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Security Forces Detained Top Member Of Drug Cartel Supporting US Puppet-In-Chief For Venezuela – Guaido

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Venezuelan security forces have detained Argenis Vaca, a top member of the Los Rastrojos drug cartel (originates from Colombia). Vaca is being charged for his involvement in killings, kidnappings and drug traffiking.

The Los Rastrojos cartel helped US-proclaimed ‘President of Venezuela’ Juan Guaido to illegally cross border from Venezuela to Colombia (the court banned Guaido from leaving the country).

Security Forces Detained Top Member Of Drug Cartel Supporting US Puppet-In-Chief For Venezuela - Guaido

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AM Hants

Elliot Abrams, US Ambassador to Venezuela, who sits on the Board of Directors of the National Endowment for Democracy NGO, funded by the US tax payer. The same Elliot Abrams, who set up the Government/tax payer funded PNAC, with the husband of Victoria Nuland (Robert Kagan) and Bill Krysal. Victoria Nuland, who turned up in Ukraine with John McCain and a basket full of $5 billion cookies, during the Soros funded violent coup d’etat. Soros and his ‘Open Society Foundation’ which works in parallel with the NED. Anne Applebaum, also sits on the Board of Directors of the NED, and makes most of her income from Government/tax payer funded ‘think tanks’, like the Atlantic Council and Integrity Initiative. The Atlantic Council, which also receives funding from Soros Open Society, Burisma Holdings, Google, US State Department and the Rockefeller Group. Burisma Holdings, which was under the control of Igor Kolomoisky and his Privatt Group, which provided lucrative positions to the families of the US Vice President and the US Secretary of State.

Gosh, the list goes on and the above is just a nibble from the massive, tax payer funded, oak tree.

Guiado, over in Venezuela, the politician with no votes, who declared himself President, owing to being funded, supported and trained by the NED. The same NED who funded, trained and supported Navalny. The same NED who are running the Hong Kong Protests. In fact are there any regime change protests that Soros and the NED are not involved in? Especially when the US and friends demand the natural resources of others? Particularly if the nation has no Rothschild Central Bank or Rothschild Debt.

So who has taken over the funding of Navalny, since Russia threw the NED out of the country?

Mysterious Foreigners Sponsoring Navalny – Who Are They…https://www.stalkerzone.org/mysterious-foreigners-sponsoring-navalny-who-are-they/

Harry Smith

Oh yeah baby! :) More than a month, most of the Russian internet enjoys the pain in the ass of members of ФБК (corruption fighting fund) by Navalniy. In Russia there is such thing as consolidated liability. It means that sum of the money had laundered is blocked on every bank account of every member of laundry network. It is not divided proportionally, but every account of every member has debt of 75 mln of roubles. The debt will exist while state won’t get the whole sum. Dozens of messages from Navalniy’s acolytes full of pain and suffering – screenshots of different bank accounts info with minus 75 mln on it.

AM Hants

Wish over in the UK we had a similar system. Instead our Government is more than happy to fund Browder, despite knowing his history, in his position as part of the Integrity Initiative Team.


LR I’m afraid Yanki War Hogs did not get Syrian oil. ISIS passed all Syrian oil on to Erdogon who in turn sold it to the IsraHellis making himself a multi-billionaire. While Guadio’s funding did originated from the same headchopping psychos but it was GOLD. It was reported by SANA and the Turkish Daily Sabah that Yanki Choppers removed up to 50 tons of Gold from ISIS in a deal which gave ISIS Commanders and leaders, probably included Baghdadi, free passage to an unknown location.

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