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JUNE 2021

Security Forces Carried Out Anti-ISIS Operation In 29 Turkish Provinces

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The Turkish General Directorate of Security issued an official statement saying that security forces have carried out a wide operation against ISIS in 29 Turkish provinces.

Security Forces Carried Out Anti-ISIS Operation In 29 Turkish Provinces

During the operation, Turkish security forces arrested 233 suspects of being members of terrorist organizations, , including 25 foreigners, according to the statement of the General Directorate of Security of Turkey. Among the places stormed by Turkish Security Forces a school suspected of belonging to ISIS and indoctrinating children and teens under the age of 18.

The statement added that 5 suspected members of the ISIS terrorist group were killed after clashes with the Turkish Security Forces in Konya, central Turkey.

According to Anadolu Agency, Turkish security forces in the state of Izmir in western Turkey stopped suspects who were planning terrorist operations on the night of July 15, the first anniversary of the failed coup attempt against Erdogan. During the campaign, security forces seized ISIS flags, hunting rifles, unlicensed pistols, and several electronic devices.

Turkish Security Forces had previously stopped several ISIS members who had confessed to planning terrorist acts with the aim of creating political problems in Turkey.

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anti isis?no way…isis is their friend, a valuable ally. they sold Turkey oil in exchange for arms and training….many of them are treated in Turkish hospitals…..of course they are not called isis oficially but ‘rebels’…..its all about the Kurds …no ISIS there


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Oh. . . Now Turkey can find ISIL Fighters.

But not when many thousands were transitting through Turkey to Syria. . .

And not when they were sending many thousands of Oil Tankers from Syria to Turkey. . .

Did they just have an eyesight test?

Real Anti-Racist Action

They are arresting them for deserting the battlefields of Syria just as England has done and the US has done and France has done and USSR has done throughout history.
They are trying to force ISIS to return to fighting the people of Syria.

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