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Serbia Designates Hezbollah As Terrorist Organization, In Another US Pre-Election Diplomatic Success


Serbia Designates Hezbollah As Terrorist Organization, In Another US Pre-Election Diplomatic Success

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On September 13th, Serbia officially designated Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, earning praise from the US.

The Trump administration appears to be getting diplomatic success after success as it reveals its “Trump cards” just ahead of elections.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the move, which was part of a recent deal.

“Serbia’s announcement that it will designate [Hezbollah] as a terrorist organization in its entirety is another significant step limiting this Iranian-backed terrorist group’s ability to operate in Europe,” Pompeo said.

Both Kosovo and Serbia had committed to this action as part of the US-brokered economic understanding between them signed at the White House earlier in September.

Kosovo designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization back in June 2020.

“This important action was announced as part of the historic commitments President [Donald] Trump secured on a wide range of economic normalization issues between Serbia and Kosovo, coupled with the steps both nations are taking to help achieve peace in the Middle East,” Pompeo said.

Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the UK have outlawed the entire Hezbollah organization. Serbia has now joined this group of EU nations in declaring both the political and military wings of Hezbollah as terrorist groups, according to the US.

“The United States continues to call on the European Union and European nations to designate or ban [Hezbollah] in its entirety and recognize the reality that it is a terrorist organization root and branch with no distinction between its so-called ‘military’ and ‘political’ wings,” Pompeo said.

“We urge all countries in Europe and elsewhere to take whatever action they can to prevent [Hezbollah] operatives, recruiters and financiers from operating on their territories,” he said.

“There is no doubt that the dominoes are falling on [Hezbollah’s] European operations, where it has continued to plot terrorist attacks, procure military technology and raise much-needed funding,” Pompeo said.

The Serbian decision, as well as the normalization deals between the UAE and Bahrain with Israel are all examples of diplomatic success that’s been kept for an opportune moment, namely just two months before the presidential elections in the United States.




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