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Second Phase Of Jihadists’ AdvanceIn Eastern Damasucs Lost Momentum

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Second Phase Of Jihadists' AdvanceIn Eastern Damasucs Lost Momentum

A screenshot from the video

Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham and its allies have lost momentum in the Qabun industrial area in the eastern Damascus countryside.

Earlier today, the joint militant forces launched the second attempt to seize this important industrial zone from government forces. The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces, backed up by the Syrian Air Force, stopped the militant advance after militants captured the Fabric Factory.

Clashes have been ongoing since morning, but militants have not been able to develop momentum in the area.

Multiple airstrukes and artillery strikes played an important role in preventing further advances of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham and its allies.

The advance in the Qabun industrial area was launched by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham on Sunday with the goal to link up Qabun with the Eastern Ghouta region controlled by militants. On Tuesday, Jaish al-Islam, which is described as a moderate opposition group and involved in the Astana format, announced an official support to this effort.

Airstrikes against militant positions in the area:

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Trustin Judeau

Hayat Tahrir Al Toilet have lost here the battle here. Now they are trying to Hama .Tiger Forces can come if the situation becomes bad. NDF come on this time dont fail


Hayat Tahrir Al Toilet, I like that. ;)

El Diablo

Tiger Forces needed everywere…this is a real trouble

Trustin Judeau

For now the situation is good


I hope that Tigers woudnt need bcs than they will have to stop their operation in eastern allepo countryside

Trustin Judeau

Yes . The same thing happened in Aleppo . The operation was slowed down because of the previous Hama offensive . But now SAA have golden chance . Attack Southern and Western Aleppo .HTS presence have been lowered there


God help Assad and SAA and all good syrian people!!!

Daniel Castro

You surely have info on the ground, it seems you’re better informed than southfront, might as well create your own site… lol

Trustin Judeau

I have info sometimes on East Aleppo . And I have been following SCW for almost 6 years so I know a lot of things

Mase fah

Southfront gets his info from other sources and than edit for upload, so if you check 20 sources at a same time you will be better informed. Btw they talking about the strategy, Tiger forces need to move quickly take southern flank of Assad lake and block terrorist movement from Raqqa. In April YPG will go for Raqqa so Tiger forces have min 2 week for a good push and block them. I believe in them.


Well i dont think that SAA will reach Raqqa in 2 weeks, in my opinion they should left Raqqa for SDF and continue with river to Deir er Zor

Daniel Castro

I was just joking, Southfront does an excelent job, it is the place to go if you want to be updated on the syrian war.

John Whitehot



It looks like HTS launched big offensive in Hama, they used many tanks, even t90, still no evidence about advances, maybe SAA should launch now offensive in western Allepo

Balázs Jávorszky

That can’t be a T90. There’s no known capture of any T90, and the Russians would take that very seriously, this is their most modern MBT in service now (Armata will be the next soon). They can’t let it get into the hands of the terrorists’ masters, the US. If there’d been a capture, they would’ve done everything to get it back or blow it to smithereens.


lets hope so


And yet, the jihadists have captured a T-90 last year and it was later sold to Al-Nusra for some sum of money. The T-90 did not appear in fighting condition after the capture. It wasn’t lost by the SAA but by some militia forces who – for reasons unknown – received it from the SAA. This was even an article on this site.

Balázs Jávorszky

To everyone, I was obviously wrong, sorry.


No worries buddy.




So alqaida, the turkish backed militants, and the Saudi backed militants are all working together again.

Is this the result of erdogan walking away at Astana? Turkey rejoining the saudis against Russia in Syria?


why did the pos walk away?


Dama-sucs = translation from Al-sham (The Sham) terrorist language – ‘Damn, that sucks’.

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