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Serbia Reportedly Considering Purchase of S-400. MSM Is Already Furious

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Serbia Reportedly Considering Purchase of S-400. MSM Is Already Furious

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Serbia is reportedly considering purchasing a Russian S-400 missile defense system with a long-term loan, Serbian outlet Vecherne Novosti reported.

“Serbia’s military and state leadership was impressed by the efficiency of the S-400 system [during the recent drills “Slavic Shield-2019″ with the participation of the Russian military]. In the coming months, they might hold talks with Moscow on acquiring a long-term loan for the purchase this missile defense system,” the newspaper wrote, citing its own sources.

The state is deciding what to buy and when, which is still an issue not discussed in the media, Serbian Defense Minister Alexander Vulin said regarding the speculation in media that there may be a long-term loan.

It should be reminded that during the Slavic Shield 2019 military exercises that ran through October 24th – 29th Serbia announced that it purchased the Pantsir-S defense system, and said that it hoped it could afford the S-400 missile defense system.

On the same day the rumors surfaced of the long-term loan for the purchase of the S-400, US Special Envoy to the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer expressed concern over the presence of Russian military equipment on Serbian territory and stressed that if Belgrade purchased Russian military equipment it would run the risk of imposing special sanctions on it.

“There is a degree of concern about the deployment of Russian military equipment on the territory of Serbia, but also about the possibility that Serbia requires specific Russian systems, which would run the risk of imposing special sanctions on the purchase of Russian military equipment, but we hope that our Serbian partners are aware of this. and that they will be wary of such transactions,” Palmer said regarding the recent military exercises of the Serbian and Russian Army” Slovenian Shield “, as well as the presence of the S-400 system in Belgrade.

Palmer also made an absurd statement, in view of the events of 1999 and subsequent claims by the US:

“I would even say that the best military partner of Serbia is America, but that does not mean that Serbia should not cooperate with Russia and create a military partnership with Moscow as well. However, we value our relationship with Belgrade and think that our military relationship is more recognizable than anything Russia is doing in that field with Serbia,” Palmer said in the interview with North Macedonian Alsat television.

This isn’t surprising, since outgoing Serbian Ambassador earlier said that the US-led NATO bombing of 1999 should be viewed in a “broad perspective.”

To reinforce the good and improving relations between Moscow and Belgrade, immediately after Slavic Shield 2019 ended, on October 30th another exercise began – the Bars-2019. The joint tactical exercises with Serbia involved 10 Russian aircraft in its southern region of Astrakhan.

Russian Defense Ministry footage Thursday showed Russian-made MiG-29 jet fighters and Mi-8 transport helicopters carrying out missions as part of the BARS-2019 flight drills.

Separately, US-state funded outlet Radio Free Liberty reported the following:

“The nations of the region — Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia – have expressed aspirations to join the European Union and NATO, with some more advanced in the process than others.”

Specifically naming Serbia as a country that would like to join NATO is a lie in its entirety.


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Excellent Serbia could do with it considering what Nato has done in the region with Kosovo & the bombing in the 90s


Hello AJ. They will.

Peter Jennings

I guess the Russian admin owes the Serbian nation a good discount, to make up for the lack of any effective support at the time. It must have been hard for the Russian admin to swallow their pride and sit on their hands. Helping Serbia to resist any future attacks should offer some redemption.


US officials are at this point in time, not careful at all with what they say. Their statements frequently defy logic and offer little discretion. It is embarrassing but, that is what happens at the end of the road. My take.

Peter Jennings

This lack of logic has a name….american exceptionalism. It’s cognitive dissidence meets autism.



Jacob Wohl's Nose

Serbian Air Defenses using ONLY limited SA-3 pechora, SA-6 KUB, and strela MANPADS, were able to significantly limit NATO strike capability for 3 months, shoot down an F-16, a stealth F-117, and 50 MQ-9 Reapers plus dozens of other drones. NOTE that Serbian SAM positions took very minimal casualties, if not none. And these SA-3/Kub missiles were NOT even upgraded, the radars not upgraded either. Serbian needs long range anti-stealth S-400 to ensure protection from future NATO attacks, especially from F-35s used by NATO members such as US, Italy, UK.

The current Pantsir SA-22/upgraded SA-3, KUB, and soon to be delivered BUK will guard the S-400 batteries. This will create a multi layered defense. Serbs are very strategic and intelligent with air defense. So S-400/Pantsir/Buk in their hands will be a game changer. NATO will think twice next time.

At the very least if NO S-400, Serbia should be given S-300PM1/PM2.

Saso Mange

Of what 3 months are you talking about? I am not aware of any setback on the so called coalition at the time?


In 1999 with the NATO operation “allied force”.

Saso Mange

We talk about that yes. It’s just that there wasn’t any setback. Serbia had a lot of older anti aircraft batteries but those were shooting blind so to say. It would be a miracle if they did not manage to hit some target here and there. Yugoslav military industry was good in prior decades.

Saso Mange

There is nice story about pilot of US bomber and Serbian soldier who hit his plane, two guys are friends today.

Saso Mange

Why dislike? Two guys are house friends so are their families. You can check that first hand if you are in Serbia.


It’s not like any kind of setback would be on the evening news. From what I’ve read it wasn’t so much that there was any kind of set back but that the air campaign was not nearly as successful as NATO reported. A lot of missed air strikes and the Serbs had effective camouflage and decoys that preserved their forces.

Saso Mange

It was bad that civilian life suffered from those airstrikes. All thanks to Milosevich and his bad politics in the 1990’s. I just hope that DU ammunition won’t leave big scars on Serbian nation.


I hope so too. I’m in Canada. You won’t hear it in the media but in private we believe the USA is going to invade Canada eventually simply due to the fact that we have all of North America’s fresh water up here and most of it’s oil reserves. The excuse is going to be they are protecting us from the Russians who want our oil and water …. at least that’s what’s being said over coffee.

Thankfully they won’t likely need to use DU in Canada as we don’t really own much in the way of armoured vehicles however I could see the “DU lobby” argue that DU rounds should be used anyway to keep their guys employed. It’s funny how US military purchases and policies all revolve around jobs.

Saso Mange

USA and Canada are already one, they were one almost always. Goes back in time when French helped USA against British.


I would agree on one level. Same corporate / banking interests and we’ve been sucking dick on FP as well. Big difference culturally ….. you don’t see it from the outside but it’s very real ….. we might be American assets but we are NOT Americans.

Saso Mange

Culturally Canada was more influenced by the French and that is the main cultural difference between them, historically speaking. As I said already. Modern political unity is in the fact that both nations have Zionist president, which is sad especially in the case of the USA. Don’t get me wrong, Canada is a unique nation in its own right but politically its just a part of nations which blindly follow the Usa. Regardless if its for the good or for the bad. Moral or not.

Concrete Mike

Noo we are certainly.not americans, we in the maritimes are very weary of the americans as well, until winter comes.


If only there was a way to get to Dunedin without going through the states.

Tudor Miron

They do not revolve around jobs :) That’s what they say. It always revolves around profits and power.


The way it works is the MIC spread the work around many congressional districts that way no matter how ridiculous the cost or how useless the weapon they can’t be cancelled because if a congressman votes against a project they lose good paying jobs in their districts and will probably never be elected again. The MIC are also very generous campaign contributors so a vote against a project means no money next time around.

So the path to profits and power is directly tied to jobs …. more specifically the threat of job losses if the project is cancelled.

Tudor Miron

That’s sort of frankpledge – MIC involves the jobs but those are actually mere remains. Subproduct is common american folks supporting perpetual wars.


Oh I agree. The companies payroll costs are the same no matter where the jobs are located. Funding lobbies and political campaigns are tax write offs. I’m actually kinda impressed with their strategy.

First to spread the jobs around like that but also how they are the last industry in the USA that offers high paying union jobs to the working man.

Then they got leverage over their work force …. who else will pay a high school grad $80k/yr …. they got leverage on the politicians and they have the pentagon in their back pocket by offering retiring generals consulting jobs ….. which are billed back to the government + OH&P.

In my business 50% of my time was spent bidding jobs of which only 25-30% would yield a job ….. these guys not only get to bill the government for doing estimates and product development …. they get to bill them for their bribes and even tack on a profit.


They will want to buy Alberta and Manitoba like Greenland

Tudor Miron

Milosevich bad politics? You seem to be buying into MSM narrative :) Yes, they were demonizing him as much as they could. Same way they are trying to demonize Putin now. Milosevich wasn’t perfect but nothing close to that MSM picture.

Saso Mange

Milosevich was cancer to Serbian nation. From leaders in Yugoslavia, which Serbs realistically were (at least number of population wise) he made it lose territory and almost implode in poverty. Feel free to celebrate such guy but I believe that you are very wrong. It took over decade and a lot of concessions to take Serbia back to the path of stability and prosperity. Maybe this EU road is part of those conscessions. Nothing comes free and Serbian nation has Milosevich to thank for it.

Tudor Miron

Thanks for repeating MSM narrative :) So this is Miloshevich’s fault? Let me tell you what really happened. When CCCP was out of the scene west started taking control of eastern Europe. Yugoslavia was a big and relatively powerful state. First stage was creating conditions for dissolution of this state – through direct bribery of local elites, exaggerating old historical issues, setting conditions for civilian unrest West was able to ignite a civil war on territory of Yugoslavia which resulted in creation of several souvenir (west is calling the sovereign) states. But Serbia wasn’t weakened enough and nato didn’t gain full control of Balkan region. Next stage was using Albanians to reap a part of Serbian state – Kosovo. Miloshevich was trying to prevent it and West used it as a pretext to openly attack Serbia and establish permanent nato presence in Kosovo. Serbian infrastructure was destroyed and comprador elites were installed to lead Serbians under full control of anglo-zio empire.
One can blame Miloshevich for all that process and yes he failed in defending sovereignty of Serbia but saying that his was the reason of what happened to Serbia is simply ignoring what actually happened.

AM Hants

What business is it of the US who Serbia buy her defence weapons from? At least they know if they purchase from Russia, the systems will actually work and they will be buying freehold weapons and not leasehold weapons.

Slightly off topic, but, two articles have interested me, owing to what is happening, has happened and why it all started in the first place.

The Collapse Of Saudi-Led Coalition Against Yemen In Full Swing As Sudan Pulls Out Of The War… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/11/the-collapse-of-saudi-led-coalition-against-yemen-in-full-swing-as-sudan-pulls-out-of-the-war/

How will the above affect the Greater Israel Project?

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
The Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan”. Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky…http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/06/the-greater-israel-project-a-zionist-scheme-to-transform-the-geopolitical-map-of-the-mideast/

Bonus article, that so needs sharing.

DEAD MEN DON’T NEED IMPEACHMENT. Swamp in Panic: Trump In Danger….https://www.pickeringpost.com/howellwoltz/12862/dead-men-dont-need-impeachment-swamp-in-panic-trump-in-danger/


“[The Yinon plan] is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli
regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must
reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of
the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Sounds like “Big Brother Middle East” to me.

p.s yes, I’m still around :-))

AM Hants

Glad you are still around. For a nation that has only been going since 1947, it sure lives upto the title ‘neighbours from hell’.

opet ja

Just one information. From our, Serbian military, all available personnel are being rotated and sent to Russia for training on S-400, including 3rd and 4th year cadets from Military academy. So does this information means to you anything…? Training on Pantsir S-1 has also been finished. Some information say we got version of Pantsir that is additionally specialized for protection of other SAM systems…S-400…

Tudor Miron

Nato rats are furious. Good.
According to their plan Russia was to fallow Yugoslavia and be partitioned in several souvenir (they call it sovereign) “states” that would permanently fight each other while west would be looting our land. Oops! Something went wrong for Anglo-zio. They say that’s evil Putin but I say that’s their inability to learn from history.

Peter Jennings

Buying the S-400 will certainly save the Serbian people some TV stations, so US/nato will probably stick to picking off fleeing civilians.

AM Hants

Separately, US-state funded outlet Radio Free Liberty reported the following:

“The nations of the region — Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia – have expressed aspirations to join the European Union and NATO, with some more advanced in the process than others.”

Specifically naming Serbia as a country that would like to join NATO is a lie in its entirety.


Isn’t ‘Voice of America and Radio Free Liberty’ heavily financed by Soros as well as the US State Department? The ‘Atlantic Council’ version of a radio service.

Saso Mange

Actually Serbia does more cooperation with NATO than with Russia. It’s the leadership which is surely working towards EU ( which is also official policy in Serbia ) and NATO is next step, even tho it sounds crazy is you ask me. Officially Serbia want’s to be neutral but unfortunately it is too small country to have such luxury.

AM Hants

Guess they have no memories of the Kosovo War or just the leaders, sponsored by Soros, do not wish to remember?

Saso Mange

I can’t say what are the reasons as I do not know. All that is certain is how things are rarely simple, unfortunately. Maybe ruling elites are crooked to the point where they slowly erase pieces of national identity. Not sure about Soros tho as I believe that it’s the other figures who are guilty of what Soros is accused of. He is just too rich and powerful to care about negative publicity. JP Morgan and a likes are the devil’s nest in my opinion.

AM Hants

Soros grateful for Serbia’s support to his NGO… http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a407448/Soros-grateful-for-Serbia-s-support-to-his-NGO.html

NED help to Serbia:

I am pleased to appear this morning to address this important issue. I represent the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a private, nonprofit organization created in 1983 to strengthen democratic institutions around the world through nongovernmental efforts. With its annual congressional appropriation, NED makes hundreds of grants each year to support prodemocracy groups in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. Many NED-funded programs have been conducted by the Endowment’s four core institutes: the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS). A substantial portion of the work has been carried out by scores of other organizations abroad (some with partners in the U.S.) working in such areas as independent media, human rights, civic education, rule of law, and conflict resolution.

NED has been assisting democracy building programs in the former Yugoslavia since 1988, and in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo since the disintegration of the Yugoslav Federation. During the wars of Yugoslav succession and the U.N. embargo, NED was one of the few Western organizations, along with the Soros Foundation and some European foundations, to make grants in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), and to work with local NGOs and independent media throughout the country. The NED concentrates its funding in the following areas:

1) Independent media

2) Non-governmental organizations
a) Human rights organizations
b) Youth participation in politics and youth leadership
c) Think tanks
d) NGO development and networking

3) Trade Unions

4) Promoting Economic Reform


Western assistance organizations should give increased attention to following areas of work:

Independent media

‘…Funding must also be directed at developing the leadership skills of NGO activists.

Alternative educational institutions; student organizations

The university law has resulted in an assault on academic freedom in Serbia. Western funders must be prepared to support alternative educational institutions, like the newly formed Alternative Academic Network, which are being organized by oppositional professors who have been removed from their positions by the authorities…’



Turkeys voting for Christmas and who remembers the Kosovo War, amongst those so loyal to the NED and Soros Open Foundation> Not realising the tax payer will be funding the NGOs, whose only aim is to destroy the nation.

Saso Mange

There are millions of NGO and its not only Soros who fund them. They are cancer of this world, most of them.

AM Hants

What is so sickening is the fact the tax payer picks up the bill for them all, withouyt even knowing.

Saso Mange

Yeah man. Personally i know a man who work with those doggy shit organizations which have never helped even one stray dog, i helped more than any organization.
From poor family he manage to buy apartment and sports car in less than a year :) Good for him, not so good for community and for dogs. Imagine stealing from stray dogs? What kind of low life is that. Then imagine stealing from abused woman, rape victims, war injured civilians etc… All in the name of activism.
Man i hate those scumbags.

Rhodium 10

Pro western Serbian presidents have sold Kosovo and Montenegro to NATO for a Fistful of Dollars…

Toronto Tonto

HA HA HA go for it .


Go for what solomon kupek, get over it Russia will always be superior nation to whatever shithole you are from. So get over it.

Veritas Vincit

While Serbia seeks to largely pursue a path a neutrality, unfortunately developing situations will likely necessitate reconsideration of such policies. For example:

– “[Albanian Prime Minister Edi] Rama is threatening to, in effect, annex Kosovo and create a “Greater Albania,” a move that is certain to ignite a conflict with Serbia, which seeks to protect what is left of the Serbian minority in the northern part of the country….. The Serbian response was swift and unambiguous: “Serbian officials warned on Friday of another war in the Balkans if Albanians try to form a joint state with Kosovo in the war-weary European region and the West does not reject such a plan….” (Will the Next War Erupt in the Balkans?, Antiwar, by Justin Raimondo, April 26, 2017)

– “Serbian Prime Minister and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic commented to Sputnik on the recent remarks of former head of the OSCE verification mission in Kosovo William Walker that he “has a project to unite Albanians,” saying that the ‘Greater Albania’ project was used as a pretext for NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia….. William Walker is a ‘Greater Albania lobbyist’, who, as the former head of the OSCE verification mission in Kosovo, lobbied for the implementation of this project” (The ‘Whole World Now Has Evidence’ OSCE Behind ‘Greater Albania’ Project, Sputnik, 11/05/2017)

– “Serbian officials are warning that the Albanian ambitions to absorb Kosovo could easily lead to another war in the Balkans, and that NATO and the European Union need to publicly rule out that possibility in an effort to forestall another ethnic war spanning the region. The status of Kosovo is a big sore spot in the region, after NATO’s 1999 war imposed a separation of Kosovo from Serbia, which was supposed by the Kosovar Albanian majority but widely opposed by ethnic Serbs in Kosovo. Kosovo’s independence is heavily contested, with a number of countries refusing to recognize it. The issue is coming to a head, however, after Albanian Premier Edi Rama’s comments last week suggesting that Albania could “unify” with Kosovo if the European Union doesn’t more quickly grant them accession. The last war in Kosovo, which NATO ultimately joined, was fought in large measure because the Kosovar Albanians envisioned such a move as a step toward a “Greater Albania” which would dominate the region. Serbian officials warned that such a move would immediately draw other Balkan nations with Albanian minorities into the war, with Macedonia and Montenegro likely to quickly get sucked in. So far, neither EU nor NATO officials have commented….” (Serbia Warns Albania Bid to Annex Kosovo Could Lead to War, Serbian Official: EU, NATO Must Rule Out ‘Greater Albania’ Push, by Jason Ditz, April 23, 2017)

– “Serbia’s president asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for advice Wednesday on how to counter Kosovo’s “violence and aggression” against Serbs….. The statement also said that Vucic sought Putin’s counsel “because it’s perfectly clear that (Kosovo) Albanians have wide support of numerous Western states for their unilateral declaration of independence” a decade ago. The statement didn’t say whether Putin had offered any specific guidance, but Vucic later told a Serbian TV station that after the conversation….” (Serbia’s president seeks Putin’s advice on Kosovo crisis, Associated Press, March 29, 2018), etc…….

In reality, the Cold War never ended, only the format changed. In the ongoing pursuit of global primacy (‘full spectrum dominance’/world domination) the U.S.-NATO-Israel-allied bloc employed deceit successfully to dismantle/partition the Soviet Union and subsequently integrated successive former Soviet states into the still expanding NATO military bloc in violation of former agreements (a ‘European Union’-NATO project based on the replication of the former ‘Soviet Union’ economic/military bloc model but in opposition to Russia).

This project does not increase the security of this bloc. Quite the opposite. Such architecture merely serves to involve all members in the event of war (for example, as outlined in Article 5 of the NATO charter). Ongoing NATO sponsored efforts to subjugate Serbia (impose compliance/capitulation) to facilitate the NATO expansion project involving covert support for the Greater Albania project will likely in time result in a kinetic stage of conflict. Serbia is correct to enhance its defensive capabilities while Russia is in a far better position than previously to protect its friends.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Fuck the MSM! Looking forward to the day a missile flies through one of their HQs or major offices. Fuckers are guilty of war crimes. Lynch their asses!

Tudor Miron

Those whores that are often referred as MSM – those are individuals that know that their blatant lies come along with death and suffering of innocent people. They think that its fine as long as they get paid for their lies.

Peter Jennings

They are true, in your face traitors who have convinced themselves that america needs saving from democracy. One network was complicit in calling an election early and before the democratic process was completed.

When it is time to pay the piper, roll the evidence and watch them try to deny literally decades of lies, slander and treasonous bullshit.

Veritas Vincit

Besides the extensive targeting/destruction of civilian infrastructure (a war crime) during offensive US-NATO operations, what is not addressed in Western bloc narratives is the fact that these offensive operations were in violation of International Law (conforming to the definition of aggression/a war crime). Atrocity propaganda [1] employed by the Western bloc and its media assets do not change the illegality and criminality of the offensive military operations (Operation Allied Force/Operation Noble Anvil). This criminality has since become established policy (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc.).

The rejection of International Law by the same parties that claim to champion a ‘rules-based order’ clarifies the hypocrisy (and criminality) of the US-NATO-allied bloc. But justice shall not come through judicial process (due to the inaction of Western bloc judicial institutions that act as an apparatus of the state). In time it shall in time come through blowback.

Indeed, the many globally expanding wars of aggression of the US-NATO-Israel-allied bloc (that act as rogue nations [2-3]) will logically progress to more advanced stages (consistent with the relatively unchanging behaviour of this bloc). In time, when these conflicts develop into a direct kinetic stage of conflict between nuclear armed powers, they will almost certainly be recognised as one.

1. “So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations”, wrote Harold Lasswell, “that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate….. atrocity rumors detailing exaggerated or invented crimes perpetrated by enemies are also circulated to vilify the opposing side (Wikipedia: Atrocity Propaganda)

2. Report: One Click Closer to Annihilation, by Philip Giraldi (a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer), October 2, 2018: [Excerpt] “Last week Washington threatened Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela and Russia…… The nuclear war doomsday clock maintained on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists website has advanced to two minutes before midnight, the closest point to possible atomic apocalypse since the end of the Cold War. In 1995 the clock was at fourteen minutes to midnight, but the opportunity to set it back even further was lost as the United States and its European allies took advantage of a weakened Russia to advance NATO into Eastern Europe, setting the stage for a new cold war, which is now underway.

It is difficult to imagine how the United States might avoid a new war in the Middle East given the recent statements that have come out of Washington….. A bipartisan group of U.S. senators, who were carefully briefed on what to think by the Israeli government, warned after a trip to the Middle East that war between the United States and Iranian proxies is “imminent.”….. America is in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to stay while nearly all agree a war with Iran is coming soon. Everyone is the enemy and everyone hates the United States, mostly for good reasons.” [End] (See also: The Path to World War III, by Philip Giraldi, 25/09/2018),

3. “The United States has been acting as the embodiment of a rogue nation” (A Call for a Coup Plus a Week Like No Other for Tulsi Gabbard, Philip Giraldi, October 22, 2019)

4. “The present anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe are based on the universal platform MK-41 and its technical specifications allow launching “Tomahawk” missiles [based on compatible MK-14 launch canisters] with a range of 2 500 km at any point of the Russian European territories in violation of the prohibition of the contract. There is hardly anything that threatened world security as much as this move of Washington. Even the Cuban Missile Crisis was not charged with such a high risk level. People do not understand how potentially dangerous the situation really is. “The world is pulled into an entirely new dimension, while Washington pretends that nothing happens,” Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said, adding that Western officials “blur the eyes of the news media” which in turn misinforms their audiences.” (On the Verge of a Major War: Is There a Pilot in the Cockpit?, Southfront, 17/10/2016)

5. “We know what will happen year after year, and they know that we know… Russia will no longer play games with the USA and get involved in deals in the dark. Russia is ready for serious negotiations, only if they contribute to collective security. All aspects of global security now lie in ruins. There are no more international guarantees for security and the country responsible for the destruction of the global security is the USA. Russia does not intend to reform the world according to its own views, and will not allow itself to be reformed according to foreign views. Russia will not close itself for the world, but anyone who tries to close it to the world will harvest storms. Russia will not act as the savior of the world either, as in the past. Russia does not want war and does not intend to start a war. But today, Russia can see that the explosion of a global war is almost unavoidable and is prepared and will continue preparing. Russia does not want a war but is not afraid of a war. Those who get Russia involved in this process will learn the real meaning of pain”. [Vladimir Putin] (At the Threshold of a Third World War, Southfront, 12/09/2016)

Veritas Vincit

The gradual transition towards fascism:

– “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.” (from a letter warning of Zionist Facism in Israel sent by Albert Einstein to the New York Times, December 4, 1948)

Other groups that claim to champion concepts of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ are also acting in ways that are incompatible with these terms. The expanding (and illegal) military occupation of foreign nations is incompatible with ‘freedom’ (as are successive wars of aggression), the overthrowing of elected governments/’regime change’ (interestingly including similar efforts within the US currently) is incompatible with ‘democracy’ while the collective punishment of entire populations through ‘sanctions’ (economic strangulation, conforming to the definition of genocide in the case of Iraq) is incompatible with ‘human rights’.

The transition towards fascism is associated with the ever increasing pursuit of power and control. Indeed, in many ways the US is replicating the militaristic corporatism of another military power in recent history.

Many would believe the ideologies of Zionism and Fascism should be incompatible however they share key features including: beliefs of superiority (‘exceptionalism’), the embrace of militarism (involving aggression against successive nations), pursuit of empire (and control through proxies), authoritarianism (pursuit of power and the imposition of dominance through force, master-subordinate ideology, the dictating of demands with the employment of threats for non-compliance), etc..

– ‘No one knows fascism better than Israelis. They are schooled, drilled in the history, the mechanics, the horrendous potential of fascist regimes. Israelis know fascism when they see it…. In others.’ (Rebranding Israel as a state headed for fascism, No one knows fascism better than Israelis, Haaretz [Israel], 18/05/10)

The same could be said of the US.

The US was once a great nation but it has been corrupted from the inside by those who seek ever more power and profit through the mechanisms of war and deception. But the repetition of historical behaviours that previously resulted in world war is far more significant in a nuclear era.

1. “the Russian Defence Ministry [said] that Washington started preparations for the production of medium- and short-range missiles prohibited under the INF deal two years before accusing Moscow of violating the accord. The Russian Defence Ministry has released satellite images of Raytheon Corporation’s plant, saying the facility has been prepared for the production of missiles prohibited under the INF deal.” (Russian MoD Shows PHOTO of US Plant Set to Produce Missiles Banned Under INF, SputnikNews, 02/02/2019)

2. “The United States is pursuing global strategic domination through developing anti-ballistic missile systems capable of a sudden disarming strike against Russia and China, according to the deputy head of operations of the Russian General Staff….. “The presence of US missile defense bases in Europe, missile defense vessels in seas and oceans close to Russia creates a powerful covert strike component for conducting a sudden nuclear missile strike against the Russian Federation,” [Lt. Gen. Viktor] Poznikhir [Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces] explained….. “Applying sudden disarming strikes targeting Russian or Chinese strategic nuclear forces significantly increases the efficiency of the US missile defense system,” Poznikhir added. American ABM systems are not only creating an “illusion” of safety from a retaliatory strike but can themselves be used to launch a sneak nuclear attack on Russia. In a blatant breach of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the standard land-based launching systems can be covertly rearmed with Tomahawk cruise missiles instead of interceptors…….” (US missile shield aims to cover sudden nuclear strike against Russia – General Staff, RT, 27 Apr, 2017),

3. “We make no secret that we have military-technical means to neutralize the possible negative impact of the U.S. global missile defense system on the Russian nuclear forces,” [Russian Chief of Staff Valery General Gerasimov]

4.”The US military-intelligence complex is engaged in systematic preparations for World War III. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or Russia is inevitable, and this prospect has become the driving force of its tactical and strategic planning…. Each of the hearings presumed a major US conflict with another great power (sometimes unnamed, sometimes explicitly designated as China or Russia) within a relatively short time frame, years rather than decades.” (Washington prepares for World War III, WSWS, 5 November 2015)

5. “According to a report in China Military Online, escalations between the two superpowers will lead to the inevitable. “The problem is not whether the war will break out, but when,” the report said. “Our task is to develop the ‘trump card’ weapon for China before the war.” (New Arms Race: China, US Prepare for Missile Warfare, Sputnik, 24/08/2016)


a rule based order is just another way of saying the american way without regard to international law which the unhinged states of A has little or no respect for and thus the piddling lapdogs find it easier to comply.

Wolfgang Wolf

US NATO is fucked in the ass if Serbia really receives S-400s…. then the story of “supremacy” blabla will become visible bullshit of the NATO heroes… we dont have 1999 anymore… i even would appreciate some ISKANDER and KLUB – K systems in Serbia… just in case somebody around has stupid ideas… and as a bonus, some nice russian EW systems….

Peter Jennings

The US/nato will also have S-400’s behind their imaginary front line in Ukraine. That wouldn’t be good for any air support.

Saso Mange

Serbian is small nation which is not important on large scale geopolitics. That said – if Serbia want’s S-400 and if it can pay for it then it’s Serbian sovereign right to purchase S-400.


serbia is well advised to buy the system that is best for their purposes sprinkled with a bit a rancid afterthought. after all, the clinton blatant attack on jugoslavia should not be forgotten, hopefully and by the way, the s-400 most likely is far better than anything the american mic can offer (except the full back sheesh for the buyers).

Raptar Driver

This is a test of sovereignty .


Last generations defense misses are great assets. However, in any given war you can only defend so much. Serbia badly needs some tactical offensive missiles like Iskandar that would pose a threat to the staging area of NATO forces in Italy , Greece or Mediterranean.

Rhodium 10

S-400 deployed in parts of Serbia means a non fly zone for all ex Yugoslav countries beside all Bulgaria and half of Rumania!

Great CoB

And I think as far as Vienna

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