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JUNE 2021

Security Forces Arrest 24 ISIS Members Around Mosul. Terrorists Attack Police In Tikrit

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Security Forces Arrest 24 ISIS Members Around Mosul. Terrorists Attack Police In Tikrit

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On March 4, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, announced in an official statement that security forces had arrested 17 ISIS member during a security operation in the village of Badush, 9km northwest of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. 6 Iraqi Army soldiers were killed in a hit and run attack by ISIS in the village of Badush on March 2.

Maj. Gen. Maan also revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had promised to support police in Nineveh with additional 10,000-12,000 troops in order to “strengthen the security” there.

Meanwhile, Major Abdul Aziz Izz al-Din al-Maadida of the Iraqi Military Intelligence announced that the army had arrested “Othman Khalid al-Ameen”, an administrator of the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, along with 6 of his assistants during a special operation in the village of al-Lik southeast of Mosul.

“The search will continue because there are other media teams, which were helping the organization [ISIS] in the field of media, and other fields, and they must be eliminated because they are time bombs that may explode at any moment” Maj. al-Maadida said, according to the Erem News outlet.

While the Iraqi authorities were responding to the growing ISIS threat around Mosul, the terrorist group conducted an attack against the Iraqi Federal Police (IFP) south of the town of al-Abbasi near the city of Tikirt. Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters had killed 7 IFP servicemembers and had injured 5 others. 4 vehicles belonging to the IFP were allegedly damaged by ISIS fighters.

Recently, ISIS has reactivated many of its cells mainly in the northern part of Iraq. These cells have quickly become a challenge to the Iraqi authorities as they have conducted several successful operations.

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May all the ISIS sleeper cells be found and executed before any more Iraqi civilians are hurt or killed. Iraq is witnessing its most peaceful year in over a decade.


You are aware that they are attacking various places in Iraq on an almost daily basis aren’t you?!


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I’m no expert but it’s clear to me that due to the constant number of attacks that they are carrying out, Daesh will never be defeated in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter. Their sheer determination and resilience is astounding and their numbers are seemingly unlimited. They just keep coming and coming and coming!

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