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Senior IRGC Commander Killed In Syria – Reports

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Senior IRGC Commander Killed In Syria - Reports

Illustrative image: Sputnik / Michael Alaeddin

A commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) died in a fight against ISIS militants in eastern Syria, according to media reports.

IRGC’s Shahrokh Daiepour was reportedly assisting units of Hezbollah involved in the anti-ISIS operation in an area near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Iranian military advisers operate in Syria upon an official request from the Damascus government.

Recently, pro-government forces have increased its efforts against ISIS cells and units that still operate in the border area and in the central Syria desert. Active military operations against ISIS are now ongoing in eastern al-Suwayda and in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

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All nations know that Palestine and Yemen are blockade.

Trump and Netanyahu both keeping children and women starve there, for reducing their populations and taking their lands.

These wars have not started by children or women. Therefore, China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran must help these children and women otherwise history will never forgive these nations that could help them but due to US blood money they ignored them.


” history will never forgive these nations ”

Nothing to “forgive”. China and Russia are not Muslim nations. I find that to be total hypocrisy like the situation with Muslim mass emigration in Europe. There are millions of Muslims that arrive in Europe while rich Muslim countries do not even accept real Muslim refugees let alone Muslim emigrants.


It’s to muddy the water actually. Since the people responsible for the actual carnage that droves the refugees their way don’t want to take their credits. Middle east wars is to little benefits of the masses and that’s about the only thing that can persuade the masses that they’re necessary. Everything else like moral, international law, diplomatic relationship, stability, etc against the very idea.


“Since the people responsible for the actual carnage that droves the refugees” Subject is too large to tackle all subjects of that kind. Lets stick only with “Palestine and Yemen” We have 2 Arab aggressor REGIMES So Muslim countries are involved in killing Muslims (not to mention Iraq and Syria).. Those countries didn’t ever accept single Muslim refugee and on top of everything they are aggressors. And for other criminals like Israel, US, UK and France I will not even waste my words. Of course those REGIMES they are guilty but than MSM media is totally controlled and crimes with lots of difficulties surface and reach the masses in Europe and U.S.

People on the West are manipulated by their media like all other banana republics. There is no such thing as democracy. West is controlled by the money and people are sheeple.


I don’t deny that the gulf country were much more disgusting than the US by. I only highlight that the fuckups weren’t called fuckups so none should be responsible for it and each changing regime in the US served no change to the practices (to change it be like shooting themselves in the foot) . There would be nothing to learn except to admitted that failures were failure which is why they rather put on a show that they oh by their great forces of freedom stands on the sides of justice are taking in the pitiful plight of the refugees from the middle east ? Is it not they themselves caused the plight in the first place ?


King Abullah of Jordan doing the same mistake what Turkey and Pakistan have done before. By giving logestic facilities to US and to their allies, King Abdullah declaring himself a certified traitor and child butcher. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Don’t be fooled Jordan is defacto the representative and mouth piece of the ISRAHELLI zionist regime in most Arabic/Muslim summits, it has 0% sovereignty. Whenever you see a meeting involving the us+jordan+ksa, Jordan represents ISRAHELLI interests a 100%, instead of having a us+israhell+ksa they replace israhell with jordan to keep the masses in the dark and not alienate them .


Turkey and Pakistan are actually pursuing policies of their own interests, no matter how ill conceived and misguided they are. Jordan has no choice as its utterly dependent on foreign aid and subsidies from the US and Saudi Arabia. The country has few means to support the growing population with dwindling water resources. It has no oil or gas to allow it to punch economically above its midget weight. So tourism and foreign aid are what matters. And it only gets that foreign aid as long as it proves itself useful those countries.


King Abdullah could increase their forest and agricultural land to grow their own food products instead beg for aid. He could develop Dames, rivers and cannals network in his country then everything will be alright. He and his cabinet’s ministers should not make assets outside Jordan because that would be in other regimes control.

Joe Dirt

Woot more dead terrorist

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

You must be publicly educated.

Joe Dirt

You’re fake! Stop claiming to be a US vet!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I can be researched. You are just another loudmouth anonymity.

Concrete Mike

Shut up prick, you want our tax dollar to go to terrorists instead of our roads and bridges, american jobs for america!!

Bill Wilson

Amerika needs to conduct a pomgrom to eliminate enviro-whackos if it expects any new roads and bridges to be built.


dude you give moron trailer trash a bad name

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

He’ll be replaced. Sad though his death is.


Shahrokh Dalepour; we salute you and Thank You. Eastern Syria seems to be where the real war is going on, Daara seems to be slow motion, while Ezzor has the US trying to seal the Syrian-Iraqi border via FSA or ISIS. Moon of Alabama reported that there are “large numbers” of Russian special forces there and in Palmyra.

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