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Senior Syrian Intelligence Officer Was Injured In Israeli Strikes On Deir Ezzor

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A senior officer of the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) was injured in the recent Israeli strikes on Deir Ezzor, Syrian sources revealed on January 15.

Brigadier General Ahmed Ibrahim al-Khalil, the director of the MID’s Branch 243, was injured when the Israeli military targeted the branch’s headquarters in Deir Ezzor city. The officer is currently recovering.

The Branch 243 was one of several targets attacked by Israel early on January 13. A US intelligence official told the Associated Press that a network of warehouses used to store Iranian-made weapons and components for the Islamic country’s nuclear program were targeted.

Syrian opposition sources alleged that over 50 Syrian and Iranian-backed fighters were killed in the strikes. However, only one casualty, an officer of the MID, was verified.

Senior Syrian Intelligence Officer Was Injured In Israeli Strikes On Deir Ezzor

Brigadier General Ahmed Ibrahim al-Khalil, director of the MID’s Branch 243 in Deir Ezzor.

Brig. Gen. al-Khalik was appointed as the director of Branch 243 in October of 2019. The branch is responsible for the MID’s intelligence gathering, anti-sabotage and counter-terrorism activities in Deir Ezzor.

The attack on the Branch 243 represents a new, dangerous development in Israeli military operations against Syria. Intelligence branches were not targeted before.

These strikes on Deir Ezzor were a part of Israel’s “War-Between-Wars” campaign, which started in the mid-2000s and ramped up after the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011. The campaign is meant to push Iran and its allies out from Syria as well as to prevent them from developing Advanced offensive capabilities.


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I say it again – the jews in palestine, habitual war criminals and expediters of ethnic cleansing and operator of concentration camp Gaza, must be evicted from planet earth – no space shall be given to those criminals
and palestine must be returned to the palestinians.


?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Mr T

looks Israel going to burn shia and alawite army in Syria

I am anti zionist but let hem kill each other, Turkey should occupy 30 km border and stop flow of water to Syria…


“I am anti zionist” – well that’s a blatant lie considering other parts of your post.

Free man

The world is not two-dimensional – black / white, bad / good.
The guy is a Sunni Muslim who opposes the Assad regime, Iran and Israel.
Strange that people here are not able to see such possibility.

klove and light

jews zionists what a fucking surprise


Why was he there? why did he actively worked with Iran and Hezbollah? he should have died in those bombings, we will get him next time.

Furkan Sahin

Baath Party is Anti Zionist of course he was there with Iran

Furkan Sahin

do you really think Assad will cooperate with Netanyahu than Iran
Assad is not a stupid person who wants to cooperate with Netanyahu other than Iran
because Netanyahu is one of the worst president in the whole world and he fucks people in elections


But you never got any Germans that you claimed killed
millions of Jews. You cowards only go after the defenseless.


crushing retaliation will await these jews soon enough so their suiciding themselves by lashing out like wild caged rabid animals is as ruinous as it ever was


hahaha how absurd these jews are still dreaming of a greater israel obviously the lesson of 2006 was not enough they want to learn it the hard way


the zionists dont have a ground force and if anyone tries to tell me that the desperate heroin addicted idf imps are a ground force than iam going to laugh


Don’t have a ground force? clown. The day you meet us on the ground, let’s see if you can come back and tell it to your kids. I wait for guys like you to fall into my hands (or my crosshair), but please do it fast I would love to meet more scums like you before I retire from service. Your Hamas friends thought the same, look where they are now.


If Hamas had the “qualitative edge” weapons that the US
delivers to the alien Ashkenazi, the Ashkenazi would have
quickly returned home to Poland, Hungary, Ukraine.


Aww … an injured INTEL officer? lol

What about the dozens of dead Shia Brigades and the missiles in 3 different locations … ALL without a single Russian with a ‘hair on his head out of place’ … hello?

Hmm … another article says Yossi is talking DIRECTLY to Assad … eh?

The shame and humiliation of the Assad’s Arab population is reaching ‘the gagging point’ … before he loses his people he needs to make a decision … eh?

Accept Israel … the military superpower who could destroy him or say goodbye to Iran, which is taking over HIS COUNTRY … hello?

Well … at least the decision is clear … eh?

We’ll soon know the answer …

The Future is About to …

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’ve been reading a lot of Israeli experts on Israeli Syrian relations claim Assad could get the Golan heights back if he agreed to ask the Iranians to leave, and this second Syrian/Israeli meeting SF just reported on may have had the Golan included in the discussions, do you think that would be a fair trade off if it came to that, just a yes or no will do for an answer.


I attended a lecture by an Israeli who was part of the team in 2008 … discussing just that possibility … the Turks were the mediator … but talks broke off … as the Gaza War called ‘Cast Lead’ began

My simple answer is ‘NO’

The Golan Heights had Jihadis / Islamists in control since 2012 … nothing would be scarier than that … it’s much safer to have it under Israeli control

Syria is a failed state …

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Too be honest and judging by the anti Syrian Government protests held in the Golan heights this year, I’m starting to think the Druze may actually be happier staying under Israeli occupation for now, and as I’ve just discovered more and more of them are taking up Israeli citizenship over the last few years, so you may be right..

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