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Senior Kurdish Official: We Will Choose Assad Over Turkish Attack

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Senior Kurdish Official: We Will Choose Assad Over Turkish Attack

Ilham Ehmed, source: pydrojava.net

Kurdish forces are negotiating with the Damascus government in order to protect northeastern Syria from any attack that Turkey may launch after the nearing withdrawal of U.S. forces, Ilham Ahmed, a co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), told Bloomberg on January 26.

“It isn’t comfortable for us but what is the other option?” said Ilham, who is currently visiting Washington. “If we were cornered into choosing between a Turkish militia attacking our areas,” and reaching an accord with President Bashar al-Assad, she said in an interview in Washington, “we would go with the regime.”

Ilham also confirmed that the SDC has provided President Bashar al-Assad and Russia with an 11-point road map reintegrating the region under the Damascus government. According to her, Syria should be “decentralized” but united.

Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all American troops from Syria, Turkey began its preparations to launch a military operation in the SDC-controlled areas in the northeastern part of country.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country will establish a safe-zone in northeastern Syria where Arab and Kurds will live together. Furthermore, he claimed that the zone would allow millions of Syrian refugees return to their homeland.

However, Ilham argues that such a Turkish-controlled zone wouldn’t be safe at all for the Kurds, but a “swamp of terrorism.” The Kurdish official also emphasized that Syrian Kurds are willing to fight to defend themselves from any Turkish attack.

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This is great, IF the US pulls out. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1075397797929775105


The “withdrawal” began over a month ago. And the Jews put the kibosh on that with their resumption of airstrikes on Syria after the SADF upgrades deployed to prevent it. They calculated that Russia would back down and allow the attacks to continue without shooting down Jew war crime fighters. And that this would derail the US withdrawal and obtain Russian support for continuing the Jew Yinon plan Syrian blood bath for years to come. Rather than winning the war now.

And that Russia would buckle to Jew abuse as it has in the past. And continue to be a Jew victim state. Rather than treating the Jew miscreants as Russia’s main enemy that they are and as they have been for many years.

Russia should recognize Jews as the enemies of Russia internally and externally that they are and treat them as such.


US withdrawal has nothing to do with the status of the S300. US had ample opportunities to test the S400, and they found out the F22 does not fare well. Nethanyahu took over Lieberman position as a defense minister and wants to project some political capital before the elections.

John Whitehot

“and they found out the F22 does not fare well”

They knew that since years. But to drop LGBs on unarmed cavemen it still performs, not anything an F-4 Phantom would do worse.


Truth is, an F-4 probably out performs the F-35, except for stealth and electronics. :P


What type of testing of the S-400 are you reffering to? I’m not aware of the S-300/400s ever shooting down a NATO fighter in combat.

The US withdrawl anouncement occurred after the SADF upgrade and was in response to it. Until the Jews showed that the upgrades have no deterence value against modern NATO fighters. And now not unsurprisingly, the withdrawal has stalled.


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Friday denied that Moscow was allied with Iran while in Syria, and said Israel’s security was one of his government’s “top priorities.”

“We in no way underestimate the importance of measures that would ensure very strong security of the State of Israel,” Ryabkov told CNN in an interview. “The Israelis know this, the US knows this, everyone else, including the Iranians, the Turks, the government in Damascus. This is one of the top priorities of Russia.”

Ryabkov said it was inaccurate to categorize Russia and Iran as allies, as the two countries only “worked together” in Syria.

Ryabkov noted that Russia last year managed to convince Iran to withdraw its forces some 85 kilometers (53 miles) from Israel’s northern border. He said that Moscow was “prepared to go even further” at the time, but negotiations with Iran fell apart over the re-imposition of US sanctions.

Tudor Miron

May I see a link to this interview?




I’ve found JEWISH PROPAGANDA https://www.timesofisrael.com/russia-denies-allying-with-iran-says-israels-security-a-top-priority/

“Russia denies allying with Iran in Syria, says Israeli security a ‘top priority’”

Deputy FM tells CNN that efforts to distance Iranian forces from the Israeli-Syrian border were undercut by reimposition of US sanctions ——————- Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Denies Iran Alliance in Syria: ‘Israel Is a Priority’ HAARETZ https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/russia-deputy-foreign-minister-denies-iran-alliance-in-syria-israel-is-priority-1.6873776 ————————— etc..


If he is saying things like that. He us putting the US withdrawal in jeopardy. And inviting further anti Russia action by the Jews.

Tommy Jensen

The crypto Jew group in Kremlin pleasing Israel………………………….LOL.

John Whitehot

“And the Jews put the kibosh on that ”



You’re the blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cult supporter, not me.


Kurds are USA puppets and can not be trusted. Kurds must reconize Syria goverment and its laws in east Euphrates river and become Syria citizens. In addition, they must get rid of their weapons.

You can call me Al

+ stop sending arrogant demands to Damascus.


They aren’t arrogants, they are stupid and absurd. All the people is running out from the Ocalan crazies, examples, the arab tribes of east and north Syria, but also the al Bab Military Council, the Manbij Military Council, and more will follow. Ocalan boys of the PKK, you are falling in pieces.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, the Kurds are Turds, but this ugly woman even makes Greek “women” look pretty. BTW, the real news today is an extensive and as usual to the point interview Hezbollah leader Sayyed Nasrallah gave:

Hezbollah leader warns Israel over attacks in Syria and to overplay a weak hand

BEIRUT — The head of the militant Hezbollah group in Lebanon warned Israel late Saturday over its continued attacks in Syria, saying a miscalculation could drag the region into a war. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the comment during a wide-ranging interview that lasted more than three hours with the Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV station.

Nasrallah said Iran, Syria and Hezbollah could “at any moment” decide to deal differently with Israel’s actions in Syria and hinted that Tel Avivmight be a target.

Mustafa Mehmet


Mustafa Mehmet

you can always cover her pretty face with pillow and get on with it ?

Zionism = EVIL

Will need more than a few pillows, one for the dog too as he may be get scared too.

Jens Holm

I sometimes wonder why most muslims women are covered. Being a good muslim is in Your mind isnt it. Could it be a try for covering up for Allah ?

The women above are chosen for she can do the job. If You want to see something beautifull buy a mirror some mascara, lipgloss and sunglasses. Voemn might like You better.

Unfortunatly a toothbrush wont help, what all You ugly men write here, as well as clean Your oppinions.

Tommy Jensen

A scarf is a practical piece of clothes. It keeps the hair tight and safe under work, avoid hair in the soup, avoid dandruff in the food, on babies, in cleanrooms.

Jens Holm

Thats ok, but the rest of wearing is very strange. I know the long list and for men and i varios a lot.


I always had the impression women had to cover up to protect themselves from the unwanted attentions of horny men, and for the flipside not to lead men into temptation. Most muslim countries know strong segregation between the sexes and a man who wants to get married needs to be able to provide for his future family, or he will not be able to get married. This is why the lack of jobs for young men hits so hard in the Muslim world. They aren’t getting any sex outside of marriage and without a job they can’t get married. And it doesn’t help that polygamy exists as well, further reducing the chances of many men to find a future wife. As there are relatively equal numbers of men and women. So any man who who has two or more wives means less women for the remaining men.

I reckon that this played no small part in the attraction that ISIS had for many luckless frustrated single young men in the Muslim world. Here at least was a place that offered an outlet for their sexual frustrations, for if young Muslim men could not get a wife there supplied via ISIS, they could at least get a Christian or Yezidi sex slave and have their way with them instead.

Tommy Jensen

We will chose Turkey over Kurds any day. Its not comfortable to us but what else can we do?

We are cornered into choosing between Kurdish snitches and traitors who are together with a foreign illegal occupation force who wish to destroy Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, or to reach an accord with a neighbour country who can secure stability in NE Syria. We would go with Turkey!!


Screw Turkey

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, a carved roasted Turkey is better than a screwed one.

You can call me Al

She said “blah, blah, effing blah” from Washington. I had hopes, but now I do not care if Turkey eliminates them. They are lying, manipulating, treacherous turncoats and I have run out of patience and ways of trying my hardest to think of positive excuses for them. She also looks a fully paid-up member of the dyke brigade, which alienates me further. They now shall reap from what they sowed.


Ocalan boys don’t sow nothing, and steal what the others reap.


Assad, Erdogan, Russia and Iran should smash them while they can. Assad can install his own barrier of troops along the border and these difficulties with these traitors will finally come to an end.

Pave Way IV

11-point road map = preposterous wish-list. Some of the items (from the linked GlobalResearch article):

the demand to accept the DFNS’ Autonomous Administration as a legal part of the Syrian political system, to guarantee the representation of the DFNS in the Syrian Parliament

The SDF illegally annexed Syrian territory, and now insists on administering it. Sound familiar?

to use the Syrian Flag alongside with the flag of the DFNS

You know… in exchange for stealing Syrian land. Like a little historical breadcrumb.

to allow the DFNS to employ own independent foreign policy

Just f’king NO. Besides, it would really just be U.S. foreign policy. How about flying the U.S. flag next to the Syrian one? If the DFNS whores the Kurds out to the U.S., then why should their flag even be shown?

to allow the Kurdish-dominated SDF to keep control of the Syrian border

See, we really don’t like the historical ‘border control’ definition of what defines a nation. The SDF is just thinking outside the box here.

to allow the DFNS’ security force Asayish to remain the main security force within the SDF-held area

The Kurdish Stazi is kind of a requirement for the Kurdish nation… er, autonomous region.

and to distribute “the Syrian wealth to the Syrian regions in a fair manner.”

…as defined by the SDF, which means it’s only fair the SDF gets all the oil, gas, farmland and water because it’s all within the SDF’s self-defined borders. We won’t collect taxes for Syria, but the Syrian people must contribute to our Kurdish ‘government’. Hey – what’s not fair about that?


Amateurish demands that tries to keep all prerogatives of the sovereign state (what they have pretended to renounce)

My take on what is possible of all you have mentioned:

1)They can administer only areas where Kurds are clear majority, nothing else.

2)No other official flag but Syrian flag (they can keep their flag with NO official prerogatives)

3) no clue what DFNS is but only Syrian government can have “foreign policy” They obviously are too stupid to understand that “foreign policy”=sovereign entity

3) Kurdish-dominated SDF can exist only as integral part and under command of SAA and they can not keep control of the Syrian border. Only SAA frontier units chosen by SAA high command

4)DFNS’ security force Asayish can remain local police force within the Kurd majority area under the direct orders of interior ministry in Damascus.

5) They can be only compensated (to be negotiated how) for liberation of NON Kurd areas but they can’t claim nothing in those areas where they are not majority. They have equal rights on the benefits from the resources just like any other Syrian citizens.

That’s all If they don’t like it they should get ready to fight Turks and SAA in the same time.

Pave Way IV

Among the MANY reasons SDFistan is a stupid idea:

Who is really a Syrian Kurd? The graphic below is also representative of immigrant flows, not just PKK. Do Syrian Kurds get to stuff their numbers with non-Syrian Kurds?


Do two Kurds in a 100 sq. km. unpopulated area constitute a ‘Kurdish majority”? Al Qamishli is arguably in the heart of Rojava, but much (most) of SDFistan is unpopulated, sparsely-populated or consists of mixed cities with majority Arab populations. If you’re a Syrian Arab unfortunate enough to live in a ‘Kurd’ area, do you (or your kids) have to learn Kurdish? Shouldn’t Syrian Kurdish kids learn the language of their country: Arabic?


Nobody really lives in the oilfields, not even the arab tribes. Why is that part of a U.S.-defined SDFistan? Why does SDFistan get to control the borders?


SDFistan – a plan for eternal war (mostly against Iran), and as absolutely as stupid as Sykes-Picot fiasco. Anglos: stay the fuck out of Arab politics this time.


You ask me to much there There are, there must be books of registered births and deaths People can’t just came in hundreds of thousands (even after the war ) and say ;here we are we are Syrians now! So fuck you if you don’t agree! They can cheat certain number but that can’t possibly be a big number. So Syria will establish the exact number once they get their registry books in order….who is dead, emigrated, born etc..

You know very well what “majority” (in canton, region or whatever unit they use) means…. I hope they didn’t forget to count… No point to establish “majority” on handful people in some desert that’s why different statistic methods exist…

Why are you repeating that “control the borders”? I told you already it is pure NONSENSE. Borders can control units of SYRIAN frontier police and military only! Not some regional self organized Kurd whatever units or anybody else.

Listen I can see that this subject upsets you. It is normal that US in their perfidy has PUMPED UP Kurds to the maximum with different rubbish stories so that Kurds make insane demands to Assad and that way ruin the negotiations!

Russians will mediate and I hope explain how it really works and what is possible and what is not possible. If Kurds refuse to listen they will get war and destruction on themselves. No point talking about that more, before we here some concrete news on this subject.

Pave Way IV

Those were rhetorical questions, jako – they were not directed at you or your comments before that.

And I mention ‘control the borders’ because this is the primary objective of my country (((the U.S.))) with the attempted creation of SDFistan. Of course it is pure nonsense, but consider the source – it is the expressed desire of U.S. and its foreign policy with respect to Syria. What the U.S. wants and the U.S. gets are quite frequently two different things.

As long as you brought up the ‘registry books’: it’s waaay more complicated than my comment suggests. When you have a spare half-hour or so, this would be a good start (despite the anti-Assad bias), The Stateless Syrians. Then you have to throw in the Turkish migrant thing. Assad was working on the issue before U.S. jihadis showed up to chop some heads.


I must admit that you seam to be very nice person (for an American) :-). And trust me that is compliment if it comes from the guy whose country was bombed by US and NATO. Take care I must go now.


And how many Jews live where you are? Last time I checked you guys got rid of them, as we should. And then the US would be a much different and better place.


Just go away Richard I don’t like you I never did I have nothing to tell you good or bad….


You’re the truth hater, not me. The problem is Jews. Trying to get it corrected doesn’t make me a Nazi. It makes me a moral an ethical person who recognises a problem for what it is and who is trying to get it corrected in a moral and ethical manner.

Many Americans dislike what the Jews and their sycophants have done to and with America just as much as non Americans. The US and our planet would be much better off Jew free.

Not all Jews are aggressively evil. Because they themselves reject Judaism’s evil. But Judaism creates a class of evil people who are humanity’s biggest problem, and it needs to be done away with for the betterment of humanity and our planet.

Jens Holm

It seemes You totally has forgotten vital wished by the kurds. Its not abiut tanks along the borders compared to riffles only as well as foreing policy.

The uprise by others are from the poor ones mainly – well take a look at fx what what bomberded in Aleppo only. You even could see untouched swimmingpools.

And its the same thing for Kurds apart from You seemes to ignore, that they didnt uprise. They defended themselves, because Assads abandonned them.

So their Marxist light plan is for making structures for devellopment of the poor living where Kurds live. And not only Kurds live there.

Their wishes are totally normal going from a thin one string system as dicatorship or emirates, which cant handle any advanced jobs for the future.

Thats the whole point for Communisme and Socialisme. They became kind of succesfull, because Adam Smidt and the Zars as wel ignored all the poor. Why the FU… do You think so many emmigrated to America, Australia and now muslims goes anywhere else.

4 siblings of my Grandfather emmigrated to USA because there was no jobs even for hardworkings as them and NO political solution. By that I do know how poor people can be, but also that this is man-maide and by that also can be changed by man and women. One died, but the rest did well and after WW2 the sended us a lot of gifts for many years, because they knew how it was and should be a “has been”.

Thats what You reduce to some local crap drieven by guns and about foreign policy.

What do You really see here. Is it the Ottoman Empire against the Syrian Khalifat against the Khalifs and Ayatollas of Bagdads and Teheran ?

Is it the majority of jews and westerns being wrong because oil is only for lamps.

By no fair elections as well as no local rule, You keep Syrians and also Turks as irreponsible persons, which are kept having no tools for any progress. They not even get parts of the oil money aprt from the SDF areas.

This is about systems, which cant or deny to not handling their inhabitants and the great winners are – tanks.

Jens Holm

You seemes to forget, the other milions moved by themselves or forces to or killed by kurds as well.

So its very much about space made by that and people look for, whare others are of same kind.

Ottomans moved a lot. They moved many, many Turkmen to Iraq to keep Assyrians down, they moved Kurds west too.

Of course its not easy to make maps even they are very good and in the same time bad helpers. Fx You dont cover all the shammers and another tribe comming from the Saudis today. Those arabs being almost all beduins emmigrated from 1820 up along and between Eufrat and Tigris up to the borders of Turkey of today.

Those are just as new as kurds there and even a majority or was a majority in towns such as Raqqa, the DEZ area and in/at Hasaka.

You also ignore or dont show – or show, the border You see. But it was not there at all until Ottomans divided Kurds in 4 even the majotity of them are same version of them.

So kurds see most of that as INTERNAL resetling. In that You have to look at the towns on both sidees od the Syrian/Iraq with Turkey borders. A lot of others moved to there too because of progress as in the rest of the world. Best known ifd the Railroads and especially the famaous Bagdad Rail all the way from Berlin.

Here You also have oil as an important factor giving jobs itself, but alos giving jobs for supporting those oilworkers.

And facts are fx maps of 1856, that today Alappo, Raqqa and Diabykirfs as well as old Kurdistan province and more are SPLIT IN THE MIDDLE. The old province was in Turkey, Syria AND Iraq of today.

I allow me once again to remind that there never was a Syria State before. Never. The closest one was the Bagdad Knalifat whisch was collapsed in 1258 by Mongols, which totally destroyed to the the ground. It actually started as a smalle Bagdad Khalifat.

But the northern Regions of Syria as well as the southern parts of Turkey NEVER was Syra as any Country. Syria was a very mixted landscape.

Others things are censured away too. Armenians has had their own country covering a lot of Turkey today in 2 lang periods. Those even Guard Jerusalem, because they were very big in culture and relgion. The Arameans and Jews are ignored too even they were there being reduced and genosided during time. Romans and Egyptians moved Jews many times and even not written down, the rulers did that for others too.

So Your map is correct, but You ignore the extra pressure by Turks taken first Armenians during more then decades and after that doing it with Kurds(fx 1925).

Its cheep to make a Turkish nationalistic systematic emmigration to those green areas into PKK. Very cheep. Kurds by the WW1 and the genosides of Armenians and the collpase of Russia suddenly was a majority in a thin populated area and being accepted by Ottomans expected they also could resetle even helkping by killing many Christians themselves.

So when they in stead was killed, those fighted against those chanes. Well smaller parts mainly the ones, we know as PKK did. It would be very strange for me, if none did.

And that is not solved by Turks today and the setllers in the other new countries(there never was an Iraq before as well as Iran also is a loose mix up).

So by that and the rulers of those also new 2(3) countries putting their infame nationalisme over their head suddenly being 4 in stead af many smaller tribes.

And it didnt stop, didnt it. Its well known Saddams moved and killed many,m many kurds and Turkmans around and replaced the leftovers with arabs to get more control of the oil area in the never before existing Iraq.

And of coourse You in that create good Leaders, where Öchelan and Old Barzani is the best known.

Thats what I would tell, if I was in Court as a neutral witneses about it and should swear, what I see about it from the outsside being well desribed by historians not infected by nationalism of tre region. It happend like that in a sober.

I can do if for most of the rest in the same way. Things are not as You are told by Your rulers at all and Kurds dint invade. They have been there all the time and even are deported to there(Ottomans in Afrin, Assads mocin Kurds aaway from border to Turkey and putiing them in 3-.4 groups).

The big difference it the many others killed by others and not only Kurds, which have made space for others to come there killing each other for what their Gransparent killed for and stole.

Those are gone today killed or emmigrated. The ones not killed has their diasporas and we also see here som few Assyrians for good reasons how much You stole, and not only that. Almost all over every sign of those many 100.000 in Syria too are totally destroyd down to the ground aprt from some few christians has reagined as muslim mosques. A shame on many of You.

Its written in the John Wayne style, but its long story to write how You in most infame ways have treated each other and especially the Christians and Yasedis bad. That by the way also cover Allewites which today rule Syria with some nor nice Christian leftovers.

The last big leaving Syria´of course was in 1967. It only was 100s.

The many killings and internal wars crossing the new borders hasnt solved anything. Has it ????

You are still in the old days and in the most naive have a falcon on Your arm on Your camle or goat Saladin having 5 passports :) :( :) :(

Pave Way IV

I forgot none of that, Jens. But ALL of that isn’t any justification for carving off a de facto Kurdish state from Syria, even though Syria itself is an artificial construct of Anglo-psychopaths.

In fact, all of what you listed is a good reason why no ethnic group should insist it cannot possibly exist and thrive unless it has its own separate, independent state made up of land taken from someone else. There are few Syrian Kurds that even think like that.

‘Independence’ from Syria was the poison the U.S. injected via their CIA/PYD stooges. This wasn’t done for the benefit of ANY Kurds – the U.S. doesn’t give a damn bit about ANY Syrian Kurd, except as pawns and vassals. That fake ‘dream’ of a Kurdsh state in Syria was pushed for the sole benefit of Israel and a land blockade against the supposed spread of Iranian influence. Same reason we glorified smuggler and common gutter thief Barzani as fake leader of the Iraqi Kurds and encouraged his demand for independence.

MOST Syrian Kurds just want to go back to their towns and villages and farms and ignore/be ignored by the government. They don’t need no stinkin’ useless Kurdish government, and they can tolerate the Syrian government with some reforms.

Jens Holm

Even Your first line is a 100% totally wrong.

The wish local selfrule for local matters, which fx my country has had for the last 100 yars making the real progres making all weork btter and more united and more produktive, because they get most of the bigger cakemm they tehn are motivated to.

The rest is same kind of crap from You filled mainly with lies from others, where You even conclude of those lies.

The refugees in the are SDF posses today is not made by any deom there. Those maybe 2,5 mio went to mainly Turkey BEFORE even KURDS were anything.

The responsibles for them are Damaskus, Nusra and ISIS.

So dont blame kurds for that. After that You only can blame Kurds for 10-50.000 – my estimate. A great part of them are non YPG+J Kurds and mainly Barzani supporters, which not will accept others then Kurds to run the whole areas – Even kurds are/were 45% only.

So You are totally wrong.

And even if those 2,5 mio. came back, they could get no life, because Turks and Assads BLOCK all needed help to them apart from UNHCR in almost only food and medicine.

Where the Fu.. get You get the information of Yours from. Well, You get it from people, which by outdated old reasons will keep those areas down for own reasons and not even for the country. By having only low eduacted there they hardly not even get tax from there, as they could.

Jens Holm

You not even know, what their wishes for an improved future is even written down. Y also ognore that many pars of the world has structures like that improving conditions by local things being rummed by locals because they know, whats wrong and are made responsable for it too – also paying tax for it decining the level.

The Eufrat line is made to prevent war between USA and Russia. Those dont suppport SDFs as well as Assads with jets and artilley. Easy isnt it. Here Manbij is contested but The Afrin and west of Manbij is Russian zone.

Your mapthing also is totally outdatet. It never has been the Kurdish intensions to take anything at the Eufrat in Sout. I has been the intension to eliminate Raqqa as Capitol and maincenter for ISIS.

Its written down that those areas like Tabqa, Raqqa and DEZ “north” should de cide themselves where they will connect and go. Its written down too, but even after years ignored by You being blinfiolded of stubborn inisísting lies are better then facts.

And some dirty small amounts of oil and gas hardly have any relations to the rest of the world. Its Your own oppinion, that You are SO BIIIG and SO IMPORTANT hjaving some few barrelse here and there. It only has very big local importance and before ISIS took over, it only was oild and gas making money to members of the Baathparty for benefit and corruption.

I akso see You are wrong about what happend after the WW1. It was the Lausanne, Sevres which did a lot of it – Sykes Picot in those matters are only a part of it.

And of course You ignore, that those treaties acurally also solved many things as well as You didnt participate in WW1 Yourself. You were not even a country until 1946 and a country, which never had existed before that.

I also can assure You thats USA and the Coalition is not there for any charity. Your asumptions for, this is only about kurds only certainly give a very limited picture. USA not even has thought anything kurdish there until ISIS came out of hand – if it ever was in their hands.

Pave Way IV

Um… I’m from the USA, Jens, not Israel. We’re just their armed thugs and part of their extortion racket.

Jens Holm

Then integrate or leave.

Jens Holm

The 2 maps below unfortunatly is the best we have, but both is very outdated, The upper one is an update of 1960 or something. So the kernel fact are printed – printed – 58 years ago. Syr a has no maps as facts from since the. It ahs for towns only being kind of accurate.

Here those maps ignore, that so many has left many villages and as the rest of the world are urbanized., Fx Turkmen even has left for Turkey and today could be up to 700.000 where their lilla color is. At the time of the map, that group was 1,2 mio. which is a change down 42%. Thats a change isnt it.

You also assume those 12 mio syrians as well as the 550.000 dead ones will come vack to, where they were. When can You write that map ? Where is the map of today, where 5-´6 million Syrians is not even there and where a the rest of the estimated12 mio. Syrians´not in their homes.

If You kind of expect people will return and even do, what they always did, the world is not like that.

One example could be, that today there hardly are Kurds in Afrin. If they are not there, they must be somewhere else or has been killed. Green there migt come back. Its possible. but is it in 2119 or what…


sounds reasonable.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt and Zionist “plan” is to create a Turkeys mini-state in Syria that incorporates the best lands and basically neuters Syria as an independent state. But I am certain that Americunts and Turkeys occupation of Syria will be very costly and will not last. The only person that has 100% credibility in the region is Hezbollah leader and he has spoken today for three hours on all major issues and he believes that US and Zionists are losers and Turkey should not be dismembering an Arab state that has never harmed Turkish interests.


Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria — the members of the anti-Israeli alliance Axis of Resistance — could respond to Tel Aviv’s aggression, emphasizing that their capabilities should not be underestimated.

Blas de Lezo

Hellyeah the Kurdish secessionists are going to have to lick Assad’s AAS.


And yet, any Damascan move will meet hostile locals…….

John Whitehot

as long as you believe it..

Tudor Miron

Hostile locals from US or from Tel Avive?


Turkish troops to the north, Syrian troops to the south, and end the Kurdish problem.


Syrian troops to the nort and south, and end of the PKK problem.

Panthera Pardus

Senior Kurdish Chicken official to the roasting committee.

Dear Sirs, You may think we placed all our bets on being a pawn of the USA+Israel. You may think that we overlooked the fact that we are landlocked while pissing off all the neighbouring countries of our petty Kurdistan project. You may think that we are reliable and trustworthy like a drunken camel handler, ready to pledge alliance to the aliens in case they decide to land on earth.

You may be right on all counts and even more but we come to you, directly with pants dropped to save time, to the negotiation table.

You trust us – Right ? Yours respectfully Chicken in charge.


The Kurds are in no position to bargain,time is not on they side,the U.S them false hope. They are no match for Turkey,the only option is to back to the Syrian government with no demand or face a slaughter from Turkey.


You are right basically yet in reality SAA can’t let Turkey invade all the territory controlled by the Kurds either… So it is double edged sword All the loses by Kurds will be loses of Syrian territory also that will be difficult to get it back once they are under Turkish control… Only win win position for Assad and Kurds would be reasonable compromise All other options are worse.


To know the distorted mind of Erdogan and his love for IS terrorist: of all so called locked up terrorist in Turkey, 70% are Gulist, 27% are pkk and ONLY 3% ARE IS terrorists.

jim crowland

the whole Middle East should be re arranged. A free Kurdistan should be created with pieces of Syria, Irak,Turkey and Iran. Greece, Russia,Armenia and Bulgaria should get pieces of Turkey. Erdogan should be put in jail for life in the kurdistan.

Mustafa Mehmet

Yeah OK gd dream p…….. Of

Tommy Jensen

…and Jerusalem should be capitol in nwo.

alejandro casalegno

The kurds have a future INSIDE Syria………………….USA, Erdogan, Jihadists, zionist are NOT a future…………….


“We would go with the regime”. Get a grip you hasbara yanki proxie. The Government of Bashar Al Assad was elected by 64% of the Syria people. As corruption goes it could never catch up to FUKUS criminal cabal that try to bomb nations into their way of doing things.

Tom Tom

Once Turkey is gone the Kurds will be allied with the Russians.


So, basically.. Kurds offer Syrians to:

1. Put Syrian flag next to a Kurds flag 2. Some of the oil they have stolen

An in “return” they demand: 1. Syrian soldiers to protect and die for Kurds 2. Brake fragile alliance with Turks 3. Pay social services

Pretty shitty deal for Syria and Assad if you ask me…

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