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Senior Syrian Diplomat Confirms EU States Are Preparing To Restore Relations With Damascus


Senior Syrian Diplomat Confirms EU States Are Preparing To Restore Relations With Damascus

Faisal Mekdad, source: almanar.com.lb

Syria’s Deputy-Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, told RT on January 9 that many European countries are preparing to reopen their embassies in Damascus and revealed that several meeting were held to discuss this matter inside and outside of Syria.

Mekdada added that the Syrian government is keeping these talks a secret so that “the conditions of normalization of relations with the European countries become more positive and easier.”

Last week, several reports said that the United Kingdom and Italy are renovating their embassies’ buildings in the Syrian capital. While the UK stressed that it’s not planning to restore its relations with Syria, Italy has not commented on these reports yet.

“The Assad regime lost its legitimacy due to its atrocities against the Syrian people. We therefore closed the British Embassy in Damascus in 2012. We have no plans to reopen it,” said Martin Longden, UK Special Representative for Syria, on Twitter.

Local observers believe that Italy will likely lead the efforts to restore the Syrian-European relations, especially that the country has maintained a secret relation with Damascus since the beginning of the war.

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  • Master Oroko

    Looks like Syria is getting out of the woods. I wish the best of luck to them.

  • AM Hants

    Careful, owing to what they store in those embassies.

    • jorge

      Well, they can store one Assad’s picture for each defeat they had.

  • Jesus

    Syria does not need the EU hypocrites that blabbered “Assad must go” and followed the US led attempt to overthrow Assad, Syria should align with Eurasia because its leaders are more reliable and seek a multipolar world and the economic benefits from the Silk Road and Belt Road Initiative outweigh the lies and empty promises coming from the West.

    • RedBaron9495

      Yep agreed.
      Syria should block any entry from British, Americans, Saudis & Turks into re-opening their Embassies there…..those 4 nations are largely responsible for the war.

      • sagbotgamot

        Ban those 4 countries. Include Israel

  • verner

    big mistake

    • jorge

      Don’t worry, westerners can’t do nothing.

  • Freeze


  • stary ujo

    Hands off from Syria , Britain swine country !