Security Forces Launch Anti-ISIS Operation In Central Turkey, Face Armed Resistance


Security Forces Launch Anti-ISIS Operation In Central Turkey, Face Armed Resistance


Security forces launched an anti-ISIS operation in the central Turkish province of Konya on Wednesday.

Security forces found an ISIS hideout in Meram district and engaged ISIS members in the area. According to Turkish media, 5 ISIS members were killed and 8 others were detained as a result of the operation. In turn, 6 Turkish service members were injured.

Police reportedly recovered a high number of explosives, inclluding an suicide belt, during the operation.

Anakara has intensified its efforts against ISIS terrorists in 2016 when Turkish forces entered Syria under pretext of fighting the terrorist group. The Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Aleppo became possible a result of series of diplomatic and military developments in the region that led to establishing of working relations over the conflict among Iran, Turkey and Russia.



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  • markusaa

    Maybe Erdogan shouldn’t supported ISIS in the first place. But as long as ISIS killed people in Syria and Iraq he didn’t care

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      The Turks realised that trusting the US / Israel is a mistake ;). They’d be better off leaving NATO and work in close relationship with Russia. But they deserve the backstabbing as they’ve done exactly that to Assad.

      • Trustin Judeau

        Turkey cant be trusted

      • Störtebembel

        Wow, Turkey and Russia and Syria that sound realy great.
        Must be a paradise of human rights.
        Walk on! (ironie off) YAWA!

        • Jacquelinercurtis

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          • Sean Glennie

            Are you a drug dealer or do you sell human organs on the black market?

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          And you believe that Israel & US & Saudi Arabia are human rights paradises…?