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Senior Syrian Diplomat Welcomes Possible Reopening Of UAE Embassy In Damascus


Senior Syrian Diplomat Welcomes Possible Reopening Of UAE Embassy In Damascus

Source: alwatan.sy

On November 18, Syria’s Deputy-Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, welcomed the recent reports, which claimed that the UAE is planning to reopen its embassy in Damascus. However, he declined to confirm or deny if this is going to happen anytime soon.

“We welcome any step that would allow Arab countries to reactivate their embassies in the Syrian Arab Republic … The decision to reopen the embassy belongs to the UAE, a sovereign state, which would announce and broadcast such news,” Mekdad said during a brief interview with the Syrian al-Watan newspaper.

Earlier this month, diplomatic sources told the news outlet Lebanon Debate that the UAE is going to reopen its embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus within few weeks. Several Syrian pro-government sources also confirmed that the Abu Dhabi embassy in Damascus is undergoing maintenance.

The Syrian-UAE relations have improved since the beginning of this year, with Abu Dubai reportedly facilitating several reconciliation processes in several areas throughout Syria, including the northern Homs countryside and the governorate of Daraa.

Local observers believe that the UAE views Damascus government as a possible partner against radical groups in the region, which is supported by some powers, for example Qatar and Saudi Arabia.



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  • Pave Way IV

    Er… sure, UAE diplomats… We’re not angry at all about the head-choppers you financed to kill Syrians. Your embassy here is fine. You can move back in right now, as a matter of fact. Come on in! We’ll have the plastic sheets removed as soon as… well, very soon. Ignore the bone saws.