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Sensational Video Reveals Turkish Actions To Deploy Its Proxies In Libya And Yemen


A newly-leaked video call between two Syrian militants has revealed new details about Turkey’s proxy war in Libya and its upcoming plans for Yemen.

During the call, that was shared by activists on July 26, a Syrian militant who went to Libya to fight for the Government of National Accord confirms that he receives a monthly salary of $2,000. This information corresponds to many recent reports.

He said that the Syrian militants in Libya receive only $300 for their daily expenses. The rest of the payment, $1,700, is transferred to the militants’ families in Syria on a monthly basis. The contract is valid for six months only, but it can be extended.

Turkey began sending Syrian militants to Libya last year. Turkish support helped push the Libyan National Army away from the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

“All [the militants] went [to Libya] due to poverty, May God help the people,” a militant based in Syria’s Idlib tell the other, who is currently in Libya, during the call.

The video call also reveals that Turkey is working to send Syrian militants to Yemen. A number of recent reports said that Ankara was preparing for such a move. The militants would supposedly fight for the Saudi-backed al-Islah party.

The Libya-based militant confirmed that Turkey had sent the first batch of militants to Yemen. The batch allegedly consisted of up to 100 Syrians.

While Turkey is working to gain influence in Libya, its plans to send its Syrian proxies to Yemen are more about financial profit.

The leaked video call is a testimony of how Ankara is expanding its influence in the Middle East. Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara appears to advance its neo-Ottoman policy.




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