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JULY 2020

Security Forces Foil Plot By Turkish ISIS Wives To Burn Al-Hawl Camp


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) security forces have foiled a plot by Turkish ISIS wives to burn the notorious al-Hawl camp in northeast Syria, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported on May 13.

A security official in the al-Hawl camp told the news agency that the women wanted to use the fire as a cover to escape from the camp.

“We received information that ISIS women, bearing the Turkish citizenship, are stocking large quantities of gasoline and alcohol in their tents in the al-Muhajireen [the foreigners] section and preparing to set the camp on fire in order to provoke chaos and use it as a cover to escape,” the official told the ANHA.

The three Turkish women were apprehended by the camp’s security forces. Text messages with ISIS cells in Turkey and other parts of Syria were found on the women’s mobile phones.

Security Forces Foil Plot By Turkish ISIS Wives To Burn Al-Hawl Camp

Click to see full-size image. Source: hawarnews.com

More than 67,000 people, including 40,000 family members of ISIS fighters, are being held in the camp, that’s located in the eastern al-Hasakah countryside. The camp is controlled by the SDF, which is supported by the U.S.-led coalition.

This was not the first attempt by ISIS wives to set fire to the al-Hawl camp. On April 20, a similar plot was foiled when a hideout filled with fuel was uncovered in the camp. Another hideout was found on May 7.

ISIS wives in al-Hawl regularly try to escape. They are also adopting the role of the group’s “Hosbah” [religious police], attacking and even murdering anyone who disagrees with their ideology in the camp.




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  • James Adams

    Pour the fuel on them and light it. Then they’ll be free

  • Porc Halal

    The part with the posesion of gasoline I can understand but posesion of alcohol?!…isn’t that haram?!…hey jihadis, please punish them according to the sharia laws and then kill yourself!!…like that you’ll make the world a better and safer place…you cavemen…

  • Exerian

    Do you wanna see ISIS ?
    Here is a kerd being kerd even in one of most peaceful and tolerant place of the world

  • Pave Way IV

    The al Hawl Death Camp has been filling up with ISIS left-overs for the last two years. Exactly what do the SDF and the US intend to do with these detainee/refugees? Is the CIA trying to breed more ISIS 2.0 to take over Syria? Even the neocon apologists in the MSM say that the kids are being radicalized there.

    This situation is dangerous and has been out of control far too long. Where’s the bleeding heart UN or any fake NGOs? Are they waiting to send this riff-raff to Europe? Why can’t (or won’t) the US and SDF at least separate the Syrians from the non-Syrians and put them in separate camps? How many non-ISIS Syrians are being held there involuntarily – essentially being held hostage – by the US in that would rather return to their homes (or what’s left of them) in Raqqa or wherever?

    Three Turkish women? Send them the f’ck back to Turkey. If the ISIS wives are not from Syria, then figure out where they’re from and get rid of them.

    • SnowCatzor

      Yeah there’s kinda no good option to deal with them. Either A) Keep them imprisoned indefinitely B) Let them all loose C) Mass execute them all. I just don’t want them coming to Europe, as there’s too many already. No doubt some bleeding-heart moron from Sweden or Germany will want them though.

  • AM Hants

    ISIS, wives, US and SDF, is there any difference?

  • pp

    Doesn’t matter Kurd or Turk….lettem kill each other like true muslims :D

    • The Man

      PP, you’re a dickhead… Kurd or turk, let them kill themselves like the christian pigs want, in order to cause chaos. Messages on these wh0r3s’ phones had texts that originated from Occupied Palestine and Qatar! So idiot, know the full story before you post a stupid comment.

      • Porc Halal

        Sure…we also know what the muslim pigs want too, so…Despite all the crimes they are doing in the name of their criminal religion against people who do not submit to it, I like the most when muslims in an attempt to distract the attention from the real thing they start pointing against each other and lament: “ah, no!…this and that are not real muslims!!!”…bla, bla…and that: “we the….whatever…are the true muslim and the islam is not like this and bla, bla…all over again …..and again…

        • The Man

          Says a follower of Christianity, the religion of the devil where they follow teachings that say it’s ok to murder and steal, and to fornicate with your brother and sister, mother and father, grandchildern. They Bible is full of filth and full of sex and perversion… but wait… “ah, no!…this and that are not real Christians!!!”…bla, bla…and “we the….whatever…are the true Christian and the Christian is not like this and bla, bla…all over again …..and again… spare me the shite!