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Separatists Kill 19 People, Including Senior IRGC Commander, In Southeastern Iran (Videos)

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Separatists Kill 19 People, Including Senior IRGC Commander, In Southeastern Iran (Videos)

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On September 30, a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander died of wounds he sustained during clashes with armed separatists in southeastern Iran.

The separatists shot Ali Mousavi, commander of the IRGC’s intelligence unit in the province of Sistan-Baluchestan, in the chest while attacking a police station by in the city of Zahedan.

The Iranian state TV said that armed separatists concealed themselves among worshippers and attacked a police base near the Makki mosque in Zahedan. Hossein Modarres-Khiabani, governor of Sistan-Baluchestan, said that a total of 19 people were killed in the attack.

The IRGC Ground Forces acknowledged on October 1 that three of its service members, Seyyed Hamid Reza Hashemi, Mohammad Amin Azar Shokr, and Mohammad Amin Arefi, were killed as a result of the attack.

Jaish ul-Adl, a Salafi jihadist militant organization that operates mainly in southeastern Iran, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack. The separatist group carried out several attacks against civilians and military personnel in Iran since its formation in 2012.

Following the attack, separatists set fire to several buildings in Zahedan, including a fire station, a care center and a bank, in an attempt to take over the city. However, their attempt was quickly foiled by Iranian security forces.

The separatists were likely emboldened by the ongoing Kurdish-led protests in Iran. The protests broke out two weeks ago following the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish Iranian woman who was arrested for allegedly breaking Iran’s strict rules on wearing the hijab, the Islamic head covering for women.

In a statement, the IRGC Salman Base vowed to give a decisive response to the perpetrators of the “terrorist attack.” The guards will likely step up their security operations against radical separatists in Sistan-Baluchestan.


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Slimey Joe

Just the US with the usual shit stirring regime change plans

Hans rauss NAFO

Glory to free iran, iranian backward regime must go. EU and US will help iranian people to abolish mullah regime.


“Backward” – adverb back·​ward | \ ˈbak-wərd \ variants: or backwards \ ˈbak-​wərdz \


Any country which doesn’t allow tranny paedophiles to molest children at their school

Any country which doesn’t allow gay parades

Any country which still believes there are only 2 biological genders

Any country which refuses to water down their religious traditions

Any country which refuses to support Israel

Any country which doesn’t open its borders to be flooded with non-natives

Any country which doesn’t teach that being white is evil

Last edited 2 months ago by SlavaZ

I rather liked your comment apart from this

“Any country which doesn’t teach that being white is evil” which makes you seem like a dumb as fcuk racist.

Are you a closet Israeli ?

Iron Zion 🦾🇮🇱

Yes brother, don’t forget us, together we will destroy Iranian terror


Together you can suck dick. Probably the same idiot.


I like the new era clowns as the old ones died coping with regime change in Iran. The EU is going down and China, Russia, and Iran are laughing their asses off.

I mean come on what have you achieved so far? Against China, Russia, or hell even Iran?

Talk the talk, walk the walk bitch. The CIA, MI6, Wahhabis, Turds, Kurds, and Zionists are doing anything in their power to hurt Iran in any way and they are failing only.


This just goes to show how ridiculous the official CIA spun narrative is.

So we’re supposed to believe that radical Islamic ISIS takfirist terrorists were offended that Iranian police supposedly beat up some woman who refused to wear a hijab.

These are the same ISIS takfirists who used sharpie pens to draw hijabs over pictures of women on packets of hair dye in Syrian supermarkets.

It all makes so much more sense when you realize these groups are just CIA, Soros, & Mossad funded and trained goons, that are used to carry out colour revolutions in the Middle-East.

Sadly the low IQ Islamofascist grunts that are the foot soldiers can’t figure out that they’re actually being pimped out by Jews. Just like the Azov Nazis can’t figure out that they’re just being pimped out by the Jews.

Otherwise instead of raping and genociding their own people, they might join Iran and Russia in destroying the Jew WEF NATO globohomo system.

Last edited 2 months ago by SlavaZ

This is a major conspiration led by evil forces. That’s why the Pashtun Wahabi Taliban also executed the order of those evil forces to attack Shia Hazara in Kabul and to kill at least 50 mostly female Hazara students, putting Iran even more under pressure. It is time for Iran to react and to arm its Shia brothers in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and to separate from the rest of Afghanistan before it is too late.

Last edited 2 months ago by John

Ah, so they are going to call them “separatists” now…

TLDR: Terrorists are trying to enter Iran from NW (Azerbaijan+Turkey), SE (Pakistan), and West (Iraqi Kurdistan).

Bigg Chungus

Jihadis are the front lines of Zion.


Iran needs to activate its eastern legions to run riot in them shit-holes of Af-Pak and fucking just genocide these bastard hendu-pak pieces of shit. Time to drop any semblance of conscience now…..Fuck them!


how long did it take the “women’s rights” protest organised by the West to become a lethal protest against the existence of Iran and the Iranian people?


Sounds more like a hit on the commander and destruction for terror value…not even likely to be disassociated from the Kurdish subversive moves in the north. Sounds like a CIA/Mossad backed and coordinated operation. More of the same subversive war upon the Pro-Russian front.

S Balu

These Baluchi separatist are trained and backed by India

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