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Senior Iranian Military Commander To Attend Trilateral Meeting In Syrian Capital


Senior Iranian Military Commander To Attend Trilateral Meeting In Syrian Capital

Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, Source: almanar.com.lb

Heading a high-ranking military delegation, Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri arrived in Syria on March 17, according to Mehr News.

The Iranian news agency revealed that Maj. Gen. Bagheri will attend a meeting with his Syrian and Iraqi counterparts in the Syrian capital of Damascus. During the meeting, the three sides will discuss military cooperation, consult on the fight against terrorism and work to increase coordination against terrorist groups.

Maj. Gen. Bagheri will also visit Iranian military advisors deployed in Syria, according to the Lebanese al-Manar TV. Iranian advisors are assisting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in its war on terrorism on several frontlines.

Damascus and Tehran have been working to develop their relations further. Last months, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Tehran where he met with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and other top officials.

The recent boost in the Syrian-Iranian relations is a result of the increasing U.S. pressure on both countries. Local observers believe that Syria and Iran will exchange more high-level visits in the upcoming few months.

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  • Saddam Hussein

    Hopefully the Arab League will invite back again and apologize to Syria. I cant blame Syria for getting closer towards Iran because the Arab puppet governments abandoned them, but Syria belongs in the Arab World and should not be fully under Iran.

    • Garga

      Syria is not under Iran, if you research a little bit you’d find out that Syria was the only Arab country which not only didn’t help Iraq in 1980-88 war on Iran, but actively helped us. In our need Syria proved that they are reliable friends and now it’s on us to show we are the same. So Iran helping Syria is kind of repaying them, in addition to the importance of destroying terror groups (lest they get into our borders) and that’s the reason Iran (and Russia) help by material and blood. One may argue that Iran (or Russia) gave much more than they received from Syria but that’s another matter and in my opinion, each nation gave compared to their conditions and ability.

      I agree with you about the Arab League. We both know as long as Saudis lead the league it’s not going to be effective and for the interests of all Arab countries. It was better when Egypt and Syria used to lead Arab countries, it seems. At least their every move was not dictated by US/Zionists.

      Arab puppets did not abandon Syria. They actively tried to destroy it.

      The recent calls by some Arab countries to re-instate Syria into the league was not because of their undying love of Syrians, but they hoped to put distance between Syria and Iran and also attract Syria into some kind of anti-Turkey gang. In other words, make Syria play the exact same role Turkey played for them and pour a new brand of Jihadis into Turkey from Syria.

      • Saddam Hussein

        Iran actively destroyed Iraq too so they can place their own puppets in that Arab country. The bottom line is while Iran has been noble in their help towards President Assad, they have to respect that both Iraq and Syria will remain Arab. I encourage Arabs and Iranians to work together (they both have the same main enemy : Israel), but we cant deny the active role Iran has had in falling into the traps of the US in the Iraq-Iran war and in the 2003 Iraqi War.

        • Garga

          Sure, let’s blame the destruction of Iraq on Iran, not the US attacks and invasions TWICE and a very sever regime of sanctions for more than a decade which resulted in millions of Iraqi death.
          It’s largely thanks to Iran if today there is even a single unified Iraq and not 3 or more state-lets. When Baghdad and Erbil were threatened by Daesh, it was Iran who sent it’s sons and weapons within 24 hours of Iraq request.
          Arab puppets under US/Zionists command encouraged Daesh to tear Iraq (and Syria) apart, the same way they encouraged Saddam to take Iran and carve out Khuzestan (he attacked an unprepared, surprised and chaotic Iran, without declaration but he didn’t succeed, because Iranian Arabs bravely and selflessly did not let him with their lives). Arab puppets and the west even gave (or purchased for) him chemical weapons to use on us (really, search Chemical Ali) and missiles, bombs and mortars to rain on our cities. What did Iran? Ask any Iraqi POW how they were treated here and also ask any Iranian POW how they were treated there.
          Iran helped Iraq despite all that, but by all means, blame Iran.

          What Iran wants is a strong, unified and friendly Iraq with all it’s own identity, culture and heritage. What an awful wish…

          • Carne João Pasta

            Respect. Thank you for sharing and setting the record straight. I can feel your emotions coming through. This is all heartbreaking.

  • Garga

    What tribal meeting? Are they going to sing Kumbaya too?

    As the article says, it’s a tri-partite conference for coordination in war against terrorists, Gen. Bagheri has no business meeting with Syria tribes, it’s the job of reconciliation center. Perhaps it’s a typo or damned auto correction.

    Persian sources say after the conference he’ll meet with Iranian advisors and the defenders of the shrines to congratulate them the new year (Solar Hijri calendar, March, 20th, new year is celebrated in Iran and some other countries).

    • Monte George

      Perhaps “tribal” is a typo; intended to be “Tri-Partite”. One of the drawbacks of using software voice-to-text vs. typing manually.

  • verner

    anything strengthening the bonds between syria and iran is good and should be welcomed by any true anti-zionist (being an anti-zionist should be seen as a badge of honour today) and hopefully, turkey, iran, syria, lebanon/hezbollah, iraq and on the sly, russia and possibly a few more can do something to evict the squatters from the palestinian land they stole and where they’ve worked two major schemes: the depalestination-program in conjunction with concentration camp Gaza and the lebensraum-program which equals land theft on the west bank.

    should upset a few do gooders in the west and turn them into fully fledged anti-zionists (whatever gerontophile macron states).