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Security Forces Arrest Traffickers, Uncover Weapons In Southern Syria (Video)

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Syrian security forces have arrested arms traffickers and seized large quantities of weapons in the country’s southern region, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on June 20.

“After monitoring and a pursuit, we apprehended a group of terrorists linked to foreign entities that was smuggling materials used to make improvised explosive devices … Thousands of fuses and explosive materials, which were being smuggled in shipping trucks, were seized,” a military source told the state-run agency.

The weapons seized by security forces also included dozens of assault rifles, loads of ammunition, an RPG-7 launcher as well as a Yugoslav-made M79 Osa anti-tank weapon along with six rounds.

Security Forces Arrest Traffickers, Uncover Weapons In Southern Syria (Video)

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Last month, Syrian security forces uncovered loads of weapons in the southern region, including two Soviet-made man-portable air-defense systems.

A large part of the weapons usually seized by Syrian authorities in the southern region was supplied to militants by the U.S. and its regional allies, mainly Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


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Expect the Pretend Israel to bomb this treasurer.


We don’t bomb pitty weapon stockpiles like that, we go for the real prize – Iranian heads.

Jim Allen

What, with your insignificant, ineffective IDF pinpricks launched over the villages on the Lebanese border ? Where the brave IAF pilots know Syria won’t shoot down their planes to avoid having a shot down F-16 crash into the villages. But, instead shoot down 90-95% of the incoming missiles.
Attack Iran directly, mouth. Let’s see you back up what comes out of it, troll.
Have you ever heard the name
Yakov Kedmi ?


Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia version.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Now we have seen You stomach. Do You have a good microskope, so we can see Your brain too. Is it linket to anything?


but not in Iran.

Jens Holm

Is it fair taking weapons from the opposition like that. It seemes tobe the only kind of communication among them.

But..Nice catch.


The Turkish operation in northern Iraq is turning into another failure, as Ankara is counting the first casualties of Turkish soldiers since the PKK’s guerrilla war and Kurdish semi-autonomous organizations strongly resisting the illegal invasion of neo-Ottoman Turkey.

The leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) said on Saturday that more than 20 Turkish soldiers had been killed by his forces in northern Iraq this weekend.

The PKK leader told the Arab edition of Sputnik that “a Turkish commando unit tried to launch an air operation in the Haftani area and the Kurdish forces repulsed them.”

The Kurdish leader said the incident resulted in the deaths of more than 20 Turkish soldiers and the wounding of dozens more.

Turkey has opened another front that it cannot cope with. The Iraqi Kurdish guerrilla war is already counting the first losses in the Turkish armed forces, while Kurdish nuclei are constantly stepping up their operations inside Turkey by sabotaging critical structures and factories.

Kurds in Iraq launch extensive guerrilla warfare against Turkish operation Tiger Claw by blowing up a Turkish armored vehicle carrying Turkish commandos to a mountainous spot for starters.

[Imgur]comment image)

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