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UAE Owns 18 Secret Prisons In Yemen. US Supports This – Report

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UAE Owns 18 Secret Prisons In Yemen. US Supports This - Report

(AP Photo/Yemen’s Defense Ministry)

Associated Press released a report claiming that the UAE established a network of secret prisons in Yemen under the supervision of its army.

According to the report, hundreds of prisoners have gone missing in unknown circumferences under the UAE’s undercover operation against Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

AP claims that the UAE owns 18 secret prisons in southern Yemen without the knowledge of the Yemeni government. The report also mentioned horrendous torturing procedures occur in those prisons on a regular basis.

Several high-ranking commanders from the US military force operating in Yemen allegedly participated in questioning of prisoners, but they denied participating in human rights offenses.

AP went on to claim that over 2,000 people vanished in those secret prisons. However, the UAE government denies any breaches of human rights.

It is known that the US has depended on a series of secrets prisons in allied countries in its war on terrorism since 2001.

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Pave Way IV

It’s actually the UAE’s contract head-chopper mercs from Blackwater/Academi/Xe that run the torture shops.

And why wouldn’t UAE have secret torture prisons in Yemen? That’s exactly how their Israeli ‘counter-terrorism’ experts trained them to maintain state security by capturing, torturing and slaughtering any perceived enemies. The Israelis are great at that AND have a long history of human rights abuse ‘successes’ from practicing on Palestinians.

Pinochet – Chile? Israelis taught their army brutal oppression tactics and sold them plenty of arms. El Salvidor? Inhumanity? Prisons? Torture? Yeah, them too.

Columbia? It’s no secret to FARC that Israel military train Colombian Army thugs to torture and kill their own people. Israeli ‘techniques’ are commonplace in Colombian prisons. When Colombian military psychopaths are tired of torturing their own people, they can go merc and work for the UAE.

The UAE is a big fan of Israeli counter-terrorism and security. They hired the Israeli-trained thugs mentioned above (now Blackwater/Academi/Xe) to fight in Yemen and run the torture prisons. The UAE also has Abu Dhabi and all their infrastructure wired up and monitored by Israeli security firms. No doubt they would like to do the same thing in Yemen.

Not enough? Israel was big in the South Africa torture prisons during apartheid. Israel’s chemical/biological weapons program was carried out clandestinely in South Africa utilizing human test subjects from the federal prisons. After the fall of apartheid, Israel bought and moved the entire chemical/biological weapons program and it’s leaders to other African nations. it remains intact today working on the next ebola outbreak.

If you want the most inhumane prisons, psychopathic torturers and sick torture techniques, then Israel is your one-stop shop. Those guys are the hands-down experts – they could make Mengele blush. And my fellow Americans can rest assured that the Israeli-run Department of Homeland Security is protecting you 24×7… until they decide you are the enemy. Then they’ll send you to an Israeli-designed and run FEMA ‘camp’ for some re-education.

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