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Security Sources Deny Recent Reports Of Israeli Airstrikes On Syrian-Iraqi Border

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Security Sources Deny Recent Reports Of Israeli Airstrikes On Syrian-Iraqi Border

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

The border region between Syria and Iraq was not targeted by any Israeli airstrike in the last two days, a security source told U-News on January 10, denying recent reports on such attacks.

The source told the Lebanese news agency, which is known for its close ties with Hezbollah, that observation posts in Syria and Iraq didn’t document any airstrikes. The anonymous source went on to accuse U.S. and Israel of spreading misinformation.

“What America and Israel are doing by promoting false news about targeting trucks shipping missiles at the Iraqi-Syrian borders is nothing more than a known method to achieve their goals, including creating tensions,” the agency quoted the source as saying.

The reports of Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border were first shared by the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV, which is also close to Hezbollah. The news channel citied local sources, which may explain their mistake.

Several sources also jumped to confirm the reports of airstrikes on the border region. However, these claims remain unsupported by any solid evidence.

The U-News source linked the false reports to the recent Iranian missile strikes on U.S. bases in Iraq, claiming that the U.S. and Israel want people to believe that the strike won’t stop them from attacking targets in Syria.

In the last few months, Syrian opposition sources reported dozens of Israel airstrikes on Iranian forces’ positions on the Syrian-Iraqi border. However, only a few of them were confirmed by satellite images, which indicates that a propaganda campaign is ongoing.

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  1. Rhodium 10 says:

    Pro oposition sources and the SOHR have claimed that Damascus and Mezzeh airport beside Iran base of Kiswa have been attacked over 10000 times since the Syrian war begin!…

    1. gryzor84 says:

      And some herskowathever probably believes it’s actually 200,000.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats Arabistani humor. Westers dont think thats funny all. We could understand some 200.000 Syrian pounds for a cup of coffee with too much sugar.

        1. gryzor84 says:

          I am not an.. err… “Arabistani” ?(whatever google translate fail led you to this word this time) so I wouldn’t care.
          Still I see you keep following me at every turn,that attention is almost flattering :-) But weren’t our last exchanges enough evidence for you that I simply do not care about you and your petty thoughts ? you can of course keep wasting your time sharing them with me,that’s your call,but out of courtesy, I suggest you get a life and stop talking to yourself in the future.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I read and comment all. This is no intime dating site, where any are one by one.

          2. gryzor84 says:

            Once more, between a dignified silence and a despicable response, you chose the latter. You will never change, I’m done trying to make you listen to reason. PS : it’s “dating site”, period. No “intime” needed, such word doesn’t exist in English, where it translate into “intimate”. It does in french though. FYI.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            I read and comment all. This is no in time dating site, where any are one by one.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      It has. It was in secret.

  2. Azriel Herskowitz says:

    So some random IRGC affiliated unnamed source claims there were no strikes… Give me a break.

    1. gryzor84 says:

      And some similar random Hezbollah-linked local unnamed source happened to be the point of origin of the exact opposite and you somehow chose to believe it ? Ok. A brilliant mind continuing to be smart.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats right. But I havnt seen those “many many attacks” in Our medias I read.

        It can be the Hesbollah medias themselves having descriebed many more attacks, then there has been. and now telling those are Isralians lies :(

        If true, that propaganda and double talk of the worst kind. I dont say its like that. But I follow things well and have seen a bunch of hard attackt – but not many many…

      2. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

        Kindergarten jokes are ridiculous – and calling someone santa fits that.
        Now get lost, antisemite!

        1. RAAS says:

          Did you say something, anti-goyim?

        2. gryzor84 says:

          Being illiterate is also part of being a kid. I did not call him Santa,I used well-deserved sarcasm against his take considering my observation of his utterly broken thinking and explained exactly why. Now £n turn, calling someone an antisemite based on that occurence is beyond lamentable. I have nothing to prove to.you and my record on many SF threads demonstrate who I am exactly. Now get lost, pathetic clown.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Yes, biased a lot the other way too. It makes no sense americans and israeliens shoud tell, they attack more then they do.

      One like me always look for reasons. One copuld be many air alarms but most jets have had no intension in attacking Aby Kemal – Qaim.

      Its normal procedure people go in basements, when there might be an attack.


    3. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

      IDF F-35’s bombing Mullah Proxies to smithereens in eastern syria every single week now! Mazel Tov!

      1. Helen4Yemen says:

        The European Jew should go home back to Europe for his own sake.

        “Antisemitism” according to Pew survey of 2010

        Egypt…………………..95 %
        Jordan……………….. 97 %
        Lebanon…………….. 98 %
        Gaza…………………. 97 %
        West Bank………….. 97 %

        “Antisemitism” in Europe – Pew 2019

        Hungary 18%
        Ukraine 11%
        Belarus 18%
        Lithuania 26%
        Romania 21%
        Germany 6%
        France 6%
        UK 6%
        Russia 18%
        Poland 31

        1. igybundy says:

          prune Juice is better it seems once you have a taste of it..

        2. Jens Holm says:

          No wonder most refugees in the world are muslims.

          How many % for anti Islam.


      2. zman says:

        Now you have to stop this. You WILL NOT receive a bonus for agreeing with your other Israeli troll persona. You’ve been warned before about padding your paycheck with fake conversations.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Most science by You seemes made below Your bed blanket.

  3. Helen4Yemen says:


    A European people who faked their identity as Israelite
    and they are 100% European!

    1. Kell McBanned says:

      Askenazis are not European, not white they are Mongol Turkish hybrids from region of Azerbijan/Georgia/chechnia

        1. Jens Holm says:

          You not even try to understand, what we are.

        2. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:


        1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:


        1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:


        1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:


          1. zman says:

            HAHAHA..what a schmuck. Hating Palestinians is being anti-semitic you stupid fuck.

          1. Helen4Yemen says:

            “These studies revealed that Ashkenazi Jews originate from an ancient (2000 BCE – 700 BCE) population of the Middle East who had spread to Europe”
            Haha! The European Jews love to be from the Middle East. An Ashkenazi woman did her DNA and she was 99.8% European and 0.2% Middle East and she said her interest was on her 0.2% (haha). You have got to explain why is Bernie Sanders 97.7% Ashkenazi and Alan Dershowitz 98.5% Ashkenazi. Neither of these men got any trace of Middle Eastern genes. What do you think happened to them?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        So what…

        Some of Your ancisters climbed down from a tree and should have ramined up there.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      And You are nothing and came from an accident Yourself.

      1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

        These genetic studies are nothing but pure antisemitism that denies the Jews their factual ancestry to the Ancient Israelites! ANTISEMITISM

        1. Helen4Yemen says:

          DNA gets it right for the Irish, German, Nigerian, Chinese but it gets it wrong for the Ashkenazi because the Ashkenazi has 0% Middle Eastern ancestry? I wonder why Italians have lots of Middle Eastern genes?

        2. Jens Holm says:

          You mix two things 1) Khazars and 2) Factual ancisters. and probatly also 3) Jews which emmigrated from the area, where Israel is today has any rights, when they sold their property and left.

          I also have registrated that Jews living in the Osmans fx at the Balkans had 100s of years to resettle in their old land, but they did not.

          That land belonged to others, when You came back.

          1. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

            Are you Jewish, Mr Holm?

    3. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

      These are antisemitic, fake scientific studies!

    4. zman says:

      Boy, you sure hit a nerve there! The Israeli troll exposes himself as what he is…A fake Jew that fears the truth. They are having shit-fits in Israel over DNA as well. Want to hear something funny? They call it discriminatory. Ain’t that laugh. Maybe they’re just anti-semitic…no that can’t be, because they aren’t semites. Well, unless one refers to their hate of Palestinians. Funny how bigotry works, isn’t it? One other thing, thank you for flushing out this troll, I block them immediately. There is no way I will help these assholes with their propaganda and lies. Giving them a soap box only leads to distraction and them getting a paycheck…which likely comes from money skimmed off US taxpayers. This is a new troll, with a new account, sent to stir shit, as they always do when there is a issue with Israeli PR….errrr, BS.

  4. gustavo says:

    That sound very good for Russia intelligence and air forces.

  5. Brandon Rozenfeld IV says:

    Fake NEWS! IDF F-35’s destroyed an Iranian Missile Shipment and eliminated 50+ terrorists in the convoy. This is the 50th time they struck Eastern Syria this year without being detected. MAZEL TOV!

    1. <> says:


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