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Senior Commanders In Russian-Backed 5th Corps Survived Assassination Attempt In Daraa

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Late on September 17, two senior commanders of the Russian-backed “8th Brigade,” a unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Corps dedicated for former rebels, survived an assassination attempt in Daraa.

An improvised explosive device targeted a vehicle carrying the two commanders, “Ali Ahmed al-Sabah al-Miqdad” and “Qassem al-Sabah al-Miqdad,” near Busra Citadel in the eastern Daraa countryside. The two commanders survived the attack. However, they were both wounded.

According to the Horan Free League, Ali is the Deputy-Commander of the 8th Brigade while Qassem, his cousin, is the Financial Director of the unit.

Senior Commanders In Russian-Backed 5th Corps Survived Assassination Attempt In Daraa

Ali Ahmed al-Sabah al-Miqdad and Qassem al-Sabah al-Miqdad, Source: horanfree.com

The assassination attempt took place a few hours after a meeting between Ali, Qassem and a senior Russian officer in Busra Citadel. Issues related to the reconciliation process were reportedly discussed.

The 8th Brigade was established after the 2018 Daraa reconciliation agreement. The unit, which is reportedly receiving support from Russia, engaged in several operations against ISIS under the command of the SAA.

This was not the first attack on the 8th Brigade in Daraa. Last June, a large explosion targeted a bus carrying personnel of the unit. Dozens were killed or injured.


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Daraa again? campaign of terror against prominent military and intelligence figures

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Yeah must be mossad i recon

Mustafa Mehmet

There is always next time ⌚

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, If only people would read some news from opposition sites occasionally.

All the assassinations lately aren’t all attributable to Isis, most are in fact attributable to the conflict between the Russian backed SAA 5th army corps/Russian backed NDF forces, versus the Iranian backed forces, the SAA 4th division/Syrian Intelligence/Hezbollah/and some NDF forces.

The opposition news tells you who’s killing who, they don’t actually come right out and say it but if you read the article properly, you’ll find they do allude to it and leave you with no doubt. So in other words the opposition and the Russian backed 5th corps SAA soldiers are saying this, the Syrian Government on behalf of the Iranians, have opened up a new recruitment centre in Busra al-Sham, and are now using it as a tool to help remove the security guarantees that the Russians had negotiated for them, and they’re also saying they want Russia to provide assurances that they’ll be taken off the Governments wanted lists, which was supposed to have happened as soon as they joined the 5th army corps, but maybe someone forgot to sign the paperwork. The new recruitment centre in Busra al-Sham is recruiting for both the 4th division and the intelligence agency, and as I pointed out a while ago they’re both backed and supported by Iran not Russia, the funny thing is the ex opposition fighters who want to join the Russian backed 5th army corps are having heaps of trouble getting past all the Iranian checkpoints and can’t easily enrol with the Russian recruitment centre, but there’s no checkpoints at all stopping anyone getting to the Iranian operated recruitment centre, mmmm.

Go to the link and read the whole article. ……

“Last week, representatives of the regime’s security committee in southern Syria met with representatives of Russia and key leaders in the “8th Brigade,” led by the former commander in the “Free Syrian Army (FSA)” (the former leader of the “Youth of Sunna” faction), Ahmed al-Awda.

The assembled parties agreed to “a comprehensive settlement” for the “8th Brigade” elements and the officers and dissidents who joined it through the National Security Office (which oversees the work of the rest of the security apparatus), led by General Ali Mamlouk.

According to the new “settlement” agreement, hundreds of the “8th Brigade” members would be removed from the list of wanted people by the security services. The “8th Brigade” elements would also be granted freedom of movement without prosecution or arrest, according to what the researcher at the “European University” and the “Middle East” Institute, who specializes in South Syrian dynamics, Abdullah al-Jabasini, said to Enab Baladi.

The “settlement” highlights the role of the “8th Brigade” and attracts fighters The new “reconciliation” agreement and security guarantees that were given to the “8th Brigade” members indicate two things, according to al-Jabasini.

The first indication is the variation in the degree of Russia’s commitment to secure protection for former opposition fighters in the areas included in the 2018 summer negotiations in Daraa.

Hence, this agreement contributes to the depiction of the “8th Brigade” as a military force and a mediator capable of providing protection.

This comes as opposed to the Central Negotiation Committee (the Central Committee of the western countryside and the Central Committee of Daraa al-Balad), which, despite the efforts of its members and popularity at the local level, lacks a similar role of that of the new “reconciliation” agreement. According to al-Jabasini, the Central Negotiation Committee is losing its role gradually.

According to al-Jabasini, the second idea is that, based on promises of comprehensive protection, the new “settlement,” which includes the “8th Brigade” fighters only, will attract many former opposition fighters to the brigade.

Many fighters consider the new “reconciliation” agreement in Busra al-Sham as a step to remove Russia’s “security blanket” from former opposition fighters elsewhere in Daraa province.”


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