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MAY 2021

Senior Diplomat Dead In Fall From High-Rise Building In Tehran

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Senior Diplomat Dead In Fall From High-Rise Building In Tehran

Mural on the American Embassy in Iran. (Credit: Phillip Maiwald)

The Iranian police have announced an investigation into the death of a high-ranked Swiss diplomat whose body was found at the foot of a tower block in Tehran on May 4th. The Swiss foreign ministry confirmed an employee at its embassy in Iran had died in an accident.

“Specialised police units are in the process of examining” the circumstances around the death of the “51-year-old Swiss citizen employed by the Swiss embassy in Tehran”, the national police said in a statement.

The body was reportedly found by a gardener. According to Mojtaba Khaledi, spokesman for the national rescue service, the woman fell from the 17th floor of a residential tower in Kamranieh, a northern district of Tehran, where the diplomat lived. When asked whether there were signs of a conflict or a forced entry into her house, Khaledi said that the emergency services have no information.

“This person was the first secretary of the Swiss embassy,” Khaledi cited saying to Mehr news agency. “The cause of her fall has yet to be determined.”

According to some reports, the deceased was in charge of the representation of US interests in Iran. Switzerland has represented U.S. diplomatic interests in Iran since Washington and Tehran cut ties shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Such a tragic death of a senior diplomat raises a lot of suspicions, spatially amid the current sharp deterioration of relations between Tehran, Washington and Tel Aviv.


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I guess the real question is, what did she do to get thrown off?


She was very pro-Iranian according to local reports and wanted a quick implementation of JCPOA, which the Zionists obviously did not like. She had been responsible for US interests in Iran. There is an internal tussle going on too as Iran will most likely shift to hardline IRGC leadership in June and the US has barely two months to come up with a deal or face regional conflict and let China move into Iran and the Middle East. US policies have been hijacked by Zionists, hell bent on destroying whatever is left of the US, which has made eternal enemies of 1.4 billion Chinese, 2.2 Billion Muslims and now even the normally subservient Indians are being treated like outcast untouchables by excluding them from western nations. With such overt 19th century western Anglo-Zio racism, you wonder what kind of “leadership” the US has in mind trying to “contain” China?

Lone Ranger

Another Mossad victim.


Base jumping without a chute is known to be a special favorite of the c-i-a


a other false flag by the US ZIO ss cia corps are we not happy with such great democracies in our world

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