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Second Russian Military Aircraft Crashed In Two Days

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Second Russian Military Aircraft Crashed In Two Days

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On August 18, a MiG-29 fighter jet crashed in the Astrakhan region in Russia. The pilot was killed as a result of the accident during a training flight.

The information was confirmed by the press service of the Southern Military District.

“The aircraft crashed in a deserted area on the territory of the Ashuluk training ground. The flight was carried out without ammunition load, ” the military department reported.

The reason of the crash are still unknown. A commission of the Main Command of the Russian Aerospace Forces is working on the scene.

Second Russian Military Aircraft Crashed In Two Days

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Recently, there was a series of fatal accidents with Russian aircraft.

On August 17th, the only flight model of the Il-112V military transport aircraft crashed in the Moscow region, killing three prominent pilots.

On August 14, a Russian military water bomber plane crashed with eight people on board, while extinguishing wildfire in southern Turkey.

On August 12, a civilian Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Russia’s far east. It plunged into a deep volcanic crater Kuril lake on the Kamchatka Peninsula during a tourist flight.


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Chess Master

Glory to the Heroes!


RIP sir, your service will be missed.


Mig 29 is the most crashed fighter jet of all time. Maybe Russia should review its cases and make improvements instead of being delusional and thinking everything they have is the best. Bulgarian mig 29 also crashed in June 2021.


The Germans lost almost 300 Lockeed star fighters out of 900,how about that moron?it was know as the Widowmaker.


“Most crashed fighter jet of all time?” Not even close. Let’s take one fighter jet as an example, the F-104:
West Germany alone lost 292 out of 916 F-104’s in accidents
Belgium – 41 out of 100 airframes
Italy – 138 out of 368
Canada – 110 of 238
At one stage, the West German Air Force was seeing 139 F-104 accidents per 100,000 flying hours.

The MiG-29 has an outstanding safety record by comparison.

Peppe il Sicario

Then, if you examine the European-built Tornados’ and Typhoons’ accident rate after their introduction into service, the rates plummeted drastically. So, much for supposed superior american aviation technology.


Kid, go back to the garden and play outside.


F4 Phantom is the most crashed fighter jet of all time. Maybe U S. should review its cases and make improvements instead of being delusional and thinking everything they have is the best. Turkish F4s also crashed in June 2021.


On what reference material and statistics do you make that claim exactly? The US built Lockheed Starfighter F102 has long been referenced as the most notorious military jet, for appalling safety record in peacetime accidents. The German Luftwaffe accident rate was staggeringly high (hence their name, the widow maker), and whilst other NATO service users had somewhat less dramatic losses with it, their overall accident losses too were universally deemed unsatisfactory. Whilst very fast, its short stubby wing design lent it to roll and stall at low speed. Incidentally, its introduction into all these NATO countries was also the biggest bribe scandal in NATO history, as Lockheed used huge bribes to seal the deals. Google for the whole sorry story of Lockheed F102.

Last edited 30 days ago by GoldStandard
Random Guy

No need for enemy. Russian equipment is its own enemy.

Michel LeBlanc

Its not what al nusrah says when they see a su24 bearing down on them. It dont have to be pretty, it just needs to work.


Yes like the Russian T-34 tank in the war that totally trashed the Nazis.


Ahh, Russia Homo used another name?


No need for enemy. U S equipment is its own enemy.
Oy vey…


There is only so much money to go around. Nobody is allowed to irritate Putin’s oligarchs whether they be in pharmaceuticals, mining, oil, forestry, construction, communications, defence or any other business and ask them to pay their fair share in taxes for they are under western sanctions and instead of making 20-30 billions a year their profits are “only” in low tens of billions. Putin also needs money to support Yeltsin’s Centres every year to save them from bankruptcy as well as to insure that Yeltsin’s family (Yeltsins and Yumashevs) regularly get their profits from the ill gained shares. On the other hand poor and destitute Russians (monthly minimum is set below $200) can’t give more anyways. So, we have the military equipment and its maintenance neglected, the pilots are expendable, soldiers, officers etc. too. The space industry is lagging big time behind both Chinese and Americans, all major industries are infested with foreign spies for scientists know how little they are payed and how little freedom they have compared to their counterparts in other countries. The whole system is rotting under the rule of the former communists, who themselves seem to be very confused and unable to conceive of any new and progressive ideas and yet they seem to be hell bent on staying in power forever. Why would anyone risk their lives for such an unjust and fossilized country.


You are mixing up Russia with the U.S. and Ukropisstan Shlomo.
Its the U.S. that is lacking behind not Russia and China.
Russia and China are already in the hypersonic era while the U.S. still doesn’t have supersonic…
Meanwhile Russia is delivering them the rocketengines lol.
Silicon valley is run by Russians, Chinese and Indians…


Its the U.S. that is toast, with 27 tent cities across the country, no healthcare, only $72,000 debt per Capita…
100million people on foodtstamps.
U.S. runs a trade deficit of 800billion a year while Russia is running a trade surplus of $200billion a year.
U.S. Forex Reserves are at $123billion vs $630billion in Russia.
U.S. exports less than Germany lol, they are no match to the EU or China.
Dont worry when the final collapse comes Russia and China will send food aid and meds.


RIP Hero.

Islam destroyed

10 Shia muslims killed in blast in Punjab pakistan


The more helos, jets you run the higher the possibility of an accident.
U.S. military is losing around 15 jets and helos per year.
Russia is catching up because they fly more with a lot more jets and helos in service than before.
Its simple math.
Russia has increased its fleet of helos and jets with 80units per year for the past 8 years straight.

Last edited 30 days ago by SBU are FAGS
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