 months. However, the general still remains commander of Russian forces in Syria.

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Leon Auguste


Daniel Martin

It’s really a pleasure seeing that true patriots and professionals still exist, a man that faithfully fullfills his duties to his own country and but even helps an allie to restore peace law and order in his country. That is true hero in my opinion.


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Cheryl Brandon

Great General; Well done and May you continue to clear Syria of these destructive/deadly/ killers for hire! Kaboom/Kaboom/Kaboom!

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