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Security Forces Detain 2 Militants, Kill 3 Others In Jammu And Kashmir

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Security Forces Detain 2 Militants, Kill 3 Others In Jammu And Kashmir

IMAGE: twitter.com/KashmirNews

On July 12, Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir detained two gunmen that threw grenades at government troops from their bike.

The incident happened in Sail village in Awantipora. The arrested gunment were identified as Umer from Aloora Shopian and Zahid Yusuf Pala from Aloora Shopian.

Earlier on the same day, 3 militants were killed in a firefight with security forces in Sopore town of the Baramulla district. One of the eliminated militants was identified as a person affiliated with the Lashkar-e-Toiba militant group. Indian sources claim that the group is supported from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, security forces detained Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, the present chairperson of the pro-Pakistan Tehreek-Hurriyat party, and several memebers of the Jamaat-e-Islami militant group. Sehrai, 76, is also the new leader of the Hurriyat Conference, a conglomerate of 26 anti-Indian parties in the disputed region, after lifetime chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani resigned last month.

The situation in the region escalated ahead of the annual Martyrs Day in Kashmir which honors the memory of 22 Kashmiri Muslims killed by a Hindu ruler on July 13, 1931. This day was dropped from the list of official holidays by the regional administration after it came under the direct rule of the Indian government following the abrogation of the region’s special autonomous status in 2019. Often, this day is marked by large-scale anti-Indian demonstrations and various security incidents.


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Zionism = EVIL

As I have said before, the Zionist cunts have pushed the dumbass faggot Modi into a repressive policies in Kashmir and this conflict has no military solution. As the recent MI-6 report even acknowledged that the youth of Kashmir are being radicalized and picking up guns. Just last week the cunt Modi’s BJP chief in Kashmir was killed in broad daylight. The Kashmir issue is getting internationalized and with rising tensions in the region, it will get worse. India needs to start a dialog and get rid of the Jew cunts.


Surprises are coming for Paki bastards and Kashmiri terrorists.You have no idea how many terrorists we eliminated.You should mind your business in your stupid $hi@ shithole IRAN.


In fact why don’t you take your stupid $hi@ brothers from india and settle them in Tehran or qom.We don’t want them here


India should adopt the UN resolution and hold a plebiscite and let the Kashmiri people decide their future.

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