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JUNE 2021

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

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UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

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UPDATE: It appears that one of the people arrested by Venezuelan authorities was Luke Denman, a mercenaries with American citizenship. Footage shows that Denman, along with his boss and former colleague Jordan Goodro ensured the safety of US President Donald Trump at a political event.

The photographs can be seen below:

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

After the photos began to appear in the media of SilverCorp PMC’s Director Jordan Goodro and his activities to ensure the safety of US President Donald Trump, the ambiguous photos disappeared from the company’s accounts on social networks.

Donald Trump himself denies any connection with the White House recent events in Venezuela.

On May 4th, the Venezuelan authorities foiled a second “terrorist infiltration” attempt, capturing 8 suspects.

Local fishermen detected the armed incursion and alerted the Venezuelan armed forces.

According to Aragua’s Governor Rodolfo Marco, through local intelligence units and the joint civic-military unity the apprehension of these perpetrators was made possible.

The Venezuelan authorities reported that the eight “terrorists” were arrested inside the town of Chuao in the Aragua state; they were armed and attempting to infiltrate to cause harm to the South American nation.

“We continue in Popular Victory, how great we are! #BolivarianFury operation is proving its efficiency. Mercenaries who step on our homeland’s soil will be exposed to the people’s dignity,” the President Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello said shortly after the apprehension of the suspects.

“This is one of the two U.S. nationals captured in Chuao, Baduel’s son confirmed that they work for the security of Donald Trump.”

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

Among the detained is Antonio Jose Sequea, who was photographed on April 30th, 2019, alongside Leopoldo Lopez during the failed coup attempt in Caracas.

Also, Adolfo Baduel, son of retired general Raul Baduel former Defense Minister to Hugo Chavez; and two alleged and currently named U.S. citizens.

This is the second alleged plot foiled in two days. On May 3rd, the Venezuelan authorities reportedly killed nine mercenaries and detained two others, who were part of what they called “Operation Gideon”.

They also seized 10 rifles, a Glock 9mm pistol, two AFAG machine guns that were part of the Federal Legislative Palace’s weapons park stolen by seditious groups in the April 2019 coup attempt.

Allegedly, the entire plot was orchestrated by a former US special forces operative – Jordan Goudreau.

There is a video of Goudreau speaking on the matter:

According to Goudreau, his plan had been coordinated with Guaido who signed a contract on Oct. 16, 2019, for US$212 million. Miami-based opposition Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo published the document Sunday evening, which she purported to be a copy of the original contract.

Poleo interviewed Goudreau, who asserted that Silvercorp was hired to provide services, including “strategic planning,” “equipment procuring” and “project execution advisement,” by none other than Guaido, who despite the evidence has denied it.

Also, several audio recordings of an alleged conference call between Guiado, Goudreau, and senior Guaido envoy Sergio Vergara, in which they agreed to sign the contract were released. Now he has gone public arguing he only got US$50,000 through political consultant Juan Jose Rendon and the opposition kept promising to get him the rest but didn’t deliver.

The presumed “Operation Gedeon” is a thorough conspiracy, with Venezuelan media even providing an infographic:

UPDATED: Trump Bodyguard Arrested By Venezuelan Authorities

Click to see full-size image

On May 3rd, after the first attack was stopped Silvercorp’s account tweeted “strikeforce incursion into Venezuela. 60 Venezuelan, 2 American ex-Green Beret.” Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said the government has evidence linking the attacks to the U.S. and Colombia.


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cechas vodobenikov

obviously trained by incompetent Israelis


Trump my ass,more like rubio,cruze + deep state mob instead,that’s ok extradite back to usa watch what happens,these nwo wankers will be trialed and hopefully someday the schemers why?
Because venezual is too huge for usa to try to steal,they are better of doing trades deals than gimps!


Extraditing them to USA would be a foolish thing, justice is really not what USA is known for, quite the opposite actually. Venezuela will give them a trial, and hopefully a quick execution, no reason to keep such filth in their prisons unless maybe for a prisoner exchange but there is no one to exchange them with and as far as US and Columbia are concerned, the privateers are obviously a disposable asset.
Ofc first extract all the possible information out of them.

AM Hants

Well done Venezuela and no doubt more in the pipeline. Good luck.


Captured Americunt regime-change terrorists. What a pretty picture. Thank you, Venezuela!


Russia’s Defense Ministry Has Suspended the Development of the Project 23560 Nuclear-Powered Cruiser and the Project 22350M Frigate..

That should come as no surprise. The Kremlin struggled to fund shipbuilding even before the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 pandemic sent oil prices plummeting to zero in late April 2020.


Russia will survive no matter what happens (period) meantime you pathedic spoit ritted brats needs more trillions to sort out you failed capitalist kweer fkfest,as the world progress to a more dynamic future the usa id left hagging behind the times in all fields
which also exposed how vulnerable their oil subjects were indeed to russian powering on,proving they can sink usa anytime at will,now the truth is exposed they can afford to relax,point being made,wanna try to sink russia,we will deciomate you kweers this ain’t gorbachev era,this is the real deal russian nationalist power play and to be frank
the usa sht all right,trillions in bail puts is proof of a failed capitalist system(period)
Russian urals and the others were always in double digit positive,unlike usa/canadas
negatives,more proof russias is stronger than boths!

Concrete Mike

Nice try amerimazi.

Your foolish endeavours will be the death of us all. Full spectrum dominance my ass!!

Aleks Noir

Americans attack with overwhelming force only, this is some sort of anti drug smuggling operation gone bad


Not anymore,besides its no secret the drug traffickers are all maduro traitors=FACT!

Traiano Welcome

Americans often make use of exploratory, small scale attacks to guauge the enemy.
Operation Eagle Claw.
Bay of Pigs.
Gulf of Tonkin.

Here’s a long list, many of which involve small scale use of 3rd parties to effect a coup:


So we can expect this to be a precursor of future full scale attacks.

Aleks Noir

Respectfully, none of the operations you cited are similar in scope, methodology or purpose. Bay of pigs consisted of thousands of people, eagle claw relied on US personnel, gulf of Tonkin was a naval incident/provocation that was followed by us action. Citing famous incidents without any connection is like a word salad, you are not making a credible case for anything.

Traiano Welcome

I find your statement here bizarre:

>none of the operations you cited are similar in scope, methodology or purpose.

Are you sure you know the meaning of the word “similar”? Similar means:

“having a resemblance in appearance, character, or quantity, without being identical.

And certainly those operations are “Similar” in the true meaning of the word:

a) Similar in purpose – Overthrow of the government
b) Similar in methodology: The use, to some degree or other, of a combination of: Mercenaries, Traitors and special forces to attack a vulnerable part of the state, either successfully or unsuccessfully (e.g bay of pigs)
c) Division of Society along political lines by backing one political leader over another
d) Full scale invasion in the extreme case.

Consider this:

1. The scope of the current operation is in reality bigger than just the Mercenaries you see before you. It encompasses:

a) A softening up action of economic warfare (sanctions etc.)

b) Terror operations against the population (power grid attacks, threats via media, the threat of instability, prevention of food an medical aid)

c) Psychological warfare against the people and government (Warships sent to the region, Threats of invasion, Selection of the President of Venezuela by the President of the USA – i.e “We can determine your leaders for you – you are ours to dominate”)

2. All the incidents (and they are a huge volume) demonstrate common elements which the USA uses to destabilise a country, they do not have to be cookie cutter templates to demonstrate a pattern of behaviour by the USA, which allows one to project the type of behaviour the USA is likely to engage in.

These elements are similar enough to recognise a repeating pattern of behaviour by the USA, particularly regarding it’s behaviour towards Venezuela.

Those elements are consistent across the entire data set in that the same basic elements of behaviour and tactics are reused in various combinations depending on the situation to engineer the desired outcome.

NOTE: The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag operation by the USA to justify further action, not a provocation by the Vietnamese.

I find your next comment also bizarre:

> Citing famous incidents without any connection is like a word salad, you are not making a credible case for anything.

What makes you say there is no connection? It looks dead simple to draw many connections and similarities to illustrate the general tactics Americans use to effect regime change.

Would you prefer I ignore the available data set and fantasize instead?

Aleks Noir

Your response is long but it is unnecessary so, you attempt to muddy the waters, so I will clear some things up. While it is true that all governments have friends and enemies, the purpose of overthrowing hostile governments is pursued by every power in the world, so claiming that the US has the purpose to overthrow Maduro, is not a brilliant conclusion, but rather stating the obvious, without much evidence, even if it is a conclusion that we share. There is no similarity between a CIA organized operation in the bay of pigs which consisted of approximately 1500 persons that were sent to CUBA in the middle of a civil war to attack Castro, who was not well trenched in, and your allegation that this is similar to 300 buffoons invading Venezuela with rubber boats. The operations can only be compared if you remove all context, likelihood of success, the sophistication of the US. If we are to follow your example, then what would the purpose of this invasion be? Did you think that 300 guys could topple Venezuela? ITs a highly delusional idea. I doubt US would have supported such a plan. Methods- While US does US special forces, implanted with foreign locals to direct attacks, this is not done by taking randoms from colorado, loading them on boats with poorly trained Colombians, and shipping them off to irrelevant parts of hostile nations. If you had, for example, noted that in a Syria like fashion, enemy soldiers are supplied with advanced weapons, sir support, intelligence, and territorial security, your argument would have some plausible claim, but it is not so. These guys were basically naked, they are lucky they didn’t all get murdered on the spot, and it is not too late. Venezuelan society is already divided, no US help necessary. There are people who support the thug Maduro, and the rest who just want to live a normal life. Those who benefit from narco traffic, and those who are waiting until the regime falls. Oddly enough, a full-scale invasion would be the most likely scenario for toppling Venezuela, Russia and China prevent this course of action through back channels. This size “force” would not be effective at attacking anything.

Sanctions have been in place for some time, so your argument is pointless and has no connection to this buffoonish operation.

Terror operations against the population are largely conducted by Maduro and require no outside assistance.

Psychological operations? you have no idea what this means, but you may benefit from a psychological operation, of sorts.

All these incidents, as you pointed out, have nothing in common, other than being major talking points in the conspiracy circles.

When someone starts recognizing patterns thay may or may not be there, its time to talk to a professional. I mean a licensed psychiatrist.

There is nothing consistent, between these cases, other than the fact that US is a party in these unrelated events.

I say there is no connection because there is no connection, i, of course, mean relevant connection. There are connections between everything. Your head and a hot air balloon? they are both round and rather empty, your long response and a hole in the ground? they are both devoid of analysis and content. Much adoo about nothing.

Arch Bungle

Your response is long but lacks any substance.

Your ad hominems dont make a logical argument either.

I’m afraid you’ve failed to convince me with your argument (or lack of one).

Here’s a suggestion:

How about you be on your merry way, believing what you believe? I’ll just state that your argument and method of argument makes no sense to me and not is likely to make more sense to me the more you weave it.

Traiano Welcome

You’re correct that the response was unnecessarily long.

Your original post turned out to be false in speculations.
I should have simply pointed that out. Done.

Aleks Noir

I am sorry you feel this way, thanks for your analysis

Arch Bungle

“Americans attack with overwhelming force only”


Operation Eagle Claw: Not ‘Overwhelming Force’

Bay of Pigs: Not Overwhelming Force.

1956 Operation Straggle: No overwhelming force.

And the list goes on.

Your argument is bullshit, only a few examples needed to debunk it.

Aleks Noir

Operation eagle claw was a plan to rescue hostages from a few Iranian hostage-takers, not an attack to topple a nation, what are you even saying.

Bay of pigs was a subtle situation, but considering the size of castro’s force at the time, 1500 Cubans who were to be joined by local elements when they landed was a substantial force. Overwhelming for Castro, but for the fact that CIA was incompetent, and castro expected the arrival of the expats.

Operation Straggle(British op) relied on using local overwhelming force in Damascus. I believe the intention was to use an armored brigade to capture the capital city, and then claim legitimacy. Feasible, communists had a similar plan in moscow in 1992.

You argument is bullshit, and next time you cite examples, maybe you should give some details of your analysis rather than throwing names around like you know what you are talking about, you know, analysis.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

kinda happy that the people were detained. time to start puling some answers out of em, and when you have all the answers, continue ‘interrogation’ but dont worry about asking any more questions

Assad must stay

Truly great work mister maduro and Venezuelan govt, show USA there are consequences for this type of shit they pull

Alberto Garza

lol…are you that stupid ? do u really believe the venezuelans ??


Looking at how the americunts brought chaos to syria in that manner, yeah im inclined to believe them

Assad must stay

i believe them more than i do US govt

Jaime Galarza

Surely your gringos are more trustworthy since they have always been so honest. At least, Venezuelans don’t go around killing people and invading countries wholesale. Those who believe Venezuelans may be stupid, but those who believe Washington are the worst scum who care nothing about nations being invaded, plundered and destroyed.

klove and light

bay of pigs????

learn history smartass


Who needs to believe when you can tell who are the bad smell posting like they think they are the more intelligent than the truth,for example soros/funded tyrant wannabes!

The fact that there is no future in fascism is more evident of the morons whom post lies about factual events,insoi much as your inability to post anything relevant but when you and all our fake friends go aggainst the communitys/communists,no brainer to be frank!

Traiano Welcome

Who are the bigger liars? Americans or Venezuelans?

Traiano Welcome

Sounds like Operation Eagle Claw but with no helicopters …

Aleks Noir

most likely this was a case of Venezuelan military assisting drug organizations in their daily operations


Wrong again assflogged,try again if you got the balls!

Ford289HiPo .

How many down-votes do you need before your britbong fourth-point-of-contact is banned?

Traiano Welcome

That is obvious bullshit. Their identities are known (they are Americans) and they’ve been traced back to known mercenary companies in the US. Public information.

As we speak they are claiming to be in the process of carrying out the coup.

Me&Myself None

Venezuela should treat them the same way US is treating its prisoners in Guantanamo. That should be fair per US standard.

Aleks Noir

Seems like propaganda, I dont see US acting in such a hapless manner.

klove and light

oyeah smartass.

bay of pigs?????

learn history

Aleks Noir

Totally valid comparison.


Well if you can’t concieve nor deal with capitalism,better off the other way,if you really dare!
Those cowards fear life,rest assured the most dangerous men in the planet don’t give a rats arse about moneys,besides such never need to go about stealing from others nor afraid to cut through cast iron or steel with their tool and bare fkn hands,get it!

Ford289HiPo .

Dumbassed SF


Yeah right mr can’t change gears for sht,se’lower than auto boys!

Alberto Garza

sure…and ivanka was there but managed to espape not before taking a selfie with the venezuelan cops …lol ….

Icarus Tanović

This was Venezuelas direct punch to Americans.

Aleks Noir

hahaha, americans are devastated… or maybe you are a bit naive


Ha’ha’eh assflogged,we will see! Look who’s on constant life support now mr failed all!

Aleks Noir

comment image


It’s great the triags are pouncing the neo-liberal assflogged facist fraternitys,this means
the nwo tyrants have got a real bogey on their back,worse yet for them,they can’t spot them!
Enjoy the popcorn,kissmyass kissingers dissolve their constituates is destined to EPIC fail!

good american

He doesn’t look too happy on the ground, but that may be because he has his face stuck in his own shoe. Pew. Next time wear tactical pool shoes like the houthis. Closed footwear smells something awful in the tropics.

Traiano Welcome

I remember I used to tie up the sunday chickens like that when I was a boy.

Alberto Garza

looks like the alien secret service that guarded obama lol !

Tom Tom

Denman is actually not human.

Peter Moy

No Miranda Rights for these captured delusional, unlucky losers. Who the hell wrote this bad Hollywood idiot script? Looks like they will need some shyster, degenerate, mealy mouth, slack jawed Washington, DC or New York “loyas.” In the mean time make sure your special dietary needs in a Venezuelan prison are being met (Kosher meals, chicken McNuggets, plenty of energy drinks, etc.) Now the stage is set for a US Special Menu Forces rescue mission. Stay tuned.


Look whos into hollywood scripts,let me guess assflogged (ignorusupyeanus) iq ye shoesize!

Peter Moy

Hey moron, what are you trying to say, moron?????

Traiano Welcome

Blackstone Intelligence doing a nice review of this:



Come to think about it,fk it,test them for corona right there on the spot,
nowadays it seems bio weapons are much more risky than the out of style self explosive menace?


maduro should possibly offer bounty on pompeo and dunny the dunce’s respective heads for war crimes, for crimes against humanity and so on, and for stealing venezuela’s assets located in the disintegrating states of A and for intimidating it’s loyal lapdog uk to sequester venezuela’s gold stored in uk. 15 million bucks for pompeo and/or pompeo’s family members and say 25 million bucks for trump and/or family members including slime jared kushner.

should attract some interest from guys handy with say long range rifles or handy with tnt or some such explosives. that would be a nice and much awaited tit for tat since pompeo, major asshole, found it reasonable to offer 10 million bucks for the arrest for maduro which in practice is a dead or alive bounty bound to attract slime like the ones in the picture above . thus maduro, a quiet offer of the kind above should rid the world of a couple of corrupt criminal traitors (of the american people).

Mahmoud Larfi

Looks he was bodyguard to the candidate Trump not the president.

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