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Senior Kurdish Leader: We Were Forced To Seek Help From Moscow & Damascus

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Senior Kurdish Leader: We Were Forced To Seek Help From Moscow & Damascus

Ilham Ehmed, a Co-Leader of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), via Hawar News Agency

The Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria was forced to seek help from Moscow and Damascus in the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from the war-torn country, a co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) said, according to a report released by Rudaw on February 10.

“We don’t think that this is a good scenario and we don’t want it, if we allow the region to take over our border this will mean the failure of the democratic project, which we built,” Ilham Ahmad told American news outlets.

The Kurdish leader added that the withdrawal decision has forced their council to choice between “Turkish tanks” and “the deployment of regime forces on the border.” Ilham went on to claim that the decision will isolate Kurdish forces.

“The most important thing for us is receiving guarantees that our region will not be attacked by anyone and that the U.S. partners [Syrian Kurds] will not face a massacre,” Rudaw quoted Ilham as saying.

Two weeks ago, Ilham, who is visiting the U.S., confirmed that Kurdish forces are negotiating with Damascus in order to prevent any Turkish attack on northeastern Syria. Back then, she stressed that Kurds will pick a deal with President Bashar al-Assad over a Turkish invasion.

Ilham’s new remarks show that the SDC still hopes that Trump will cancel his decision and keep some US troops in Syria. However, it seems unlikely that the significant US presence on the ground in Syria will remain.

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Yep Russia’s hero Trump really bck stabbed the Kurds over big time. I guess that’s why you like him so much.
Birds of a feather and all that.


Sour grapes major. :P


Most Definitly.
Before this I thought Trump MIGHT make a decent President.
Now he is not fit to be a dog catcher.
A job he maybe knows as much about as being President.
Here’s to holding my breath till 2020.


I agree with you on that Murf. Was hoping too but, he is just a 1970’s NYC party boy whose mouth does not represent the actual paultry amount of courage he has. I wish you well.


So you think Hilary Clinton would’ve done a much better job yeah? Maybe you will get a chance to vote for her again in 2020 and all America’s problems will be over


American President always been more barbaric than each others !

Bigaess Wangmane

So you think Hilary Clinton would’ve done a much better job yeah?

Of course not, the point Murf was making is that in the end, the lesser of two evils is still pretty evil. Trump isn’t incompetent, he’s acquiescent to the Zionist lobby whom currently hold dominion over the US Foreign Policy. But don’t take my word for it, just listen to Ol’ Donny himself say it in his own words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQgDgMGuDI0

Tommy Jensen

Me too. Israel can not get a better man for Israel´s security than me.


David’s ‘mouth’ Sling?


No that is the irony of the 2018 elections.
Our of 350 odd million Americans those two clowns were the only choices we had.

Valerianus Maximus

The two clowns are a perfect reflection of what your country really is, a bloody-minded, depraved, evil entity that is Satan’s greatest ally on Earth, and on top of that, you’re allied with the jews, the original Synagogue of Satan.


Another Russian jew hater.
And yet the Ukrainians are the Nazis.
Even though their PM is is Jewish.
As for allied to the Jews, They run things better than the Russian kleptocracy
How mush did the 19 kms of highway in Sochi cost?
9 billion?
And the bridge that the Soviets concluded was not practical because of the geology. How much did that cost?
China built one that was twice and long for half as much.
You guys could stand an improvement in your management

Tommy Jensen

China dont pay salaries……….LOL. Here is the story about Wang who got exploited to where enough was enough and killed 4 people. Other non-paid Chinese labourers make suicide by jumping out from 4 floor.………….LOL.


No that is not true.
Here is a list of independent candidates for the 2018 elections.

But have you got elections mixed up because you were talking of Trump and Clinton, that election was in 2016.
Independent candidates for the 2016 election below.

Americans choose to vote for the parties that preach global domination, you are not innocent victims.


There’s a guy, a political thinker in the US, who has said, I don’t care who the people vote for, as long as I get to nominate them. Long before the voters get to pick the candidates through the primaries there are the green primaries. Where it gets decided which candidate will collect the most money for their campaign funds. And where most of the interesting candidates already are made to quit.


oh come on don’t you know by now they all suck, i think it’s by design

AM Hants

There will be nobody better. You will not be like Russia and find a ‘Putin’ gem, in your candidates.


And Thank god for that. You can have the murdering dwarf.

AM Hants

Mirror transposition/revers blame. riddle me this, how many regime change programmes, wars and battles have the US been involved in, since 4 July 1776? Why have they only had 19 years peace in total.

Would so love to have a clone of President Putin running Westminster. Might actually see things get better, over in the UK.

Hasbara Hunter

American Revolutionary War

Cherokee-American Wars

North-West Indian Wars

Shays’ Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion

Quasi War

First Barbary War

German Coast Uprising

Tecumseh’s War

War of 1812

Creek War

Second Barbary War

First Seminole War

Texas-Indian Wars

Arikara War

Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy
Operations of the United States

Winnebago War

First Sumatran Expedition

Black Hawk War

Second Seminole War

Second Sumatran Expedition

Aroostook War

Ivory Coast Expedition

Mexican-American War

Cayuse War

Apache Wars

Puget Sound War

First Fiji Expedition

Rogue River Wars

Third Seminole War

Yakima War

Second Opium War

Utah War

Navajo Wars

Second Fiji Expedition

John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry

First & Second Cortina War

Paiute War

American Civil War

Yavapai Wars

Dakota War of 1862

Colorado War

Shimonoseki War

Snake War

Powder River War

Red Cloud’s War

Formosa Expedition

Comanche Campaign

United States Expedition to Korea

Modoc War

Red River War

Las Cuevas War

Great Sioux War of 1876

Buffalo Hunter’s War

Nez Perce War

Bannock War

Cheyenne War

Sheepeater Indian War

Victorio’s War

White River War

Pine Ridge Campaign

Garza Revolution

Yaqui Wars

Second Samoan War

Spanish-American War

Philippine-American War

Moro Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion

Crazy Snake Rebellion

Border War

Negro Rebellion

Occupation of Nicaragua

Bluff War

Occupation of Veracruz

Occupation of Haiti

Occupation of the Dominican Republic

World War I

Russian Civil War

Last Indian Uprising

World War II

Korean War

Laotian Civil War

Lebanon Crisis

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Vietnam War
(1965–1973, 1975)

Communist insurgency in Thailand

Korean DMZ Conflict

Dominican Civil War

Insurgency in Bolivia

Cambodian Civil War

War in South Zaire

Operation Eagle Claw

Gulf of Sidra Encounter

Lebanese Civil War

Invasion of Grenada

Action in the Gulf of Sidra

Bombing of Libya

Tanker War

Tobruk Encounter

Invasion of Panama

Gulf War

Iraqi No-Fly Zone Enforcement

First Intervention in the Somali Civil War

Bosnian War

Intervention in Haiti

Kosovo War

Operation Infinite Reach

War in Afghanistan

Iraq War

War in North-West Pakistan

War in Somalia

Operation Ocean Shield

American-Led intervention in Libya

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency

American-Led intervention in Iraq

American-Led intervention in Syria

Yemeni Civil War

American intervention in Libya

Gregory Casey

Holy smoke ! I knew the baxtards were quarrelsome untrustworthy baxstards but never had I understood just how bad they are. Thanks for that Hasbara Hunter!!

Hasbara Hunter

My pleasure….:)

AM Hants

Frightening isn’t it?

Hasbara Hunter

I personally think Fear is a bad counselor it’s Game Over for America…Empty Threats & Hollow Phrases….I don’t think they will send their Army of Massmurdering Psychopaths on a Next Mission very soon….they are nothing more than a Bunch of Genocidal Losers….and haven’t got the Balls for a Nuclear War….so they are pretty much done….the Laughing Stock….Europe will pay their price for their Filthy Treason too in the near future….

Jens Holm

If americans participated in all this, they must be very old

Hasbara Hunter

Generations of Carefully Selected & Bred Psychopathic Massmurderers

Harry Smith

AM Hants, the guy is ukrainian, so don’t waste your time. You can demonstrate nothing to a religious fanatic, who’s god is USA.

AM Hants

Cheers and nice comment. Sometimes, feeding the trolls is to hard to ignore.

Harry Smith

Yep bro. Their tactics is to publish the most grotesque and evident lie just to make you to join the discussion. Some guys said those trolls are paid for every response they get. More responses = more money.
BTW did you heard the HMS Queen Elizabeth is heading to the Pacific to scare Chinese? Sometimes I have a feeling this is kinda British humor no one can understand except Brits.

AM Hants

Yep, the only problem with the HMS QE2, which needed a refit, owing to the pipework, before she was commissioned, is the fact that she does not have any aircrafts. We part exchanged the harriers for the F35, but, who knows when they will be ready for the ship. Serious comedy, sadly from the MoD, but, heyho, the shareholders are happy.


I know many people think my belief that world peace can only come by bombing America back to the stone age is extreme.
But look at what we are dealing with, all Americans are crazies with guns, who want to kill somebody somewhere.
Nukem now and save the planet.


In all fairness, there are plenty of brainwashed idiots in all Western nation’s that lap-up the rhetoric put before them. It’s just how a lot of people are – conformist to the core.


True, but who writes the rhetoric?
Kill the source of the evil, and the rest will regain their minds.

Hasbara Hunter

Sheeples only take….their Endless Greed will finish Humanity….Sheeples need to start think different….because we might already have past the point of no return….but hey: always look on the bright side o’ life….I’m enjoying the Mountains, Forests & Wildlife at the moment….after the Human Species is Gone….life on Earth will turn to normal again….no worries…

Bill Wilson

Keeps our military in practice!

Valerianus Maximus

Murdering dwarf – you mean Yezhov? Stalin handled him very fittingly.


Tommy Jensen

Interesting link.


How could you possibly expect to get a good leader from the Republican or Democrat parties. They have been fking Americans and the world for hundreds of years, but Americans keep voting for them.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”(Mencken)


Better than the “Managed Democracy” of Russia.


Ya reckon, at least in Russia you get a choice, in America you can either of the 2 appointed rulers.

Red warmongers or Blue warmongers no other choice allowed.


So you actually think you had a chiose.
That is so cute.
Over 12 people ran for the Republican party nomination in 2018.
Trump was in NO way the preferred candidate by the republican establishment. They strongly opposed him.
Neither was Obama in 08.
Nor Bush in 2000.
And nobody saw Bill Clinton coming in 92.
But they got the nomination because the won over the party members and finical supporters. (you cant have one with out the other)
Not by using the state to jail their opponents and assault their supporters as per the Putin play book. How many times was Navalyn arrested?
Russians have a bad habit of transferring their intentions and values onto others.


Lets see;
T rsevelt.
D Rosevelt.
Nixon(to an extent)
Bush Sr.
B Clinton.
The most recent two former were a bit sub par in key areas.
There have only been a few total duds
Trump is just one of them.
But even the duds had a good system of checks and balances to moderate their behavior. and they are duds we agreed on.
Tell me who specifically says no to Putin.
And doesn’t get an polonium martini shaken not stirred?


Jefferson. Slaver


Lincoln. War monger slaughtered 600,000 Americans, because they wanted to leave America


T rsevelt.


D Rosevelt. Started a war with Japan that killed 100,000 Americans and countless Japanese, to save American banks.

Truman. An idiot who got into power because the Democrats rigged the selection.



Nixon(to an extent)

Regan. Started the war in Afghanistan that brought the Taliban to power.

Bush Sr. Murdered 100,000 Iraqi men women and children, as they ran from American planes. because they dared to complain about America stealing their oil.

B Clinton. Bombed Libya and killed countless people to hide the fact that Iran did the Lockerbie bombing in retaliation for the US shooting down an Iranian civilian plane.

That’s the thing about Americans, you know nothing about your own country.
You sit in front of the TV stuffing your face, only moving to kill some innocent people somewhere in the world that has something you want.
As a people you are not worthy of life, ignorant fat sloths.


Jefferson- Slaver. And the author of two of the greatest documents in history. By the way how many Russian nobles own serfs at that time.
Lincoln- You criticize Jefferson for slavery and Lincoln for fighting it. Typical troll, you want it both ways. What did he do that Russia didn’t do in Chechnya?
D Roosevelt saved American banks and Stalin’s a$$. Sooo…Your welcome.
Truman was an likely hero who was not afraid of a tough decision and the resulting consequences. Putin could learn from him in that category. Truman also foiled the communist invasion of South Korea. Ask them how they feel about him.

Regan did not start the Afghanistan war. That honor goes to the USSR. All we were doing is paying them back for Nam.
Bush Sr- He didn’t fight Iraq for their oil. He did it because Russia’s buddy Saddam got an unwise case of grabby hands in Kuwait. Iraqi oil didn’t come into it since we didn’t occupy the country, that time. What was your support for Saddam about? Is there a genocidal dictator you can say not to?
Clinton- From wiki:
“In 2003, Gaddafi accepted responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing and paid compensation to the families of the victims,”
Where the hel does Iran come in to it? if Iran had, why would we NOT want to bomb them?
Where you manufacture your ideas is a place you might want to not visit so often. Specially when you are in a state of Voka induced psychosis. I am sure that is a rare event but you should try. so drivel doesn’t keep leaking for you mouth.


Lincoln didn’t give a toss about the slaves, he freed them to fkup the economy of the south. the US still uses financial warfare to soften up the enemy.
The US paid terrorists to attack Russia, and still does.
Saddam was Americas ally not Russias.
I can’t be bothered correcting all your other errors, but it reinforces my belief that Americans are the most stupid people on earth.

Harry Smith

That’s not Russia but Turkey. An independent Kurdistan at the Turkish border with access to the oil – it’s the real nightmare for Turks. That’s why Russia and Syria did nothing to fight with SDF. USA strategists were too stupid to calculate their moves for mid term feature.


Catch up on current events. The Syrian Kurds NEVER mentioned Independence. They were always going to be apart of Syria.
The US government and the administration had no intention of leavingthe Kurds hanging. Mattis even resigned over the issue.
This is due to one man’s impulse control issues.

Ishyrion Av

The kurds ALWAYS searched for independence. Part of Turkey, part of Syria (oil rich part), part of Iran, part of Irak.
And maybe they would be entitled to have their own country if… they wouldn’t be historical whores. They were right hand of turks in Armenian genocide, they are guilty of terrorist attacks in northwest of Iran, they tried to break up Irak and Syria.
Bad thing is they are minorities in this dream Kurdistan they want. And in Syria, they are hated by the population majority in the regions they occupy, because of their day by day abuses.
And today, they allied with American invasion hoping… what? To achieve their dream on the expense of Syria, right? They are hand in hand with ISIS – see Raqqa – graveyard for Syrians, a ruin even now.
And they ask themselves why they aren’t loved.
Because historically, they choose to be a tool in the hand of oppressing powers.

Harry Smith

“To be apart” means to be outside of something. And like @Ishyrion Av mentioned, they always wanted independence. First Iraqi kurds were screwed by PMU and USA did nothing, now Syrian kurds are been screwed. USA always respects only it’s profit. BTW in your country are gonna be elections soon and it seems Poroshenko will lose. So maybe it’s time now to clean most of your comments? To say POTUS can’t even be a dog catcher is not quite wise in the eve of the election were Timoshenko has to win. Who knows maybe she would decide to make a small gift to POTUS and catch all those ukrainians who wrote bad things about him?

Tudor Miron

Never mentioned independence? How about this one -https://thefifthcolumnnews.com/2017/03/syrian-kurds-discuss-constitution-in-geneva-want-independence-or-confederation/ I can find hundreds more. The simple fact is that Kurds are trying to use occupying force (US) to grab land from the country that welcomed them and gave them shelter.


Syrian Kurds in a group of Syrians, who arrived to Geneva to discuss legal aspects of a future constitutional change, have put forward TWO options aimed at solving the Kurdish issue – territorial separation of the Kurdish autonomy from Syria OR making Syria a Confederation a source in the commission told Sputnik on Sunday.
Which sounds a lot like Pitin’s Donbas Special Status senario.
Got a read the article man.


They should all go to America and create Kurdistan, same for the Jews.
Better to have one central rubbish pile than lots of scattered piles of shiite.


I know several Kurds and have many friends who worked them in Iraq and Syria.They universally have good things to say about them and not a single US soldier died in Kurdish Iraq during the occupation.
I welcome them gladly.
They are the type of people we want in this country.
NOT corrupt oligarchs with their stolen money and their mafia cronies.


Excellent news, how many can you accommodate in your house?
America needs refugees to keep the US GDP from collapsing, 1 million in your area for a good start?


Did they don’t come to peoples houses.
They get settled by NGOs. Typically in areas where Kurds have settled.
There is a growing community in Nashville.
But IF nessisary I would glad to sponsor a family.

Valerianus Maximus

The guests accorded shelter presume to reorder their hosts’ government. How very jewish of them.

Valerianus Maximus

The guests also propose to assign themselves the oil reserves of their hosts. A very jewy thing to do, as well.


What does that even mean?

Tudor Miron

Murf, you claimed that Kurds never mentioned wanting independence :) This article proves that they did.


The Kurdish people predate the Donbas by about 3 millenium.
from wiki;
“Sumerian clay-tablets referred to the people, who lived in the land of Karda, as the Qarduchi and the Qurti.[43] Karda/Qardu is etymologically related to the Assyrian term Urartu and the Hebrew term Ararat.”


One Taliano wrote extensively on the Kurds chameleon trait


All evidence proves the contrary you lying zionist cockroach


The US allies are always traditionally back stabbed,

do the next one would be Israhell ?

Bigaess Wangmane

Occupied Palestine (also known as Israel) is the only country the US has never, ever backstabbed, in fact, they have covered for Israel’s current and past transgressions at every opportunity needed, such as the USS Liberty scandal, as well as Mossad’s critical role in the 9/11 Self-Inflicted, false-flag attack where 2 Planes miraculously managed to bring down 3 Buildings.

Tommy Jensen

Moses critical role?


When Oil expectations would be obsolete
the US interests will left Middle East.
Hopefully the NATO and Europe too !

Don’t forget the US are as Racists as Israelis !

How long do the 300 Millions Cowboys will dance
on few Millions Jews tune…
What happened in Germany will happened in the US
for the same reasons, discriminations !

Osama was a CIA “Hero” until misunderstanding about to expel Iraqi from Kuwait.
He didn’t know the US/Wahhabis business roadmap and intentions
behind Zbigniew Brzezinski, architect of the catastrophe in Afghanistan, to roll Muslims in the flour !


Just be patient and tray to stay alive !

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”
from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel quote is still valid !


Birds of a feather flock together.


“To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”(Henry Kissinger)

Tudor Miron

Get lost ukro troll. Face the inevitable – ukro nazi will share the same fate as Kurds. Fate of used condom.


Didn’t a Russian news paper proclaim Trump; “American’s Stalin?” On this side of the pond that is an insult but I understand Stalin is a hero in the New Russia.

That and the paper that proclaimed “America is ours”.
So forgive me for think there was some popularity.

As for Ukro Naizs There are far more Nazi is in Russia than Ukraine and how could the Kyiv government be Naiz and have a Jew for Prime Minster?


Can’t see it, Stalin had a functioning brain, Trump only has an ego where a brain should be.
Trump is the perfect President for America, vain and stupid.


I didn’t see it either.
Because ether is no way hel Trump will 22 million Americans


Well he won’t shoot them with a gun, but will starve them or let them die from a disease.


Oh yeah?
And be specific as to how Trump will order the deaths of as many Americans as Stalin did Soviets.
Because that is about roughly 8% of the US population.
I know that is wishful thinking on your part but try to work out the details before shooting off your mouth.

Tudor Miron

Murf, would you give us some proof (links with pictures, etc) about many nazi in Russia? Here if one uses nazi simbols or anything similar than it is against the law and will be punished by law. At the same time I can give you plenty of links proving that openly promoting nazi ideology is a common thing in Ukraine and authorities never do anything against it.
That’s not that simple with Jews :) Are you aware that British and US bankers were funding Hitler on his way to the top in German governing? Higher rabbinat always loved to throw ordinary Jews under the bus. Those fellas don’t give a hoot about anyone including Jews – that’s only business for them. Regarding Rissian papers – which one exactly? I can tell a lot about Russian media if you wish but I will give one hint – 80% of Russian media is still owned by Jew oligarhs (Western MSM fairytales that Putin is in control of Russian media is just that – fairytales).
But I admit that at the start general public liked him – he was promising to drain the swamp :) and alternative (Killary) was a known evil. At the same time there were experts that knew who he was and what was his task when he was assigned to become US president. https://youtu.be/3yW2dHAbBJo notice that it was published before Trump won. https://youtu.be/_f1XGTAm568

Gregory Casey

Thanks for these Tudor

Tudor Miron

You’re welcome Gregory. You may find this interesting https://www.voltairenet.org/article187508.html

AM Hants

Trump Russia’s hero? They have openly stated him too immature to hold a conversation with.

Tudor Miron

Yes, same as the rest of US esatablishment.


They certainly worked hard enough to get him elected and than the Duma cheered when he was elected.
Whats more Putin seems eager enough to have meeting with him.

AM Hants

Yeah, 13 Russian trolls who did not like Clinton and RT spending $4,000 on Facebook ads, during 2016. Compare that to the effort the UK and Ukraine went to, in order to try and rig it for Clinton. Not forgetting how much money is being spent on Statecraft, Integrity Initiative, Hamilton 68, CEPA, etc, etc, etc, Now what were they set up to do? Why does Russian media disinformation so come to mind?

You can call me Al

Don’y waste your time.


13 trolls huh?
I am glad you admit it. Finally
You should be proud though your trolls managed to hack the Dems emails. Which is the issue, not that others campaigned for one candidate over the other.
You see that is being American.
Hacking and subterfuge is being Russian.

AM Hants

Russian trolls, who were working for the Dems, for some reason they did not like their paymaster.


No – you fail to grasp the larger issue – the NATO-Gulf State war against Syria failed – the Syrian state institutions held with Iranian and Russian assistance. This means the NATO-Gulf State project to dismember Syria into three weak micro states – really a re-hash of the Israeli Yinon Plan – failed. The Kurdish state-let was to be one of three carved out of Syria – but without the other two – Syrian Sunnistan and Syrian Alawitestan, Syrian Kurdistan is a dead end project. Kurds were always bit part players in a NATO- Gulf State strategic gamble – not an ally.


For now.
Syria is a broken failed state. Nobody will give meaningful aid to rebuild and whether anybody likes it the the fundamentalist are there for the long haul.
It took hour separate armies to keep Assad in power.
How long do you think they will stick around the keep him there?


Assad has won – the Sunni fundamentalists are completely discredited, incapable of any significant military offensive action against Damascus, and physically trapped in isolation in rural backwater of Idlib – where they now fight each other for the criminal spoils of controlling the the area they occupy. Meanwhile, the major Arab states are quietly moving to reintegrate Syria into regional relations – despite inept US attempts to interfere with this.


Syria is a compleatly and utterl a failed state.
It’s been torn apart both physically and morally .
It will take billions to put it back in to some assemblesnce of functioning governance.
Billions that won’t be there because Assad sold the Olin rights to Russian oligarchs and Putin doesn’t pay to help people.
The fundamentalists have infested the country. And mostly Arabs do one thing very welll , they hold grudges.
Assad destroyed the country in order to save it and him self.


Blah, blah, blah.
Assad has won the NATO-Gulf State proxy war against Syria.
Always best to accept reality – lest end up bitter and delusional.


Yes and now the bill gets to be paid.
No viable currency.
Mineral rights sold for bombs to destroy infrastructure that will have to be rebuild but there will be little money for.
The brain drain because anyone who had any thing going for themselves won’t go back to a dung hole.
All to keep Assad and his crones in power.
And be realistic, Assad didn’t win Jack.he lost 70% of the country.
Putin and Iran won.
Now Syria is their colony.

Julian Clegg

Ilhan Ahmed (Ahmad?) attended President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on Feb 5 as the invited guest of Democratic Representative for Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Welcomes Syrian Kurdish Leader as State of the Union Guest | Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard https://gabbard.house.gov/news/press-releases/rep-tulsi-gabbard-welcomes-syrian-kurdish-leader-state-union-guest

alejandro casalegno

USA fucked the kurds by the last 40 years……………..use and dump, use and dump!!!!

Russia and Syria are the only RELIABLE option for the kurds!!!!


Perhaps, but as soon as the US waved some dollar bills at the Kurdish leadership, they would betray Syria again.


Kurds fucked themselves up, they trying to make a new country in Syria, if Damascus clapsed than maybe yes but now they can only dream of this. All Syria will be liberated and back to government . Kurds can decided to be part of society or go back from where they come from as not all of them are syrians

Gregory Casey

The majority of Kurds in Eastern Syria are descended from or are themselves Refugees from SE Turkey and Northern Iraq. Historically, the only significant Kurd population in Eastern Syria was along the Border between Turkey and Syria. The entire purposes of American involvement with the Kurds was the hope that Syria would fragment into little pieces and that the Arab and Christian Assyrian and Chaldean Population of NE Syria would accept the Kurds as their new “democratic ” Masters …….. with the assistance of the barrel of a gun to assist in their coming to that conclusion. Now that it is clear that Assad and Syrian Army has won the War the continuation with creation of the new Kurdish State has become too troublesome for America to continue so Trump is rightfully pulling out ………… although, his Generals and the Washington Mob will do everything they can to prevent this happening as BiBi continues whispering in their ears.

Mustafa Mehmet

not just the turkish borders .you thing you doing assad a fever::?why should puttin and assad help you?you kurdi fucking traitor you fuckinh oruspu

You can call me Al

I hate to do it, but I totally agree.

Angelo Cinarelli

I wrote many times that USA do not care about Kurds. The Americans used Kurds as a pretext to stay illegally in Syria. But do the Kurds know that their leader Ocalan was arrested by the CIA in Kenya and then consigned to the Turks? But do the Kurds know that?

Jack Bauer

These Kurds are stupid illogical unreasonable traitors. They wanted to steal Syrian lands and resources and bring in a foreign occupying force. Their needs to be severe consequences when the war is over or they will do it again. Their land is not Syria .Their land is somewhere in Turkmenistan. I can’t stand this scum


Very good description of the turks.


Total lack of honor.

Jens Holm

You are a detained ISIS member ?

Tommy Jensen

Back to where we are. Obama should intervene and do something. It was much better when Obama was President.
“We were crazy about getting Visafree Europe and dólares, but they forced us against all human rights and against our will to agree with Syria and rubles”.

AM Hants

They chose to go with the US, had the chance for peace, but, wanted the resources to go with it, leaving Syria with nought. Wonder when they will change their friends, yet, again. Why is she in the US? Begging bowl, so comes to mind.

You can call me Al

A full verse of FA and a quick kick in the back side, closing the door as she is thrown out, comes to my mind.


they should have joined forces with assad from the start, rather than trying to be clever and play turkey and seeking out the destitute states of morons (aka usa) and seeking support from the paria in the middle east, the squatters (israelis) and so on and so forth and they should have been in a much better situation today than they actually are – so just one party toblame, themselves. what a shame and what a larf they are.


So this bitch is working for the CIA/Pentagon against Trump, using the “we will turn to Russia” threat to force Trump to back down.

How stupid is this woman?


Easy, she’s the Hillary Clinton of the Kurd’s!

You can call me Al

“The Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria was forced to seek help from Moscow and Damascus………”, well if I was in the Syrian or Russian delegation, I’d show the middle finger and say “ah well, we do not want to help you, you are on your own”.

PS She looks like a tranny anyway.


Now I love women, simply adore the feminine type but am I wrong to come to the conclusion that a majority who pursue politics are a major fuck-up? This butch Ehmed should be looking after her great grand children.

Tommy Jensen

In liberal environments they are spreading like………. comment image


It’s about time you start dancing my Lady, and for that you need a partner, so choose one.

Autistik Janissary

this lady look like a donki. and they say turks are the true donkis. NO! We turks will come to recapture all of Syria and make again Ottoman Empire. All atheistik kurds will be destroyed and put into donki museum.


For starters, only 10% of the land that they’re trying to take from Syria even has Kurdish majorities. And their claims of massacres are a blame shifting effort to divert attention from their killing of Syrian soldiers and police preventing partition. Their terrorists have been attacking Turkey for generations. And without Syrian government control in SDF areas. The Turks have legitimate national security justifications for being in Syria until the Syrian government restores control over the north east and gets a handle on Kurd terrorist activity there the way that it was before the war.

The Turks will leave Syria once the US does and the Syrian government reestablishes control over SDF areas nullifying the Kurd terror threat to Turkey. The other area where both the Turks and the Syrians have common terror threats is Idlib. With offsetting terror alignments. The Syrians supporting the Afrin Kurd terrorists, and the Turks supporting the Idlib Turk terrorists. This issue needs to be defused and resolved so that Idlib can be cleared and returned to Syrian government administration. And with it the nullification of the Kurd terror threat to Turkey.

And so that the Turkish military can participate in a regional security force armed with nuclear weapons to clear the baby rapers out of the occupied territories. And police the implementation of UN resolutions that the Israelis have been in chronic scofflaw violation of for Israel’s entire existence. Such as the right of return and a referendum to dissolve Israel and replace it at the UN with a unified Palestine.

Gregory Casey

Yep. I’m waiting to see what happens when the Palestinian Brigade that is quasi-attached to SAA completes the Campaign to clear Idlib and turns its attention southwards to the Golan. My understanding is that the Palestinian Brigade is earmarking the Campaign for the return of the Golan to Syria as their start-point for their march onwards to Jaffa, Jericho & Jerusalem.


There’s not much that they can do by themselves. But if there are hostilities. Having Palestinian forces trained up, equipped, and ready to go will be a big help. After all, it is their homeland.

Whether the Jews will have to be forcably evicted, or will agree to withdraw without violence remains to be seen. Both scenarios need to he prepared for to get them to agree to withdraw without conflict. Otherwise they’re not going to.

John Whitehot

look at these jews depicting nightmarish scenarios for israel.

Gregory Casey

Thanks for this Richard. Puts everything in context. I don’t hear the Kurds screeching for some form of independence in NW Syria where they rely on SAA to help them against Turks when they (constantly) run into trouble. The reason why Kurds want their new mini-State in Eastern Syria is so they can get their paws on Oil and, if you recall the aerial fotos of long queues of trucks rolling out of N Syria with Syrian Oil bound for Refineries in Turkey and trans-shipment on to Israel, we should also remember that Kurds had no apparent difficulty with doing “Oil=$$$” business with ISIS and the Turks when they stole Syrian Peoples Oil from 2013-2014 onwards and pocketed the proceeds for themselves.

Tom Nicholson

I hope, that Kurds will be eradicated,oncefor ever.


if they seeked help from Russia and Syria in the first place things would be very different now. Turkey would have to excuse to invade Syria since the Kurds would be under Russian ‘control’ so it would be guaranteed that now threat to Turkey would be possible. Kurdish leaders made a huge mistake.

The Farney Fontenoy

Well if anyone thought the Kurds were finally seeing sense, they bring us back to reality by saying they are still determined to start Israel 2.0 (((Kurdistan))) – it’s clear they don’t care whose bıtçh they are so long as they can have their new emirate/caliphate with all the racism & sectarianism & general contempt the Kurds have for everyone.

Jim Bim


Xoli Xoli

USA is always ruled by Pentagon, CIA and secretary of the states old generals.The President’s are just spokesperson and decoration and are always used as camouflage.president of USA does not rule their are only getting briefing from Pentagon.

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