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JUNE 2021

Senior Iranian Official: Resistance Front Will Kick United States Out Of Eastern Syria

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Senior Iranian Official: Resistance Front Will Kick United States Out Of Eastern Syria

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On February 17, Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said during a conference on Islamic unity in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, that the resentence forces in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will kick the US and its allies out from eastern Syria.

“The Americans and Zionists should know that as they were defeated in the Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, their illusions won’t materialize. The resistance front in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon will push them out of the eastern Euphrates,” Velayati said, according to the Iranian Press TV.

Velayati also accused the US and some Arab countries of working to divide Syria and said that the US is trying to tear down Muslim countries by establishing NATO bases inside them, in a clear hint to Syria and Iraq.

Khamenei’s advisor said that the US wants “a new Middle East whose reality will be marked by the disintegration of Muslim societies.”

Velayati called on the US to withdraw its troops from Syria on February 14 and said that its presence there is illegal. His statement came only days after US-led coalition warplanes bombed Iranian and Russian backed forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

These statements prove that pushing the US out of Syria is currently one of the main goals of the Iranian foreign policy there. However, it is not clear how Iran would be able to achieve such a difficult task without provoking an escalation with the US and Israel in Syria.

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fucking necons and zionists

Real Anti-Racist Action

Neocons, Neoliberals and Zionist.
If Hillary had won the US would have 80,000 boots on the ground fighting the SAA and Hillary would be bombing Lebanon by now as well.
The US is hijacked from the inside just as Germany was in the 1920’s by the Jews.
Eventually there needs to be an uprising to overthrow their dishonest banking power and a nationalist system of economics put in place.


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jerry hamilton

SF. You put in an earlier report that America told Russia they were going to attack and to pull their forces out, which they did.
Now you say Russian forces were bombed. WTF.


What they said now is “His statement came only days after US-led coalition warplanes bombed Iranian and RUSSIAN BACKED forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.”
But you are just not good at reading. And some Russians were killed in that airstrike, they were volunteers on the SAA side, at least one of them was a veteran of the war in DPR/LNR against Ukrainian neo-nazis.

jerry hamilton

You’re right. A bit hung over.

You can call me Al

Only one thing for it then, you need a “hair of the dog”, before your next comment.


Middle East wealth is Peoples diversity,

One problem, it’s easier for Outsiders to play
the divide to rule Games to be able to take advantages
and rob as much as possible.

Persian, Greek, Ottoman, French and GB did it during Centuries…

Since WW2, Americans are leading the Massacres and Genocides
thanks Israeli Zionist fanatic Religion and History liards “Trojan-horses”

Spaniards built their Empire thanks pilfering Gold in their Colonies,

America is building his NeoColonial Empire thanks Pilfering Natural-Ressources
with the highest Imaginable Brutality, unlimited Genocides is the Soup of the Day,
it’s Cultural since the Amerindians 50 Millions eradication…

With the Middle East Oil they Blackmailed the whole World



Countdown to Doomsday: Daniel Ellsberg and the Nuclear Papers


Just as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the Doomsday Clock closer than it has ever been to our species extinction point reports show that the U.S. warfare state is moving its latest high-tech rendition of tactical nuclear weapons, the B-61 “Gravity Bomb,” to airbases on the island of Guam. Is this an attempt to intimidate North Korea? Or is it a stage in a crackpot plan to destroy NK’s ability to carry out what that state has stated categorically is its defensive strategy against just such an attack?

Every sane individual I know understands that as long as nuclear weapons exist someday, and that day looms sooner every day, they will be used. The sponsors of the Bulletin, the Union of Concerned Scientists, was established after World War II and the atomic incinerations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by some of the very scientists and technicians who had made the bomb possible and who then understood the nature of the monstrous evil they had unleashed. Though Albert Einstein was not one of those scientists his theoretical physics had abetted the basic formula for fission and the Bomb and, believing that Nazi Germany was working on a bomb too, he urged President Franklin Roosevelt to undertake the Manhattan Project. He came sorrowfully to regret this action and spoke regularly about his opposition to war and the nuclear age. “If only I had known,” he declared, “I should have become a watchmaker.”

The renowned physicist also focused attention on the existential quandary unique to the human species when he said “Mankind invented the atomic bomb but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.” Has there ever been another species that actively enabled the instruments of its own extermination? At this stage of human evolution pervasive blind, virulent nationalisms and tribalism predominate, industrial economies depend upon mass production for war that distorts social requirements and creates mass social inequalities and ways of life that force large populations to live in constant insecurity and anxiety. Sophisticated propaganda systems distort reality and delude peoples that the “enemy” is to blame.

Since the end of World War II the “American Century” has been touted as the construction of a global “liberal order” that enhances the escalation and prosperity of all yet it has become an epoch of endless war, mass death, and technological “advances” that make weapons ever more destructive while escalating the depletion of the planet’s resources, widespread pollution and contamination of land and seas, and the intensification of climate emergencies. As the manufactured crisis with North Korea unfolds the permanent warfare state deliberately incites a new Cold War, betraying the promise made to Mikail Gorbachev as the Soviet Union imploded that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military might would not move “one inch” closer to former Soviet territories. In both countries the innovation and preparation of nuclear weapons escalates. Recent actions by Washington in Syria portend more violence and suffering and more tensions with Russia. We are at a crossroads. Continue on this path and annihilation impends.

As Round Two of global war subsided in 1945 American managers confronted the problems of an emergent peace. What was to be done with millions of trained soldiers returning to the states? Many of them had been unemployed or depended on poorly paid jobs at public expense during the long depression that preceded and amplified the probability of war. A return to that dismal state was unthinkable. Much of Big Business and Finance had opposed public spending and borrowing for the sake of social welfare but massive government spending for corporate subsidy was another matter. Government expenditures for armaments had spiked the profits of industrial giants. Indeed, many corporations that now comprise the Fortune 500 owe their very existence to the Second World War and, emphatically, the many wars since. Pondering the post-war the chief of war production, “Electric Charlie Wilson” of the duly enriched General Electric Corporation declared that what the United States needed was a “permanent war economy.”

He wasn’t alone in such formulations. President Franklin Roosevelt and Vice-President Henry Wallace especially, hoped and believed that a peaceful cooperation with the Soviets could be achieved in the post-war world. The nascent Cold Warriors had other ideas. Roosevelt’s health was rapidly failing and his death was anticipated and with the aid of troglodyte race-baiting southern senators those men who wished the U.S. to be the sole arbiter of the global future assured the replacement of Wallace with Harry Truman who was easily maneuvered into the embryonic warfare state. After all he had declared as a senator before the U.S. entered the war that if the Soviets appeared to be winning the war the U.S. should aid Germany, or vice versa, so that both would eventually destroy themselves and leave the world open to the U.S. agenda.

We must remember that the employment of the world’s first atomic weapons were not militarily necessary, despite the catechistic dogma that insists so to this day. Japan was finished. Every city except six had been reduced to rubble and these were exempt from strategic bombing because they were on the list for the A-Bombs. Military leadership and some scientists wanted “virgin targets” in order to assess the strength of the bomb’s blast and radiation. Though the U.S. had insisted on “unconditional surrender” from Japan the new cold warriors in Washington who precipitately replaced FDR’s political allies gave Tokyo the one condition it desired; namely, retention of the emperor. Japan was to be re-industrialized with an Asian version of the Marshall Plan for Europe, and its colony, Korea, as well as Vietnam, were to be western outposts on the Asian mainland able to confront Soviet and communist and/or nationalist threats to postwar American plans for the envisioned new geo-political order.

Soviet forces as ally of the United States, with American sanction, had entered the war against Japan late in August 1945 vengeful for Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 and quickly overran Japanese forces in Manchuria and Korea. Poised to descend into northern Japan itself the Red Army would thus create similar problems for the U.S. as its co-occupation of Germany had posed months earlier.

The Atomic bombings rapidly brought Japanese surrender before the Soviets could occupy any of the Japanese main islands and were clear and grim notice that the U.S. could and would be as ruthless as any imperial power in history. The Soviets understood the message explicitly. Thus, despite the establishment of the United Nations, any hope of peaceful coexistence was dashed. The die was cast. The Cold War commenced virtually on the day the hot one ended and a few years later the nuclear arms race was on with few and failed attempts at breaking the lunatic mindset. Humanity has lived in the shadow of full-scale nuclear annihilation ever since.

Daniel Ellsberg, former Cold War true believer and nuclear war planner, incubating his fears and regrets for decades, finally got The Doomsday Machine into print. It is a grim account of the psychopathic “crackpot realism” of “mutual assured destruction” that has held humanity hostage for generations and there is no end in sight. On January 30 Donald Trump reiterated his and the warfare state’s commitment to upgrade and enhance the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal with emphasis on tactical weapons, the very type now being readied potentially for use against North Korea. When years ago Ellsberg saw Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love he Bomb, he remarked to a colleague that they had just seen a “documentary” not a fictive film, so accurately did the motion picture reflect how a rogue element could launch a nuclear strike and how the American nuclear juggernaut would proceed thereafter.

Anecdotes have circulated for years as well about technological glitches that have steered us within microns of Armageddon. The very anxieties and rhetoric that have surrounded nuclear crises for decades have also enhanced possibilities for calamitous mishaps. As former Secretary of Defense William Perry puts it “the risk of accidental nuclear war is not hypothetical — accidents have happened in the past, and humans will err again.” Now just in the aftermath of the “accidental” warning of an imminent nuclear missile strike on Hawaii stories circulate about something called the Kanyon, reportedly a Russian super weapon capable of completely irradiating the entirety of both coasts with radioactive cobalt should nuclear war break out between the U.S. and Russia. Is all this malicious and methodical disinformation cooked up by either U.S. or Russian intelligence? Does it signal a return to the worst years of “duck and cover” in order to intimidate the population into acceptance of gargantuan new military budgets? Or are we ultimately setting the preconditions for species suicide?

Asserting that he sees at best a 4% chance that humanity will survive the 21st century Ellsberg still clings to optimism by arguing for severe reductions in the number of nukes as a positive way to reduce stresses and anxieties but scientists maintain that even a relatively small number of thermonuclear discharges will be enough to induce nuclear winter.

We abolish nuclear weapons or they are sure to abolish us.


Very well stated and historically accurate. One wonders what the US would have become had Wallace not been replaced with Truman or even if JFK not been assassinated by Allen Dulles’s CIA.


Well, I found your lecture very instructive and enjoyed reading the writing profoundly. Thanks again.


Enjoyable comment thank you.
No oil = no Empire , and so Venezuela should be protected by all .

Manuel Flores Escobar

Iran and Syria can keep US backed forces away of gas fields if they protect its forces with mobile Pantsir S1/2 system( to destroy incoming missile or guide bombs) and deployed long range artillery and rockets( included short range ballistic missile)…and of corse the support of Russian NEBO-M radar like they did in the last Israeli airstrike!

jim crowland

This “senior advisor” could be soon in custody of the Mossad……

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

keep dreaming fatty lol


No sane country will allow an enemy to steal their land just with their mouths.

So the US will be kicked out for certainty

Graeme Rymill

Perhaps the Turks will force the US out of northern and eastern Syria. The Turks would need to convince the Iraqi government to close Iraqi airspace to the US. Also Iraq would have to refuse US the right to send equipment to the Kurds and to US armed forces via Iraq. If Turkey did the same as Iraq then the US is finished in north and east Syria.

Turkey is definitely seeking something from the Iraqi government:


“Turkey has pledged to provide Iraq with a $5 billion credit line for its reconstruction efforts –more than the sum pledged by any Gulf state, the EU or even the US. What’s behind Ankara’s apparent generosity?

Turkey’s loan was the largest single amount pledged at the International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, held in Kuwait last week. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE pledged between $500 million and $1.5 billion in aid and investment. Western countries and Japan also
confirmed their intention to assist Iraq, including via direct aid, export loans and credit lines. Washington plans to grant Baghdad up to $3 billion in credit, while the EU has pledged to invest some $400 million.”

The only other strategic favour I can think of, is for Iraq to grant Turkey is permission for Turkey to go after the PKK on Iraqi territory. Somehow that doesn’t seem to be worth $5 billion for a country (Turkey) that has $210 billion in national debt. Being able to establish its 30km buffer zone along the complete length of Syrian Turkish border by forcing a US withdrawal might just be worth $5 billion to the Turks. Just speculation on my part though.

Hide Behind

Tactic to try and protect its back, and by doing this to counter influence of US/Israel upon Iraq Kurdish groups.
It is also a slap in Face to its supposed NATO and it’s aligned nations.
One upmanship is powergame, and it shows Turkey is not under heel of
THEY are looking far beyond today’s short sided views of US Empires nutcases, knowing full well that they have to remain strong or someday those supposed allies led by US will turn their attentions upon Turkey itself.
The chessboard just moved into Turkish Knight into strong defensive square.


There are always ways.. contaminates their drinking water.. spreads disease.. and you don’t even have to be at that 55km border..! Just follow the supplies and cash.. hehehe

Hide Behind

Me thinks ; lot of Bull S..t and hot air blustering by Iran as even SA A says they ain’t done a whole heck of a lot to influence actual on ground combat operationns.

It is good propaganda that falls upon the ears of Islamic funded and let’s Iran pose as a
powerful center for Shia faithfull to look towards.
The pimple thinking it is a mountain.

Ricky Miller

An IED type campaign would work best. The Arab tribes along the Euphrates will tire quickly of American and Kurdish overlords. Who among them really wants to be a collaborater? And family ties are deep across the river. It’s just a matter of time before an insurgency begins in earnest on the Eastern shore.

Nigel Maund

The Deep State aims have never changed as these were determined long ago by the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal that runs the majority of this planet behind a manged MSM news curtain that they entirely own and control. Iran is 100% correct. Israel’s aim is to justify smashing up Iranian forces in Syria under the prestext they constitute a major threat to Israel which is of course a “cock and bull story”. But the MSM will trumpet it to the idiotic readers of this propaganda. The Cabal does not care how many millions die so long as they achieve their prime aim of Global Hegemony. They do not give a damn about the human race which they regard as “useless eaters” who can and will be replaced by robots and AI. The Cabal is the most evil organisation that has ever populated this planet. They are everyone’s enemy if they could only realise just how evil these people are !!

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