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Second Saudi Prince Is Dead In 24 Hours: This Time In Firefight With Security Forces

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Second Saudi Prince Is Dead In 24 Hours: This Time In Firefight With Security Forces

Just hours after the death of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin in a helicopter “crash” in the Saudi province of Asir, the Saudi Royal Court announced the death of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd.

The second prince was reportedly killed during a firefight with security forces, which were attempting to arrest him.

44-year-old Prince Aziz was the youngest son of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Fahd died in 2005.

The death of Prince Aziz was the latest incident in a series of arrests and crackdowns started by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

According to experts, the Saudi economic and political elite is in a disarray as 32-year-old Bin Salman is destroying the vestiges internal stabiltiy in the country to supress the growing opposition to himself and his father.

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John Wallace

Hope they all start shooting back and delete as many of each other as is possible. Won’t miss one of them


and why should you they been the root of all evil happening in middle east and not only for way too long along with their partners in crime.


Without any doubt Zionist Saudis are terrorists. Protect children and women in the Middle East countries.

Ami Shabbot

s c r e w u you use all Zionists gadgets ,apps and all Zionist inventions you could wipe my Zionist rear end

Jens Holm

Many roots for that. Fine if it was only Saudis.

Roberto Romanov

Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jan Tesarik

This perfectly explains how is it to be a uSSSSSS/NATO terrorists/EU nazi friend :-D = dead if you are not an obedient slave

Jens Holm

Rubbish. It might explain it for Your. I dont know Your level.


I guess any presidential election in Saudi Arabia.


This will surely come to pass. The EVIL kingdom of KSA is finished. Its barbaric karma accumulated over the years will catch up with it soon!

Raf Tor

haha you wishing the death of people based on their religion makes you as stupid as the terrorists you hate so much. The only difference is that they have the balls to actually go and do it. What a loser you are.

John Wallace

I wasn’t wishing death upon them for their religion you dipstick. More like they created and supported ISIS along with others , their attacks on schools and hospitals in Yemen , their intolerance of others , beheading for the slightest reason and on and on and on. Want to talk about balls and doing it. Sorry fuckwit , I already have and if you would like to come and stand in front of me I will show you why I have more compassion about squashing a fly than you. Did someone forget to flush when you were dropped.


The Ummah is asunder, trust Allah to set things right.


Oh noes, trouble in Jihadville… I’ll get the popcorn.

You can call me Al

I’ll get the beer; we’ll have to check out how the BBC ad CNN manipulates the story though.

h they have started without us – please read between the lines and see who the baddies are – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41893694

Jonathan Cohen


Icarus Tanović

Hahaha, lets see that, damn it!


The Lice-brained Douchebag, dispensing BBC La-La land reporting. :)

Jens Holm

Some has made a joke with his TV, so every time he shift channel, it goes to CNN again.

I had one once. It knew voices. If I had one in the same system tody, it should change channel every time it heard Trump.


Seems like Johnpd is a keyboard commando calling vile names if he disagrees with anyone’s post. Suspect he would not dare do this to people’s faces. Debate is fine but his antics are pathetic.

Jens Holm

I really dont get it. You see CNN and BBC all the time. I allow me to add 2 things. They lie less then most channels in most parts of the world. Thats why so many see them.

And 2: Why the carrot dont You see the 1000`s of other TV channels in the world. You can have those as well as newssites by Internet.

If its like a litten hot candle under You behind, why the carrot dont you move it or at least some tinfoil. Sunni means that kind of remain unchanged ?


I have finished my popcorn today, can you send me some please. Its been a good week, the US self styled Elite are pulling each others hair out and the Saudi’s are killing each other. I look forward for internecine strife in Joohadville :)

Icarus Tanović

We should soon hear Wallaw wargberg’s shouting in all over Saudi Arabia. KA-BOOM! ? ? ? Walaw wargbag!

Jens Holm

Nr 2 are just making himself to more dictator. Dont expect any real change for better or worse.


I never did Jens. I am just overjoyed to see the Zionist project falling apart :)

Jens Holm

It will not fall apart. Big families and princes a la carte. You are very optimistic.

Its just a classic dictator attitude moving away the almost equal ones instead of sharing power and get stronger by that. No trust. Another example of Islam is driven by fear in stead of trust.

Well found in the rest of the world too here and there.


Arguably all the Royal and Political dynasties have always done and are doing the same thing to remain in power. Wherever they are in the world. That being the case , it is a certainty that many such dynasties now and in the future will end at the end of a rope or a pool of blood.

Jens Holm

Thats why we have democrasy even we produce shoes as well.

My comment in a way was added to, the situation in Lebanon(and Yemen) against Hesbollah, which can change inside Syria.

Icarus Tanović

Good one! Wait to get live stream! What a action. They should promptly pay 150.000.000 $ to Stalone to mAke another Rambo now in the fight against evil Yemeni kids.


ohhh what a shame!……LOL!!!!

Icarus Tanović

Oh, such a shame… No more alive force, brain washed kids to the point suicidal car bombing… gathered from all over the motherfuccking World.



Icarus Tanović

Wahabie techniques of brain washing reminds me to what James Hydric did to kids in Sl. City. Or Jones and Charles Manson combined.


As you sow, so shall you reap. What they have done to Iraq, Syria and Yemen. God give time that the person will think one day but when the man completely become evil then God take them away from the whole world. God give them wise. This is a lesson for everybody.

You can call me Al

God works in mysterious ways.


In SA God uses lead poisoning. Not so mysterious.

Icarus Tanović

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, She moves in mysterious ways!

You can call me Al

Oh NO; is she a black lesbian as well ?

Jens Holm

Yes, but we already have many nonsense remarks like Yours. I afraid its just another copy paste as well.


Now that Saudi Arabia has squandered all its money supporting Al Qaeda and terrorism, and the defeat in Yemen and Syria, now the rats are cannibalizing themselves. Such just deserts.


Saudis are just helpers. The real terrorists supporter are Israel-USA-NATO. Other helpers are Qatar-Jordan-Tuekey (NATO member).

Icarus Tanović

Not really, they’ve been doing all that chaos for so many decades even centuries with purpose. Now all that Wahabie shiit is spilling all over the World. But, yes Zionists are real threat too. Just one thing. Do you know how many homeless eastern Europeans like Rumunians went to Israel, claiming that they’re jews, while they’re far away. Also many Americans homeless, or psychopaths wents there. There are even private armies and hunting parties. What you need to do for house with pool, super fly car and 5000 bucks monthly? Just shoot at Palestine, that’s enough.

Jens Holm

So why dont You add a 100001 bad excuses add to Your religion and Culture.

Your problems are more then 50% Your own. So why dont You start with that.

Icarus Tanović

Only thing you know about Islam are Wahabie twisted teachings. But if you hate all Muslims and find just quick excuse to do so in Wahabie teachings then you, not him, gotta problem, dude.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/70303aa4641b668ea862bda2169c2a52311e2e02afde2e39cea00cf835643c0d.jpg I have had muslim children here in Denmark since 1980 and some few of their parents close.

I know mainly the bad parts compared to ours, as well as the bad of our own.

I think I only have had 1 or 2 wahabist.

Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Bosnia, Phalestine.

Before writing here I have been reading and writing about in a danish context for many years. I hate parts of islam and Your culture very much.

And its very visible on fx here, at Sothfront and Liveupdate/Syria.

You say as You – We dont know You, but when I read and write here every day I have never seen so many lies and accusations You read to each other and about each other – NEVER.

We lie here too incl. CNN and BBC but You are so far out. You not even know Your own history. All is censured away by nationalism of the worst kind.

If You have a boring day read the official version og Turks, next the syrian one, the Kurdish one, the armenian one, the Mesopotamien one, Jordan a.s.o.

And what do You find: Well those countries cant be neighbors and hardly on the same planet. How in the holy carrot can we ever know You.

And we see the same in religion. Very much of things You name as Islam or one of the 11 directions are not Islam. Its hard amputated Islam of the worst kind tranplantyed with ancient culture.

And worse, You kill each other for it and others too.

Now many again use kurds as excuse. But have those attacked You. No they have not. Jihadists have such as FSA, Nusra, ISIS, ISIL. What have they done. Where are Your reflexions about it. Why did those Kurds fx killed 400.000 people when they did. Why did saddam kill so many Kurds.

Same thing about countries. Syria is not an old country. More then 1000 years it was just a region. It was constructed at WW1 and independent from 1946. Thats old. And kurds were just as much a region in the Ottomans as them and others even parts of it was in Persia.

Its also well proven kurds has been there for the last minimum 3.000 year. Its confirmed by genetics, local names greeks, romans – But people here say they all come from Turkey and has been in Syria only 100 Years.

Its seemes You cant see that Syria of today isnt the Syrian province of the Ottomans but was more South and by that they became syrians by the newcomming Syria got parts of the provinces Aleppo, Raqqa, Diabyqir and Kurdistan.

If You take the Ottoman Syria, You are right, if you also add Jordan, most parts of Israel and subtract Tripolis.

If thats the logic sense, You should leave the northern parts of Syria alone. you also have many Turkmens there and some ancient christians as well as yesediz You kill, because their angels are semilar to Your deavils by strange no reason.

Look at the warmap today and comapare: Aleppo province wirh kurds are the same. I think Gouta is, Kurds by SDF is the old Raqqa province and Iraqi Barzanikursistan is Kurdistan of 1855. Mosul = same.

Why can You not change those new borders made for oil for neo-colonialism. Why. And share the oil well.

Well sorry the last one is the important sekular part full of greed and corruption.

Icarus Tanović

Please write this again, but in understandable English. And get of my dicck, you chauvinistic swine, aigh? And yeah, those nazi/new age/Zionistic theories save for your white supremacy forums. Now, just plainly talikng: fucck of.

Jens Holm

Hard so many dont like You. Have You ever wondered why.

Jens Holm

Its no canabalism at all.


Popcorn time!

Promitheas Apollonious

I put the brew and hotdogs.

You can call me Al

Blimey another party, right I”ll bring the ouzo or whatever.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

alah akbar you freaks

Eskandar Black

I wish there was a video explaining who these people are and who they are affiliated with. Something is happening, but i cant know if its good or bad without context.

jerry hamilton

There is plenty on the internet. You can trust all the posters here though..

Eskandar Black

I am sure there is plenty on the internet. I would love to see analysis, from Southfront. Whether it is credible, or not is up to the people watching the video. You can follow youtube, twitter, or RT, whatever you want.

You can call me Al

or a paid puppet whore ?!!!

Eskandar Black

Care to elaborate on what your comment means?

You can call me Al

I wont need to now, but thanks for asking me too; check out the latest revelations on the Saudi internal coup.

PS It was Israel and the US wanting war with Hezbollah which may bring in Iran (personally I think it will) – paid whore of the aforementioned.

Jonathan Cohen



I still don’t understand is it because of actual political differences like some getting closer to Russia , etc or just a power grab


just a power grab


They must be running short of money.


They are. World bank said they have less than 5 years left before all savings are gone. And that was before the new crown prince revealed his plans.

Brian Takita

Think about it. Trump gave the Saudis’ the orb of Palantir. Why? To sniff out the rats that bring us 9-11, ISIS, Antifa, & Fake News. This is what you call reform; probably the only way to reform the most degenerate of psychopaths. Good riddance to these terrorists

And it’s a big mistake for the Iran/Houthi alliance to shoot an ICBM at Saudi Arabia (assuming it’s not a false flag). It could be easily be taken as a provocation of war.

Jonathan Cohen



Iran Vs saudis means global war, so why are you so happy about it?

Are you living on the moon?


He lives possibly in Israel ,its the next best thing to the moon. Completely barren.

Jonathan Cohen

Only if abortion rights supporting “Allies” defend one of them, which with any luck, they won’t. It can even prevent global war by diverting troops and ammo away from Ukraine and Korea.

Charlie rad

Good post Brian, You are the closest. Prince Bin Talal was the head of the Snake. met Him & his Pal Qatari Emir in Calif ’92. Tried to recruit me. They backed Clintons, Bush, Obama . & were the biggest source of funding new Jihadi conquest of USA-Europe. Bin Talal is the biggest prize , as will be Qatari Emir. All the others are his allies. he is the richest. Owns Citi, twitter, Apple, Fox parent corp, etc.. Biggest source of funding for DEMS & REPUBS in USA Aligned with Rothschild-SOROS . This is a huge win for WORLD. TRUMP can return to HIS agenda. USA 1st. This guy was responsible for taking out Sadam hussein, Kadaffi, etc.. New Saudi Prince & King made a deal with Trump & Putin to do this & buy weapons $$ to prevent PAYBACK for their attempted Takeover of World. Still not over yet. But watch USA next 2 weeks. WOW, what a HUGE win for the people.


Starting to look like a counter-coup is taking place in Saudi Arabia.


Mohammed Bin Salman is a Zionist agent, he’s being guided by the Jews to get rid of all his siblings so he can usurp all the power for himself. I don’t really know what they plan to do afterwards but the Jews are extremely desperate after all their plans have been foiled in the region so anything is possible.


NEOM, the new international city, is to house at least 2 million. I guess most of those will be ‘Palestinians’ from Israel and Jordan. Would explain why companies like Blackstone and Blackrock are on board.

Brother Ma

I reckon it will be where all west’s elite will jet to when” the shit hits the fan.”


I hope they do because there is a very good reason no people live there now.


well SA always as US/UK was and is an ally of zionism and a promoter so what you saying it sort of ………. maybe you should check how city of london been created by whom and with what finance start at dutch indian company – cromwell connection then take it from there then maybe you understand better the connections that lead to today.

What is happening now and you confuse it is an internal clean up of failed employees of the western system and replacing them with new faces nothing change but on the surface and in order to get better negotiating position, according to their mentalities.

Icarus Tanović

He is Wahabie. If he is Wahabie, then he is Zionistic agent, there’s no doubt about that. Whole World already knows that Wahabies and Saudis aren’t true Muslims, but Zionistic agents to spread chaos and disease of that sort all around the World.

The Farney Fontenoy

Let the purges continuuue!!!!


the royal family in Saudi Arabia is huge. i think they cant run out of princes.

Michael Qiao

Is Putin a controlled opposition, a Freemason? This is a million dollar question https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VrAEM8N_Duo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0b1lrNcZH8s

Solomon Krupacek

white indians?

George King

If goy, color/race has no meaning. There is no discrimination among who is goy, only who is master.

Jorge Antar Abuauad Hales

if he is a satanic mason then the all this planet is controlled and the so call enemys are kabalh 2 pillars magic hope not

Jorge Antar Abuauad Hales

by the way global government end goal is to bring one man the anti christ

Jorge Antar Abuauad Hales

nazis were askenazi jew blavatsky a jew was the soul of nazi doctrine and lenin rotshield grand orient agent mason

robert wa

Im now Understanding why jared kushner has been holding up in Saudi Arabia. .

Lazy Gamer

A consolidation of power usually leads to or is in anticipation of something massive.

John Brown

The plan B of the racist supremacist Israeli global Jewish slave empire begins. it is clear that this new ISIS army is not targeted at Syria at all. With the arrests IN a SHOCKING PURGE, SAUDI KING ARRESTS BILLIONAIRE PRINCE BIN TALAL, DOZENS OF OTHERS IN CABINET CRACKDOWN. It is meant to look like this new ISIS army is to be used against Syria but it really Looks like a Saudi civil war is to be created by Israel with this New Israeli ISIS proxy army to be sent to Saudi Arabia, so its slave USSA and Israel can tighten its grip on Saudi Judea Arabia and its oil and stop them from selling oil in Chinese Yuan to at least temporarily preserve the federal reserve Jewish dollar through direct Jewish control of Saudis oil fields because if the Saudis sell oil in Chinese Yuan racist supremacist Israel and its global Jewish slave empire collapses rapidly


If saudis stops selling oil to China, it would be great ! Russia and China would be closer that ever.

John Brown

The Saudis are already well on the way to bankruptcy this is why they will bend to China’s will and abandon the Jewish federal reserve dollar and sell oil in Chinese Yuan. The racist supremacist Israeli global Jewish slave empire is under threat like never before. This is also why the Saudis will be destroyed to prevent this from happening, so Israel will take direct control over Saudi oil fields. Russia and China no longer held back by communism finally get how to defeat the empire and free the planet. without having to fire a shot.

Floyd Hazzard

The Wahabi kingdom is headed towards civil war

Gary Sellars

Saudi Civil War? That would be a wonderful Christmas present…. wishing hard….

George King

SA oil wealth has been sacrificed for the attempt to pillage and plunder Russia, this no secret and this internal revolt (against further sacrifice to save the US based petrol dollar) is what you are seeing on the surface but stay tuned. There is more to the world stage happening!




I’m guessing all these princes are related by blood?

Brother Ma

Yep.every minister or prince is a relative.

Gabriel Hollows

To wage war on your own family. Typical sandnigger behavior.


i think the plan in Saudi Arabia is to rid the old Bush/Obama loving Saudi’s but still their are zionist interests here. After the young Prince gets control he will realign with Israel to attack Lebanon and try to wipe out Hezbollah. There is war coming to Lebanon within a year and at the same time Israel might invade syria with the help of the USA.

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