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Secret U.S.-Iran Deal Paved The Way For New Iraqi PM – Report

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Secret U.S.-Iran Deal Paved The Way For New Iraqi PM – Report

Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims from Hashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) march during a parade marking the annual al-Quds Day, or Jerusalem Day, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Baghdad, Iraq July 1, 2016. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily – RTX2J7WT

A secret deal between the U.S. and Iran has paved the way for Mustafa al-Kadhimi to become Iraq’s Prime Minister, the Middle East Eye reported on March 14 citing an Iraqi political source with knowledge on the matter.

The source told the UK-based outlet the U.S. policy of exerting “maximum pressure” on Iran will not change. However, Washington agreed under the secret deal to de-escalate militarily in the Gulf and to “look the other way” if a third-party country in Europe released some of Iran’s frozen money.

In return, Iran told Shiite factions in Iraq to approve al-Kadhimi as the country’s new Prime Minister, which they did in the parliament on May 7.

“The Americans managed to get their man, and the Iranians to get their money,” a source told the Middle East Eye, adding “The economic hardship that Iranians have faced, and all the difficulties they faced after the assassination of Qassam Soleimani, has hit them hard. There were negotiations. The deal ended with the Iranians accepting this guy [Kadhimi] and they told their allies to vote for him.”

Al-Kadhimi, a former director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS), is well-known for his close ties with U.S. intelligence.

His candidacy for the premiership was challenged by Shiite factions prior to the U.S.-Iran deal. Iran-affiliated Kata’ib Hezbollah even accused al-Kadhimi of taking part in the U.S. drone strike which killed Iran Quds Force commander Qassam Soleimani and Iraqi leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

According to the Middle East Eye, Iraqi sources declined to reveal the Iranian assets which would be unfrozen under the new deal. However, they pointed to a decision by a court in Luxembourg to block a U.S. request to transfer $1.6bn in Iranian assets to victims of the 9/11 attacks.

Iran welcomed the decision, which was taken last month, calling it a victory. It remains unclear, however, if any of the frozen assets were later released.

Secret deals between the U.S. and Iran are nothing new. Nevertheless, the deal on Iraq, if true, highlights the failure of Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign on Tehran.


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Assad must stay

I hope this “deal” does not end up like JCPOA, and that US actually unfreezes irans money, I thought Iran would have learned by now

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, it has freed up $5 billion in hard cash from Europe and as usual the Americunts blinked as they know that Iran has been the regional superpower for over 3,000 years. Keep in mind that Kadimi has been a double agent for over 4 decades as he has spent more time in Iran during the Saddam era than in Iraq, and he weak and will follow instructions. The Iraqi national consensus is to rid the region of Americunt and Zionist cunts and that is where is the focus will be. The PMU, particularly the Kataeb Hezbollah are the real government of Iraq, just like Lebanon and they are being strengthened. The Americunt dumbasses are really stuck now and have to kiss Iran’s arse as they are getting into a strategic losing war with China after the Pimpeovirus backfired on them.

Tommy Jensen

China is looking short term, and we Americans are looking long term. Thats why we always win in the long run.
Just look at Japan, Vietnam, Saudi, Ukraine, Phillippines and the sissies in Europe. We kicked their arses and they love it.

Bill Rood

Tommy, you’re a scream. Is your “other” job at the Onion?


Having a CIA asset as Iraqi PM only facilitates acts of terror like the killing of Soleimani and ISIS insurgency in the whole region. Well, that’s more chances for a big war to ignite because the US won’t stop doing what it’s been doing in Iraq.

Icarus Tanović

Middle east eye is the source of this, bear that…

klove and light

lololol…..ty for swearing at me you 99% zionist brainwashed donks………..weeks ago i wrote that al-Kadhimi is a US/Zionist puppet. It Always makes me happy when I get sweared at here….thats enough proove iam Right..each and every time…………..

so you Folks serioisly believe that solemani was assasinated without the help of iranian and iraqi intelligence????????????

sure….JFK was assassinated without the help of US intelliigence

sure 9-11 happened without the US intelligence

sure Moro was murdered without the help of italian intelligence

sure Herrhausen was assasinated without the help of german intelligence

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

the FAKE corona pandemic SHOULD have opened YOUR eyes………………….

ohh my god soo many dying in the USA lolololol

ohh my god soo many dying in Russia lololol

ohhh my god sooo many dying in italy lololol

ohhh my god sooo many dying in spain lololol

ohhh my god soo mnay dying in China lololol

ohhhh my god sooo many dying in UK lololol

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy GODDDDDDD so many dying in IRAN lololololol

well Maybe there are different STRAINS……thats the answer….the above nations got the “Killer strain” lolol

just by doing Maths, and including the different Health Systems in the different nations..the following SHOULD have happened IF this was a KILLERVIRUS which is highly contagious……………….

JAPAN due to ist overwhelming Population and overoverover crowded cities should have millions of dead.

AFRICA due to ist NON existing Health System should have 10´s of millions of dead

Iraq due to ist non existinh Health System should have millions dead

Egypt due to ist overcrowing and non existing Health sstem should have millions of dead

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ……..

so Keep on watching the THEATRE Play made just for the donkies…..

good USA bad USA good uk bad uk good Germany bad Germany good Russia bad Russia good China bad China etc..etc..etc..etc..etc…

to tell you Folks the truth, i could´nt care less anymore on this fucked up Zionist satanic brainwashed planet…..


care to increase your intelluigence/knowing of behind the doors??????

read from Arthur Firstenberg ” The invisible rainbow, history of electricity and life”

ps. the iranians KNOW exactly that the Coronavirus is a HOAX.because they are using the HOAX too.THEY have to, just as allllll other nations HAVE to Play ball……..not because of orders…but because of SELF interest.

and wether you like it or not…beleive in it or not…….

THE AGENDA will not Change.

A one world Government with Jerusalem as ist´capital under satanic Leadership. period!!!

so gert your fucking NANOTECH vaccine lolololol and dont Forget to SMILE while they inject the needle into your Body with all the Goodies…lololol

the QUANTUM DOT TATTOO Quantum Dot Tattoo, will probably be th easy part espiecally in the western world, as 2/3 are tattooed anyway already, and the NEW Goodie (Quantum Dot Tattoo) can anyway not be seen with your eyes.

so Keep on arguing. discussing, swearing over a CREATED fabricated theatre Play……just as the US Population is constantly arguing whio to vote in the next “election”
democrats or republicans….lolol……..that was just the most obviuos example, but ist the same in each Nation……

hope????? lololol

i have more hope seeing an Indian elephant fucking an african elephant in the ass while flying 1000 meters in the sky.


A funny moment was when people clapped like trained seals when the Moscow patriarch met Bill Gates’ good friend the Jesuit dictatorship-backing pope on his way to Antarctica. A moment to contemplate how human stupidity is as boundless as the perfidy and malignity of the powers that be.

Fog of War

Sadly, much of what you say seems to be coming to fruition.


Putin is a corrupt tool of the Jew oligarchs.


Once he was,but now hes the most usefull tool of gods,like it or lump it,
and soros/kweer fascists whoms cia trolls persist to squeal in rage,poor beggars!
The only oligharchs whom a vile are the ones linked in ukraine/soros/biden/browder/etc all those scammers,unlike the real deal rich whom do infact pay taxes:

Xoli Xoli


Zionism = EVIL

Russia and China will veto the US petition at the United Nations
Security Council calling for “the re-imposition of full sanctions plus
more sanctions on all military sales to Tehran,” according to UN sources. The Chinese ambassador at the UN took an unusual step of holding a press conference in English and launching into a scathing attack on the US for inciting conflicts and arms race. He also called Iran a stabilizing force in the region that has stood up against terrorism and contributed to global peace.


US needs to cut loose the Zionist chain and ball.

Luke Hemmming

I remember you writing this too. I agree with you too. I love your last sentence.


I love your burka, you shy?

Luke Hemmming

Nah its to keep the sun off my face


Practical garb :)

Luke Hemmming

and to stop me getting coronavirus


Muslims are smart, prepared 14 centuries ago.

Luke Hemmming

Haha yeah true dat. BTW im white Australian and I chose this avator for shits n giggles as we say in Australia.

Bill Rood

so you Folks serioisly believe that solemani was assasinated without the help of iranian and iraqi intelligence????????????

An interesting thought, but we’ve also read that Soleimani actually wanted martyrdom, which has proven to be quite a blessing for Iranian regional interests, hasn’t it? Assassination was a way Soleimani could achieve martyrdom without committing the sin of suicide. Besides, his visit to Baghdad was open and well publicized, as it was diplomatic in nature and should have been immune to attack.

Too bad about al-Muhandis. Collateral damage and all that, I suppose.


Shia donkeys live in iraq :D

Concrete Mike

Racist prick.

Zionism = EVIL

He is a Zionist troll Iron Zion, ignore the CUNT! Attention seeking PUNK.

Ashok Varma

He claims to be Indian, but does not know any Indian history or even language.

Icarus Tanović

Middle east eye is the source of this rubbish…this is funny…

Tommy Jensen

Iran approved an CIA asset as new Iraq PM against getting money? And Iraq Shiites voted for an CIA asset as PM for money?
Come on boys.

Zionism = EVIL

Retarded idiot, Kadhimi has spend most of his life in Iran. The level of trolling ignorance is hilarious.


Have to see what happens, to know if this was real or not.


US bought themselves (with other’s money!) another PM- plain and simple. The Iranians can have him removed later if they find it expedient…

Ashok Varma

Iran is the regional superpower and its history, religion and culture is linked to Iraq, US is a invader that has killed millions of Iraqis, who hate the US anyway.


I want compensation from the US for my car door jamming on my hand. I will settle for not less than $20 million.


Billions for Iran and a blinking blimp Trumpoid with Covid problems.

Xoli Xoli

As long as Iran is happy I dont have regrets.

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