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Senior Iranian Official: U.S. Is Moving ISIS Terrorists To Afghanistan


Senior Iranian Official: U.S. Is Moving ISIS Terrorists To Afghanistan

U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter land at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, June 9, 2017. BRIAN HARRIS/U.S. ARMYghan

Ali Larijani, a speaker of the Iranian Parliament, warned that the U.S. is trying to “revive” ISIS in Afghanistan and said that Washington has already moved many fighters of the terrorist group to the war torn country.

“Over the past year, the United States has moved a large number of Daesh [ISIS] terrorists to Afghanistan, which could once again create the same troubles in some parts of Asia that it created in Iraq and Syria,” Larijani said during a meeting with Chen Zu, the vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress on December 7, according to the Tasnim News Agency.

The senior Iranian official also praised the cooperation between Iran, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and Afghanistan against the terrorism.

This was not the first time the U.S. is accused of supporting ISIS in Afghanistan. Last August, the Taliban said that U.S. warplanes attacked its forces in order to protect the remaining fighters of ISIS in the eastern Afghan provinces of Nangarhar and Kunar.

The Pentagon has repeatedly denied these reports claiming that it is not cooperating with ISIS in any war. However, the U.S. also denies that it has reached any kind of deals with ISIS in Manbij and Raqqa in Syria, which is an obvious lie.

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  • AmericanCossack

    ISIS is Washington’s puppet and Washington is Satan’s puppet.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Ideal time for the SCO to demonstrate their anti U.S. backed terrorist capabilities…
    Wipe them out before they can establish themselves using nurtured local intelligence.

  • Sinbad2

    Air America, serving terrorists for over 60 years.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      CIA is also operating eastern European puppet regime aircraft from Ukraine,Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Croatia is also used as a US transshipment point for terrorists and weaponry.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Nothing new as Americunts are desperate to keep the Wahabbi headchoppers alive. CIA is using the same routes via puppet Pakistan to move terrorists from Syria, Iraq and Yemen to Afghanistan like they did in the 1980’s “Jihad” against USSR and we know how well that turned out :)

  • Sam

    Wouldn’t doubt it

  • Madd Bassist

    ISIS…brought to you by obama.