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Secret Document Outlines US-Israel Plan For Syria-Style War in Lebanon: Report

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Lebanese President Michael Aoun reportedly received a US-Israeli document detailing plans for creating a civil war in Lebanon, during US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Beirut, Lebanon on March 22nd.

The document outlines covert false flag operations and a possible Israeli invasion, Lebanese TV station, Al-Jadeed reported.

According to the report, the source of the document is Israeli and it was created in partnership with the US, it is unclear who exactly presented it to President Aoun.

Geopolitics Alert translated the contents of the report.

Secret Document Outlines US-Israel Plan For Syria-Style War in Lebanon: Report

Click to see full-size image

Secret Document Outlines US-Israel Plan For Syria-Style War in Lebanon: Report

Click to see full-size image

Secret Document Outlines US-Israel Plan For Syria-Style War in Lebanon: Report

Click to see full-size image

Secret Document Outlines US-Israel Plan For Syria-Style War in Lebanon: Report

Click to see full-size image

The document presents an alleged US plan to splinter the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), a domestic institution separated from the Lebanese Army. This would be carried out by an $200 million investment in the ISF. The money would be “disguised” as a means to keep peace, but $2.5 million would be specifically designated to create a conflict against Hezbollah.

The document states the ultimate goal is to destabilize the country by creating a civil war in Lebanon which will “help Israel on the international scene.” The United States and Israel plan to accomplish this by supporting “democratic forces.” If that sounds familiar, its because it is currently happening in Venezuela (or is rather about to possibly happen) and is actively still happening in Syria and Libya.

The document also expects no casualties, all the while the “full load of our firepower will be unleashed.” The civil war would lead to requests for intervention from Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF), and after “extreme reluctance” Israel would agree to do so.

Israel, according to the document also would play a vital role of creating “covert false flag operations,” with the progression of the conflict. The operations aren’t specified, but they could potentially include chemical attacks, similar to the ones the Syrian government is blamed for.

The document admits that the plan could be challenged by Hezbollah’s strong presence in all areas of governance in the country, as well as in the ISF and the Lebanese Army.

Separately, during his visit Mike Pompeo gave Michel Aoun an ultimatum: to contain Hezbollah or face consequences.

“It will take courage for the nation of Lebanon to stand up to Hezbollah’s criminality, terror, and threats,” Pompeo said.

Sami Nader, a Lebanese political analyst, said this shift came as part of U.S. President Donald Trump’s reversal of his predecessor’s Middle East policy toward confronting Iran. “Now the US says, ‘Hezbollah is your problem.’ As in a Lebanese problem that Lebanon must sort out and not America,” Nader said.

The Lebanese government isn’t sure how to deliver on Pompeo’s wishes. It can neither take on Hezbollah militarily nor stop it from accessing its share of government resources. According to Aoun, Hezbollah scored two-thirds of Shiite votes in the last elections. That’s make it entitled, under Lebanese convention, to offer services and jobs to its constituents, just as Sunni, Druze, and Christian parties do.

It is unclear if Pompeo’s staff presented Aoun with this document as a threat prior to their meeting. If the documents are true, however, it is clear that the US and allies are planning to carry out clandestine operations similar to past and current ones in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iran.


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fatso is travelling around in the world like a fat herman goehring and committing one transgressions after the other, transgressions that the world really need to address and put an end to. fatso and his cohorts in washington dc resemble in all manner the group of criminally insane hitler had around himself – you know the guys that hang around hitler like flies around a turd – goehring, goebbels, himmler, bohrmann, heydrich und zu weiter.


Agree, Pompeo must be declared a terrorist and a head of a terrorist organisation.

Zionism = EVIL

Pompeo is just a typical Americunt pig.

comment image


Hezbollah wont sit around if the zios try to do to Lebanon what they did to Syria.

Zionism = EVIL

As long as the Zionist cancer exists in Occupied Palestine there will be endless wars in the region. The Americunts just dance to the tune of their Zionist masters and unless the Zionist entity is bled the evil Khazars will continue to sow mayhem. It is time to hit Tel Aviv with a few precise weapons and engage the Zionist cowards in a war of attrition on multiple fronts. The region is reaching a boiling point and Zionist arrogance can not last forever.

chris chuba

Pompeo is demanding that the President of Lebanon violate their own constitution.


He and his fellow Washington gang do it all the time, so is it any strange he expects the same of others?

Promitheas Apollonious

if it was secret, you know it after the event. this is just the usual BS.

You can call me Al

Probably, but remember that the US is shipping weaponry to the Lebanese army as well.


Promitheas Apollonious

one of this days it should sink in, I am talking with you not about what you said, that weapons dont make warriors just morons with a gun. The lebanese army, with out Hez in the equation, will last what? 1-2 days against israelis, before they run for the mountains. I have a long history with the lebanese and I know them very well, beside fighting twice in their wars for my own personal reasons, nothing political, or because I like them.


the Leb army should have told them to F off !!

not the first or last the US weaponizes both sides of a conflicf..

Pave Way IV

OK – same specific plan the US and Israel have used had for Lebanon (=Hezbollah) for, oh, the last couple of decades. Same plan that makes more Lebanese recognize Hezbollah as the protectors of Lebanon, NOT the Lebanese army leadership. All the time and effort spent by the US and Israel to bribe/infiltrate the Lebanese army apparently was ineffective, since they STILL have to find a potentially disloyal faction (the Lebanese ISF) to act as US/Israeli proxies. I would give them, oh… day and a half tops against Hezbollah.

FFS, the US/Israel must have this in a MS Word template and just change the dates and amount of US tax dollars that will be spent on this scheme. ZZzzz… even if it is true. If not, they always have the template for future use.


Yeah, this, uh…. leak, is not entirly waisted nor wrong, I then regard this as more of an easy read road map of what we define as “color revolutions” aka the Arab spring, ukraina and so on, its just. it is just somehow, to old, that reality witch is given in this, pamflet of wet dreams, isnt even new, but to me, as an long time reader, this docs seems just out dated, somehow ( my guess is 10-15 y, old), because, reality have changed since, ISISrael is nowhere near an might to attack Lebanon and that is not only by, aka Hezb, but also the military capacity and level of it, makes even air surpemacy to an costly goal, and on top of it, is ISISrael it self, is it, ready to fight something that is become an force to recon, or was this, uh….. leak just an NothingButYahoho scare show, to bolster the numbers.

I recond the last, an war on Lebanon, is out of the question, the problem, if any into the future is the loose cannon Tumpstein, whom is right now enjoying power tripps, and cant be trusted at all.



So now it’s the worlds worst kept secret. Come on, something real please.

Hasbara Hunter

Forget your Plans USraHell…your Game is over….


The Western nations in the 21st century all have an achilles heel.
It is their political inability to take large numbers of casualties in foreign war adventures.

Even a regular drip of casualties is a political problem when fighting in far off lands that are NO genuine threat to the West.

This is of course why NATO nations now wish to censor all that their citizens can see, read and hear.

Hasbara Hunter

Western People also don’t seem to like it that much any longer to Die for Rothschild’s Opium & Oil-Fields…A lot of Bodybags send back home will create an unease among the Sheeples…


Yes, the good old days of standing in lines to be shot at by another armies cannon fodder, in order to keep ones ‘ betters ‘ in power are long gone I think.

Lena Jones

Bluffsville! Jews have been threatening Lebanon with invasion and civil war every day for the past 50 years – they did it successfully once before pre hezbollah’s birth and got their jewy satanic asses handed to them by a fledgling hezbollah – TWICE! Today, hezbollah is no more a fledgling but a focused, dedicated and battle-hardened army on ‘a mission from god’. They are the most successful resistance group in the world today. Listen, jews and their goy buttlickers know damn well that touching Lebanon like that will result in the immediate destruction of tel aviv by hezb missiles. This is precisely why israel has NOT dared touch Lebanon since it’s humiliation by hezbollah on the battlefield back in 2006.

Lena Jones

Cannon fodder won’t stop missiles raining on tel aviv.


In Lebanon, everything and everyone is ‘betrayed’… curiously that makes for all things coming out at some point. Aoun not only cannot afford a war against Hezbollah… Israelis and the US have still not understood that the Lebanese will *not* have another civil war. Yes, there is massive factionism and animosity… but more actually of the opposite. It is likely that Aoun saw this as his only chance to keep peace – which is in the interest of all.


Neo-Cons have just one playbook – manufacture or encourage false flag operation via sponsored operatives or cultivated assets – and in subsequent confusion use compliant western media to immediately demand aggressive intervention based on unverified events. With this push, push, push approach it doesn’t matter if alleged event or premise proves false in longer term as intervention is already motion – however, of course, there will never be any accountability for intervention decisions made due to ‘incorrect intelligence’.


Neo-Cons have just one intervention playbook – manufacture or encourage false flag operations, via sponsored operatives or cultivated assets – and in subsequent initial confusion use compliant western media to immediately and relentlessly demand aggressive intervention based on unverified events. With this push, push, push, approach it doesn’t matter if alleged events or premises prove false in longer term, as the intervention is already in motion – however, of course, there will never be any real political or criminal accountability for such interventions that prove to have a flawed basis – due to the simple dismissive mea cupla of ‘incorrect intelligence’.


Assuming the credibility of such secret document, the Anglo-Americans and their whore in the Middle East, Israel, are either imbeciles (unlikely) or utterly desperate (likely).

• When the warlords of the lengthy civil war reliazed they were pitted against each other by the same vile foreign power via Kissinger (who was shocked to see churches and mosques side by side), they stopped fighting. The end result was a series of assassinations to replace them and continue the chaos. We learned, never again will we kill each other.

• The false-flag assassination of Rafik Hariri was meant to achieve three objectives:

1. Remove Syria from Lebanon (no complaints there)
2. Disarm Hezbollah
3. Ignite a civil war that was supposed to spread to Damascus (thousands of US Marines were ready for deployment)

It failed. We did not look at each other to find a culprit. We knew it was orchestrated by the same vile outsiders.

• The false-flag bombings of mosques in the Sunni north and the Shia south also failed to ignite conflict among us. There again, we knew it was the putrid spoor left behind the same vile degenerates.


The first sign of stupidity is the total lack of shame, as Sigmund Freud stated. Maybe they are foolish enough to attack Lebanese soil – which would be suicidal.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hmm, we must all work together to spread this information in order to avert a war and save monotheist lives.
Men woman and children’s lives hang in the balance in our abilities to spread this exposed information to the masses. The more people who are aware of Jewish plans, the more lives can be saved.
Trump will not get a second term, as the alt-right has thrown their weight behind both Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard.comment image

Promitheas Apollonious

and you think that it make any difference what puppet is voted as president? I think history of the colony teach you nothing.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Democracy is an ethnic-Athenian creation. It does not work in its true form for non Athenian tribal people. It works with their epigenetic way’s of thinking and feeling’s only.
Truth be told, the UK has never been a democracy and the US was a democracy for about it’s first 30 years only. Another words for about 90% of US history it has been an anti-Democracy.
Iceland is close to being a full real democracy. Switzerland is also pretty close to being a real democracy. Russia and Germany are political powerhouses pulled by the elite behind the scenes.
Democracy only works in small ethnic-based states.
Once you have a bigger state, a third-way is needed. Both outright Socialist and outright capitalist need to be dissolved as they never serve the people, only special interest.
Ill tell you, Stalin did not get paid equally to his subjects. Just as the Queen of the UK does not get the same as the man-on-the-street. These things you know. We are probably in agreement.
The American political system is the opposite as outlined by it’s Founders in the book titled
“The Christian Life And Character of the civil institutions of America”comment image

Promitheas Apollonious

democracy is the first step to what you and the rest of the world experiencing together where the few decide for the rest of the world with out the rest of the world, to have a saying.

But that was not what I ask you and definitely I dont need a lesson as to what the mass population is been brainwashed with.


US General Clark: US Troops Prepared to Die for Jewish State


Lebanese killing Lebanese, and predictably they’ll blame the nearest available foreigner. If South Front knew Lebanon’s internal politics (or did not have an anti-US agenda) then he would see the revelation is just a means of shifting blame for the many failures of the Lebanese government onto someone else.


There might be internal Lebanese problems (sectarian conflicts, corruption, inefficient governance), however you can’t deny the strategic value of Lebanon in a broader interest in destabilizing the middle east.

Otherwise it would be a very one dimensional explanation.


No, Lebanon is worthless. And quit misusing the word destabilize.


Lebanese are not killing Lebanese. You wish. Either get your facts in order or quite spread such misinformation.

Xoli Xoli

Pompeo is Homosexual his a gay.Bolton is a false prophet and Trump is physco goliath.Trump creates wars but now are concern about Fullness of his country.Canada Australia please stand up for human rights take in if possible all Saudi Arabia young women in.A Women Is a adorable diamond their dont occupy big space.

Jens Holm

I makes me laugh. I not even read the article but think at the old movie wargames.

Of course normal people plan for the future and possible wars. People which dont protect themselves or have no agressive ambissions are stupid or naive.

And number 2 makes me fall down the chair too and tell me, I would like to have a softer vcarpet with better pillows next time.

I see Assads taking Golan, which they by very visible reasins lost in 1973.

I see Idlib, Afrin, Al Bag and Jarablus, Homs desert and well as the SDF zone.

But I see no plans for, what its really about part from going back to the “Baathist” grabbing system. Some few years ago I saw world records in corrruption as well as the unimployment rate was 50%(and that not even included that most women compared to ours produce NOTHING).

And Assads even help the Johadist incl. ISIS keeping the vomen even more iliterte and stupid then the men for own purpose.

But is it ??? You always are in diving the cake better. But we make the cake several times bigger and by that poductity deserve slicing our bigger part.

If Assads should have a chance for any taking back, thats where the counterstriukes should be. In stead most of You rely in, that Assads are commanders of the Russian and Iranian armies.

Some days ago some even entusiastic wrote that Iran would have a navy base in Latakia, and that would solve something. I`ll tell You: It very fast only will convert Iran only to have subs.

Allan Greedspoon

Just as Israel is adjusting its warfare strategies and tactics after the humiliation of the Lebanon war, so Hezbollah is also upgrading its capabilities and techniques.


Oy-vey, ye goys of little faith! Don’t you all know?

Trump is the zionist savior as proclaimed by Pious Mike the Archangel Pompeo. And Bolton is his John the Baptist.

And like Moses, Nuttyahoo has had his burning bush revelation moment. This time Yahweh has given Bibi the Sacred Staff of Power which will protect the Zionists from their Iranian /Hezobollah/Syrian demons and their puny missiles.

So on the day all hell breaks loose, Bibi will stand atop the Dome of the Rock and with the Sacred Staff repel the enemies’ missiles and send them back to the demons! And then he would raise his Staff again and unleash the Samson option on the whole world for failing to protect his precious country’s right to domination of the Middle East.

Of course Trump will tweet: YOU CAN’T BLAME THEM, ITS THEIR HOLYLAND!

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