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Senior French Officer Faces Punishment For Critical Remarks Regarding West’s Tactics Against ISIS In Syria

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Senior French Officer Faces Punishment For Critical Remarks Regarding West's Tactics Against ISIS In Syria

Colonel Francois-Regis Legrier (left)

Colonel Francois-Regis Legrier, who has been in charge of directing French artillery supporting Kurdish-led groups in Syria since October, faces punishment after making critical remarks regarding the U.S.-led coalition’s methods to defeat the group in its remaining stronghold of Hajin, the French army said on February 16.

“A punishment is being considered,” army spokesman Patrick Steiger said in a text message, according to Reuters.

The French leadership appeared to be unhappy that Colonel Legrier openly admitted that the coalition’s focus had been on limiting its own risks and this had greatly increased the death toll among civilians and the levels of destruction.

Yes, the Battle of Hajin was won, at least on the ground but by refusing ground engagement, we unnecessarily prolonged the conflict and thus contributed to increasing the number of casualties in the population,” the officer wrote in an article published by the National Defence Review. “We have massively destroyed the infrastructure and given the population a disgusting image of what may be a Western-style liberation leaving behind the seeds of an imminent resurgence of a new adversary.”

He noted that the coalition could have defeated ISIS militants in the Hajin pocket [about 2,000] much faster and more effectively by sending in just 1,000 troops.

“This refusal raises a question: why have an army that we don’t dare use?” the officer asked.

The question of Colonel Legrier has a clear answer: The US-led coalition is not hurrying up to defeat ISIS because the “war” on the terrorist group is the main formal justification for its illegal invasion in Syria. This is also the explanation why the colonel is facing punishment for asking an obvious question.


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The truth will not be tolerated.

Albert Pike

He who says the truth needs a fast horse…

Jorge Sotomayor

An old mongolian saying. True to the bone lol.


Some of the strangest things I have ever read…: oldmrmegadrive.blogspot.com Especially the remarks about P. Rössler (Rosler): https://oldmrmegadrive.blogspot.com/2016/06/lizardsreptilians-from-hellene-and.html?m=1 “Philipp/Filipe Rosler (Vice Chancellor of Germany and agent of Hyperlodge Hong for economic collonialism of Europe)”… Insbesondere unter dem Licht dieses neuen Jobs interessant: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/hna-konzern-der-raetselhafte-job-des-herrn-roesler-1.3740493 Dieser chinesische Mischkonzern ist tatsächlich Teil des wirtschaftlichen Kolonialismus Chinas, der eben nicht nur in Afrika, sondern auch in Europa stattfindet und die auf dem Blog geäußerte Behauptung wurde lange vor P.R.s Jobantritt getätigt… Sehr bizarres Material auf diesem Job. Hochbrisant teilweise. Ich sage dazu :Alles Quatsch, was da steht…. Werde meinen Kommentar schnell löschen, nachdem du ihn upgevotet hast. LG

Albert Pike

I also got something to delete – because never heard of that one: ‘Adolf and Alois Hitler arrived in England [the land of Gog and Magog] in 1908. Adolf Hitler commenced training as a Jesuit and an MI6 spy, he left Liverpool in England for Munich in May 1913. He arrived in Munich (the capital of Bavaria) a year ahead of the outbreak of WWI. Hitler wanted to be close to his mentor, Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927), who lived in Bayreuth, about 145 km from Munich. Chamberlain has recruited a number of spies in Austria and Adolf was the most promising. Hitler shared his throne with his fellow MI6 agents. Not as brainwashed as Hitler, Martin Bormann, another MI6 agent, was the top aide to Hitler. Hitler and Eva Braun committing suicide in the Führerbunker is sheer BUNK. They escaped to Argentina and Hitler died in the Argentinean Berghof in 1962. One of the main WWI goals of MI6 was to expel the Turks from Palestine and create a homeland for the Khazars. The next step was to use their despicable spy Adolf Hitler to create the British Empire state of “Israel.” Germany is still financing that fake British Empire state of “Israel.” Article by Patrick Scrivener, MI6 Adolf Hitler Unmasked At Last!!, presented by the publication reformation.org, 2013’ https://de.spiritualwiki.org/Wiki/Bewusstseinskontrolle#toc9 But your like under it – and I delete this ‘rubbish’ which sound like Fiihrer was jewish… imposible… horse shitt!


:-) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9ISGeZBL068 “war game 3/11″ What should we nuke first?” “1. Las Vegas, 2. Seattle!”… [Wurde gerade im real life gewarnt. Und dies nicht zum ersten Mal. Wieder von einem hochintelligenten und witzigen Bekannten… Ich sollte mir meine “Fortbildungen (!) doch für die Rente anrechnen lassen”… Er deutete zudem an, dass es nicht Gott sei, der am Ende des Lebens Soll und Haben bei jedem addiert… Meine Paranoia ist alles andere als unbegründet. Ich möchte mich zurückziehen, bin aber süchtig nach Wahrheit.]

Ichokwadi Here

The new world order is for the benefit of america and its proxy


And the US have, and will continue to betray her proxies and vassals.


Glad to see he speaks his mind. Also Raqqa was “liberated” by destroying it.


Important also to minimize ‘ISIS’ casualties from US perspective.


And maximize infrastructure destruction


Yes, the US has a lot invested in terrorism :)


We must not forget Mosul either.

In fact , I would erect monuments of shame at all the towns and cities that the US Military has ” liberated as they were ‘ Democratically Bombed ‘ into oblivion.

Lest we forget what the US Coalition of Terror actually does, rather than what CNN says it does.

You can call me Al

Dead civilians are still rotting away under the rubble.


The thing is where this Satanic coalition is doing its filthy way of work everywhere behind is been left as a ghostly place, post-apocalyptic or just after WW2 that style, Russia itself was doing coalition with Syrian Air-Force, Air, Ground everywhere, they did a lot of damage, but Russia is everyday on ground on those very places patrolling them, giving tons of food to the civilians that are affected by that, they are in work of construction of those places, cleaning the rubble, making a better environment for the people, as for this blood suckers US and the company they make everything ash, look what they did to Raqqa, look what they did to Mosul and many many more places, it will need years for the government of that country affected by these Americans to clean that bombardment leveled rubble. They don’t work and help with the people of the places they give them nothing and above all that they are killing those very civilians in their raids. What more..They are responsible for all these terror groups, ISIS, Al-Qaeda who made them who give them weapons and money. Remember the guy called OBAMA, hey the world seem to forgot the guy that made all this mess.Sucker.


The “punishment” part sounds strange. Sure, he has embarrassed French authorities but that’s not punishable by any law in France. Nor, indeed, has he infringed the military code. I’m doubtful this refers to the article: ” “A punishment is being considered,” French army spokesman Patrick Steiger said in a text message.” What text message, what punishment, against whom? Still, it’s good to see military speak out. The French involvement in Syria is horrific.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Now listen very carefully, Davki: the US Evil Empire has ways to punish you that you can’t even imagine. Remember, how Trump, as POTUS no less, was warned not to cross his esteemed US intelligence agencies? Does this ever-so brave Colonel have a family, I wonder?


Punishment because he wants to minimize civilian casualties??? What more do you need to know?

Concrete Mike

He will lose his stock options in lafarge


Sarkozy, Bernard Kouchner, Hollande, Laurent Fabius and Bernard Henri Levy the War Criminals deserve to be “Guillotined” for Mass Murdering !


Not only French, mainly USA-Israel-NATO.


This is what it is explained, but it’s in French !


Thanks for the clarification.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Since when did this French colonel think that he could blurt out the truth? The servants of the US Evil Empire (USEE) must all “sing from the same hymn sheet!” Now, repeat after me, ……


This is the hymn:


Harry Smith

Oh yeah! Always wondering why USA and EU did not ban Orwell yet.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

More and more episodes like this, soldiers, reporters and civilians, will pop up in the future, more and more are getting fed up with all the lies and oppression, more and more will stand up and tell the truth and voice their oppinion.

And people wonder why Facebook and Youtube, among many others, are getting censored and bills are being written to avoid the truth to get out.


Apparently it’s illegal for anyone in the French military to express his opinion and views if those opinions and views go against the government narrative. :] Not surprising though.


Sorry, It’s in French

https://www.agoravox.fr/actualites/politique/article/israel-soutient-les-terroristes-212611 Israël soutient les terroristes modérément modérés en Syrie

par Géopolitique Profonde (Franck Pengam) (son site)

jeudi 14 février 2019

«  C’est avec ruse que tu feras la guerre  », slogan inscrit à l’entrée du quartier général du Mossad.​

Nous l’avions déjà démontré, le terrorisme peut être utilisé comme un outil de légitimation de la politique intérieure d’un État. Nous allons dorénavant nous attaquer à l’instrumentalisation du terrorisme à des fins géostratégiques. Quoi de mieux pour illustrer le phénomène que de prendre l’exemple de ce petit pays proche-oriental censé être à l’antithèse de l’islamisme wahhabo-takkfiriste.

Israël, les groupes modérés et al-Qaïda

Dès le début de la crise syrienne débutée en 2011, Israël est devenu le soutien actif de certains groupes rebelles sunnites radicaux combattant le gouvernement syrien de Bachar al-Assad. Depuis 2013, la porte-parole de Tsahal, l’armée de l’État hébreu, a publié à de nombreuses reprises des communiqués affirmant que des civils et des rebelles syriens blessés étaient hospitalisés de l’autre côté de la ligne de démarcation. Israël a reconnu avoir soigné quelque 2 600 «  civils, «  «  rebelles  » ou «  terroristes islamistes  » en 2017, selon le vocable utilisé par les parties. Plusieurs rapports rédigés par la Force des Nations unies chargée d’observer le dégagement (FNUOD, Casques bleus stationnés sur le plateau du Golan depuis 1974) affirment aussi que des officiers de Tsahal ont entretenu des relations quasi quotidiennes avec des milices anti-Assad du 1er mars au 31 mai 2014 (59 réunions comptabilisées). Au moins 16 contacts entre les forces de défense israéliennes et des individus non identifiés dans les zones frontalières qui incluent «  le mont Hermon, la zone de Quneitra et leshauteurs du Golan  » ont continué d’être relevés par l’ONU sur la période allant du 2 mars au 16 mai 2017.

Parmi les forces armées soutenues comptait l’amical groupe Front al-Nosra (aujourd’hui nommé Fatah al-Cham), la branche syrienne d’al-Qaïda qui combat l’État syrien, selon le journal Libération. Les forces armées israéliennes ont notamment transféré des caisses au contenu indéterminé à nos chers rebelles. Par deux fois, la FNUOD a constaté que Tsahal laissait rentrer des mercenaires venant de Syrie, en bon état de santé, sur le territoire hébreu pour des raisons dissimulées. Officiellement, les mouvements opaques d’Israël sur le plateau du Golan et dans le sud syrien auraient pour principal objectif de sécuriser la bande frontalière et non de soutenir la déstabilisation de la Syrie. Le Golan est un territoire syrien occupé et administré par Israël depuis la guerre des Six Jours en 1967  ; il a été ensuite annexé unilatéralement en 1981.

Concrete Mike

Well Mr french colonel, yiu didnt realize you are there to create a new market for lafage did you? Smash the fucken place so syria will buy our cement. Thats why, its disgusting how france is acting in syria.

Im a ashmed of my french heritage now…

Zionism = EVIL

Well, the Jew midget Macron is using Zionist tactics to suppress the green vests as no real dissent is allowed. Goldman Sachs is plundering France and Europe but the truth is unpalatable.

Brother Ma

If I was Syria I would never buy Lafarge cement unless I absolutely had to. Justice must be seen to be done as well.

Tommy Jensen


Zionism = EVIL

So-called “west” is a hypocritical police state where only the Zionist version of fabrications is acceptable, any truth can get a person into trouble.

Tommy Jensen



Its is very saddening to hear people being punished for speaking the truth, Especially in this case when EVERYBODY knows its the truth!!!


I think the article’s conclusion is wrong, If they wanted to keep ISIS intact they could have just not attacked them at all. Carry out a few token airstrikes. The fact that they pretty much flattened places like Raqqa and Hajin suggests to me a whole different problem altogether. And one that has been puzzling me ever since Trump announced the withdrawal from Syria. If the US is going to let the Kurds hang out to dry to face the Turkish music, why are they still fighting for the US against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley? I think they aren’t. I suspect the Kurds have withdrawn to their heartlands to face the Turks, leaving the US only ill motivated Arab conscripts to fight ISIS with. And since these troops aren’t that well motivated the US has to do all the work for them. By bombing ISIS strongholds so thoroughly nothing remains once these Arab troops finally move in.


We all know about this, but the fact that a French military officer says it, it is really a bomb for USA-Israel-NATO criminal behavior who must be silent as fast as possible, and to cover media with stupid irrelevant repetitive news.

Carol Davidek-Waller

He’s criticizing (speaking truth) the US and the French military are going to punish him? Fascism squared.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly. If you are not ready to die for freedom and defend Western values and American lives on its own soil, you may face punishment and feel the pain. No more frogs to this guy.


If this French officer was wrong they the Empire wouldn’t even notice, much less comment on it. But because he is right, it hurts and he must be punished. What Colonel Legrier has identified is that the troops do not follow any kind of “military” strategy, but a strategy of ethnic cleansing which involves not only the maximised killing of civilians but also the destruction of property. The destruction of property not only benefits the corporations in the afterbuild, but when everything is bulldozed and levelled the original inhabitants will find it very difficult to claim that they lived there before. This tactic was developed in israel to make it more difficult for anyone who were trying to claim the “right of return”, i.e. prior occupancy (a fundamental concept in most law systems). You show an official a photo that there was a house here before where you lived and they just turn to you and say “but there is no house there now, so you can’t return here”. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s an attempt at ethnic cleansing, pure and simple.


When it comes to dotting the ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s of financial rape and resource theft, no one is better.

A good comment by Alfred:


Seriously, this largely invented Sunni-Shia divide has been so thoroughly and effectively sold to the public of the West that it is difficult to have a serious conversation about Syria. Now, the Israelis and Americans have introduced the Kurds into the equation – in an effort to break up that country.

The fact of the matter is that the Sunnis come in many flavours as do the Shia. The Alawites are certainly not Shia. The Kurds are also divided into different groups. The ones in Iran and in Sulaymaniyah think differently from the ones in Erbil and Mosul – they are far more civilised.

As for the Christians, they are never mentioned in the press. It is essential for the Zionists not to let the West know that Syria and Egypt were the cradles of Christianity.

ISIS does not exist in Arabic. It is called Daesh. The term “Islamic State” was invented by the PR geniuses of Tel Aviv, London and Washington to confuse the public in the West with the “Islamic Republic” of Iran. Of course, it is 100% a mercenary army created by the West and its allies. Recently, a French artillery officer complained that the Americans would not let him bombard the nearby ISIS troops.

Senior French Officer Faces Punishment For Critical Remarks Regarding West’s Tactics Against ISIS In Syria


The Druze are also never mentioned in the media. The fact that the Druze were the original inhabitants of the Golan is a taboo subject. They are to be found on both sides.

In the 20th century, before that European cancer came into being, it was not unknown for a horseman to race from Palestine to meet his beloved in Syria on his Arabian steed.

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