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Security Forces Uncovered Clandestine Arms Trafficking Syndicate In Northwestern Russia

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Security Forces Uncovered Clandestine Arms Trafficking Syndicate In Northwestern Russia

Alexander Ryumin/TASS

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) eliminated a clandestine arms trafficking syndicate in the cities of St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, the FSB Public Relations Center says.

“The Russian Federal Security Service has foiled the activities of an inter-regional syndicate involved in the manufacture and sale of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firearms and ammunition in the Northwestern Federal District,” the Center told the state-run news agency TASS.

According to the  report, FSB servicemembers have seized 36 improvised explosive devices, more than 1.3 kg of explosives and their components, 19 pieces of firearms, over 100 key components of firearms along with tools for their repair and manufacturing. Makarov and Luger pistols, Mosin rifles, two grenades and 1,400 rounds of ammunition were among the consfiscated things.

“The FSB has shut down the operations of a laboratory to repair firearms and manufacture improvised explosive devices in Petrozavodsk and a workshop to upgrade firearms and make ammunition in St. Petersburg,” the Center stated.

The Center added that three members of the syndicate have been taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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Ivan Freely

Just wait until 3D printing technology becomes more mature and popular.


Americans just can’t stop causing trouble and killing people.
So did the Chuck Chunders smuggle the weapons in from Estonia, or did they use the British route through Finland?

lene johansen


Promitheas Apollonious

Mosin rifles are used very widely in russia to hunt wild boar and deer had one when I was in Caucasus and also the pistols they mentioned here, are also widely used among hunters to finish big game when wounded and hole down and most of them are very old especially Luger is from WW2 relics. What make it not ok to have this arms, is the fact that also with them they had explosives, so that make them terrorists.

Samuel Boas

Wrong, just because you have explosives does not make you a terrorist. Depends what you are doing with it.

Promitheas Apollonious

In russia is only one thing to do with it, also if you actually read the article it help you think better.

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