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JUNE 2021

Senior Official: ISIS Is Planning To Storm Key Iraqi City North Of Baghdad

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Senior Official: ISIS Is Planning To Storm Key Iraqi City North Of Baghdad

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On March 9, Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the defense and security committee in the Iraqi parliament, warned during a press conference that ISIS cells are planning to storm the strategic city of Samarra, 100km northwest of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in order to destroy several Shiite shrines inside the city, according to the Russian RT TV.

Al-Zamili revealed that ISIS fighters are currently massing in the al-Fatha area south of the city of Samarra. The politician also stressed that the Iraqi government should deploy more security forces units around the city to secure it from ISIS.

Security forces and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) repelled a large ISIS attack on Samarra on March 8, according to al-Zamili. Iraqi forces lost three their fighters and killed nine ISIS members.

Moreover, eight ISIS fighters were reportedly arrested by the Iraqi Army in the al-Farhatah area south of Samarra on the same day. These two incidents confirm that the ISIS influence south of the strategic city is growing.

Similar warnings were ignored by the government before the fall of Mosul city in 2014. However, this time the Iraqi government will likely take these warning seriously and send more reinforcement to avoid repeating the Mosul scenario in Samarra.

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The US Coalition of Terror must have seen this buildup with their satellites but have done nothing to stop ISIS, just as they ignored the last ISIS assault on Palmyra and the thousands of ISIS trucks carrying stolen Syrian oil to Turkey.

The sooner the Iraqi government orders the US to leave Iraq the better and I feel that the incorporation of the PMU’s into the Iraqi Army is the first stage of this :)


They likely instructed them.

Nigel Maund

FG Totally agree! Time for the SAA and Iraq Army to be equipped with plenty of KORNET’s and MANPAD equivalents.

Peggy Johnson

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That’s because your parliament had the unadulterated gall and cheek to demand a timetable for “foreign troops” to leave Iraq. …. So the Americans sent you a present.


So the Iraqi’s have gone from their President proudly and victoriously announcing that Iraq had been fully liberated of Daesh last year to their head of defence and security now warning that a massive attack by their numerous cells is imminent and that their influence is growing?!?!

John Brown

Its an attack by Israel and its USSA and ISIS slaves because Bagdad now wants to kick out the USSA and racist supremacist israel. Its some of the ISIS fighters the USSA evacuated from Syria and has been training along with some new recruits brought in by Saudi and Israel.

Nigel Maund

I’d say that the CIA – Deep State has been rapidly re-grouping, re-training and re- equipping Daesh / ISIS to destablise Iraq before it becomes to friendly and in an alliance with Syria, Iran and Russia. This stinks of a US Deep State counter offensive as they never ever give up and accept defeat. Besides they have endless money thanks to the US Fed and the otherwise worthless US$ which can be created in its trillions………….for the moment.

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