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Security Chaos Back In Syria’s Al-Hol Camp

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Security Chaos Back In Syria's Al-Hol Camp

Illustrative image: UNICEF/UN0277723/Souleiman

In light of two new incidents in the camp during the past two days, the security chaos and assassinations renewed in the Al-Hol camp in the eastern countryside of Hasakah, which is under the control of the Syrian Defence Forces (SDF).

A local source said that a Russian woman from the ISIS family detained in the Al-Hol camp was subjected to an assassination attempt by extremist women loyal to the terrorist organization.

According to the source the 36-year-old Russian Elena was attacked with sharp objects in the “migrant women’s section” in the Al-Hol camp, but she miraculously escaped death, as she was transferred to a medical point for treatment in the camp.

The incident came after unidentified persons had assassinated an Iraqi refugee in the camp, after he had been subjected to death threats hours before.

The source stated that unknown persons had opened fire with a silencer-mounted gun at the Iraqi refugee Bassam al-Muhammadi, during the curfew imposed by the SDF in the camp. Before the attack Al-Muhammadi was threatened by unknown persons through leaflets, which were placed in front of his tent warning him of death.

The two incidents come after the SDF announced the arrest of 4 Iraqis in the camp a few days ago, which it said were ISIS members and accused them of being responsible for carrying out the assassinations in al-Hol.

The camp’s residents are constantly suffering from a state of security chaos that threatens their lives, amid the total inability of the SDF to stop the assassinations and establish stability inside the camp.


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Peter Wallace

Take all those that are associated with ISIS to Auschwitz and give them a shower to clean up their act. What chance do the kids have of being normal in that situation and are nothing but future terrorists of an extreme nature in training. If you are attacked how are you going too identify the attacker. She was dressed head to foot in black.. Or take the kids off them and give them to Jens to bring up..

If I don't steal it, someone else will steal it

Auschwitz? Nah, Poland doesn’t need them.

They should go home to Washington DC or Brussels. They can form their own borough. It will be called “ISIS Town, DC”, for all the former Zionist-American proxy forces and their families. Just like we have “MEK-town” in NATO occupied Albania.

jens holm

Those mainly are not grown in western gardens at all, as well as the reasons for it.

…Fighters include those from the Gulf Arab states, Tunisia (following its own Tunisian revolution), Libya (following the Libyan Civil War), China, other Arab states, Russia, including the North Caucasus region, and Western countries.


If I don't steal it, someone else will steal it

And who funded the Arab Spring and the Mujahideen and the Libyan putchists and etc…?

All of it was grown by the USA, and the EU. Just look up Operation Timber Sycamore. ISIS is an artificial movement, watered by the USA/EU. If the USA never supported any of these groups, then the Middle east would be a lot more peaceful.

The USA needs instability in the region, because instability makes it easier to regime change whoever doesn’t do what you tell them to do.

Last edited 29 days ago by If I don't steal it, someone else will steal it
Peter Wallace

They don’t normally stay for very long at Auschwitz and it takes care of the problem rather than create another one elsewhere..

jens holm

I would rather take in Mexicans to make Trump happy.

My only help proposed by me a few years ago was to put their own landmines around those camps.

It disputed very much in Denmark if the children should be allowed to come back to Denmark, if they fx has relatives here. The relatives seemes to be normal citicens.

The vomen in Al Hol wont give those children to their relatives and its disputed if those children already are indoctrinated for life. I dont care about those people.

It makes sense to help some of the millions, which has done nothing and are raised to integrate or at least do their best to make a new life for them and their children.

Peter Wallace

Makes no difference to me Jens. Unless the kids are removed very soon they will be indoctrinated to hate for life. I don’t care if they go have a shower with their mums or you look after them. At least with you they may have a chance in life . From where they are now they will only grow up into some of the worst terrorist with nothing but a desire to kill.

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