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Serbian Rocket Launcher Spotted With Libyan National Army (Video, Photos)

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The Serbian LRSVM Morava modular self-propelled multiple rocket launcher was spotted with the Libyan National Army.

At least two Morava rocket launchers appeared during the Dignity 2020 drills, which were held by the LNA earlier this month. The launchers can be seen in an official video of the drills shared by the LNA’s media office on November 14.

The Morava rocket launcher was designed by the Serbian Military Technical Institute to provide subsystem modularity, allowing the use of rockets from different calibers.

The system can launch 107 mm, 122 mm and 128 mm unguided rockets with ranges between 8 and 50 km, like the Serbian-made Plamen A, Plamen B, OGANJ, GRAD and G-2000. The rockets are pre-loaded in pods.

The version spotted with the LNA in Libya was based on a FAP 1118 4 x 4 cross-country military truck that provides a good tactical mobility.

The LNA likely received Morava rocket launchers from the UAE, the only known customer of the system. At least 30 rocket launchers are in service with the UAE’s armed forces, some are based on Nimr 6 × 6 chassis.

The UAE is the main backer of the LNA. Abu Dhabi provided the LNA with weapons as well as aerial and intelligence support in the last few years in an attempt to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned, Turkish-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli.


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Raptar Driver

It’s good to see that Serbian military technology is being used to kill Arabs?


it doesn’t count when arabs kill arabs

Servet Köseoğlu

Kudos to Serbia..little country with midget military budget and human capital but doing good job e.g.Nora b-52 artillery,Alas missile,Lazar armored vehicles. ps: Unlike another balkan country leeching Eu charity..xD

злая собака

Interesting fact is…Serbian army does not have Morava launchers…no money to buy it :) Just like Alas, developed with help of UAE money, but so far we have 0 Alas in Serbian army.

Против Глобал

Yes. These are UAE’s Moravas.


Only Serbia with the other Balkan country … were the ONLY countries in the Balkans that resisted Hitler’s Germany … when Turkey declared neutrality and became a duck. Have you heard of Rupel Fortress ??? These could not be passed by the Germans like the Maginot line in France … there the Germans killed …. the Greeks are a WAR RACE do not forget it … we have lived hundreds, not to mention thousands of wars on the planet .. .more than any other race … and yet we are still here.


Servet Köseoğlu

I was talking about Bulgaria bro:)))


The role of Bulgaria … is complex, what do you think about Bulgaria today bro ;;;

Servet Köseoğlu

a doomed country which will never find a chance to develop further, decreasing population..Usa assisting them for selling underground-clonned copy weapons to non-state actors..In black sea theatre bulgaria along with romania is Usa’s naval base…Nothing special with them..


Minor correction.
Serbia did not resist nazis. Cetniks were colaborating with fashist. Serbian “partizans” fought no battle on serbian ground. Serbia showed no resistance what so ever.
By the way, Serbia was declared as first “juden frei” country in Europe.


Serbs resisted the Nazis and their allies for 14 days (against 53 German and allied divisions), it would have been longer had their been no croat treachery.

Unlike the croats who welcomed nazi invaders offering no resistance, Serbia was thoroughly bombed to submission.

The Serbian uprising in western Serbian lands mid 1941, was due to croat Genocide.

Serbian Partizans (constituted 95% of all Partizans from 1941-1943) fought on Serbian ground in Lika, Banija, Kordun, Dalmatia, Gorski Kotari, Istra, Slavonija, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As for Serbia itself, the first liberated territory in nazi occupied europe was the republic of Uzica, liberated by Chetniks, and Partizans.
German occupiers of Serbia exterminated Jews Serbs and Gypsies mostly in Croat occupied parts of Belgrade.
In German occupied Serbia the death of one german soldier would exact the shooting of 50 men, an officer 100 men.

In Kragujevac, several thousand men and elementary school boys were killed as retribution for the death of just two germans.

opet ja

Just one correction,. we have a lot of engineers with very god knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, the destruction of our state that started in 1990s left us without resources for real development and introduction of weapons in units. That is why our UAV/UCAV projects still in middle phase, and got help from China.

Против Глобал

UAE gave it to them.

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