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Security Forces Kill 14 ISIS Members, Destroy 4 Vehicles In Iraq’s Anbar


Security Forces Kill 14 ISIS Members, Destroy 4 Vehicles In Iraq's Anbar

Illustrative image: en.alalam.ir

Security forces have killed 14 ISIS members and destroyed 4 vehicles belonging to the terroist group in the Iraqi province of Anbar, the Iraqi news website BasNews reported on August 8 citing Colonel Shaker Obeid al-Rishawy.

According to the report, the operation took place in the desert area south of A-Rutbah in the western part of the province. Security forces also destroyed three underground sites of the terroist group there.

On the same day, ISIS cells carried out attack against governemnt troops at the administrative border between the provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin. 6 government troops were killed or injured in the attack, according to pro-government sources. Pro-ISIS sources claimed that over 20 government soldiers were killed in the attack.

While the Iraqi government officially declared ISIS defeated in the country, the terrorist group’s cells still remain active across the country, especially in its western and northern parts.



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  • Ed

    Looks like Iraq will never be free of them

    • Ivan Freely

      As long US forces is nearby, no.

  • Pave Way IV

    Did anyone else try for a few seconds to figure out the belt-fed SPG-9 machine gun/rocket launcher in the picture? Or why both guys were holding the same weapon? Um… not that I did…

    • You can call me Al

      One is feeding the bullet belt into it.