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JUNE 2021

Second Batch Of Militants Preparing To Leave Syria’s Douma

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A second batch of militants is preparing to leave the Douma district of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, according to pro-government sources in the area.

According to reports, some 31 buses will take Jaish al-Islam militants and their families from the area to the Turkish-occupied town of Jarabulus in northern Syria under a deal between the militant group and Jaish al-Islam. The deal is supervised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Russian forces.

Syrian media say that militants are now burning their weapon depots and HQs in the part of Douma not controlled by government forces.

A new group of hostages, that have been held in the area, is also set to be released by militants soon.

Militants released a first group of hostages, mostly women, late on April 8. At the same time, a first batch of Jaish al-Islam militants departed Douma to Jarabulus. MORE HERE

A final deal over Douma between Jaish al-Islam and Damascus was announced on April 8. The militant group was forced to accept the deal following a rapid military operation conducted by the Syrian Army on April 6 and April 7.

However, Jaish al-Islam and its supports had enough time to stage a chemical attack in the area that already led to an escalation in the region. MORE HERE

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Where are the money ???… SAA must inspect every single bus and every single centimeter of buses because 900 million US dollars is in question here. Those money JAI want to take with them to Idlib and SAA must be careful and inspect all parts of buses with dogs etc…


Yeah, look for ‘money’ while Putin allows the US medical NGO, SAMS, to ship blood and tissue samples of the victims of the false flag nerve agent gas attack back to labs in America.

You dumb-dumbs do more harm to our cause than the actual zionist trolls.


Trump has begun the countdown to the massive blitz in Syria with his announcement minutes ago.

At the UNSC, Britan, France and America are going to provide absolute proof the children and women that died in East Ghouta were murdered with a “military grade nerve agent” of a type not capable of manufacture or use by the rebels. And this will be TRUE- cos on the ground that night a British SAS agent released the nerve agent directly into the shelter- with the American NGO virtually next door to record the aftermath and take blood and tissue samples.

Putin has claimed no gas attack happened in East Ghouta that night- so the narrative of this fasle flag will play perfectly- you ONLY defeat a false flag by ALWAYS denouncing the false flag by name, and NEVER buying into the false narrative of the false flag.

Putin, under the direct instructions of his jewish handlers, never denounces the British or Americans by name. So the fact that a british agent used the nerve gas in East Ghouta makes for an UNMENTIONABLE fact that Putin cannot refer to. All his people can say at the UN today is “it never happened”, yet the Americans will have absolute proof that it did indeed happen.

Now do you see why the whole MI6 false flag narrative that began with the poisoning of the ex-spy in the UK is so PERFECT? Russia demonised for researching, deploying and using novichok. The daughter and father AGRREING to be part of the false flag so they’ll get their reward of unthinkable riches when they relocate to the USA later this year. Who’d have thunk a traitor to the people of Russia would agree to be a part of a massive british attack against Russia, and that his loyal daughter would happily join her Dad in the traitor’s work? Well, only everyone with a functioning brain.

Now a similar agent has been used to kill women and children in East Ghouta, where only Iran, Assad and Putin could possibly deploy said nerve agent. A PERFECT false flag- so much better and safer than 9/11.

I mean there’s some on our side so THICK, they’ll do anything to deny that an SAS officer would knowingly murder innocent women and children. This after the infamous shelter bombing during the first Gulf War, where America intimidated the European architect that designed the shelter to provide its exact plans to America so america could send hellfire missiles down the shelters air vents (its only weakness) burning to death the hundreds of women and children known to be sheltering inside.

America hoped these people were the direct family members of the leading Iraqis in Baghdad, and that by murdering their wives and children they would psaychologically destroy these people.

The West ONLY wages war by mass murdering women and children- look at the major actions of the allies during WW2. Hitler and all key nazis leaders made it to the end. Not so MILLIONS of women and children associated with the axis that the allies exterminated by every means possible.

SAS recruits are not allowed to join the special forces unless they prove to have the psychology that allows them to murder women and children on command. Only then are they considered perfect tools of chaos and butchery. For an SAS member to VOLUNTEER for the false flag mission in East Ghouta is as normal as the sun rising each day.

1) the MI6 operation in Coventry, England, the SOHR, denied the inital reports of the gas attack… an essential point. Why? Cos the Yanks have a thing called “rush to judgement”- meaning you RUIN a case by claiming you know all the details too early. The statements by MI6’s SOHR on the night ‘prove’ no rush to judgement.

2) the attack happened on the doorstep of the Putin enabled American medical NGO- a hitech body with cameras, direct video feeds to the outside world, and first class forensic capabilities- allowing the ‘evidence’ of the nerve gas attack to be collected and shipped to labs in the West immediately.

3) Key front-line public influencer bodies like the infamous DailyMail were calling this a “nerve gas” attack from the very first minute. There is no issue with “rush to judgement” with such media outlets, so they can be used to lay down the official narrative as soon as possible.

4) The chlorine nonsense was a stoke of genius, based on earlier kremlin dribble about planned chemical false flag attacks. The West had seeded East Ghouta with rebel chlorine supplies to make kremlin dumb-dumbs think they comprehended the risk. No serious UN concern about chemical weapons has ever revolved around the common gas chlorine. Putin had his fools looking in the wrong place- so when the nerve agent attack happened, our outlets were full of dribble about chlorine.

Hey you DUMB-DUMBS… no the other side isn’t ‘stupid’ or ‘naive’ or ‘hopeless’. Their UK nerve agent story NEVER fell to pieces, or made mistakes or whatever you dumb-dumbs say to yourselves to help you sleep the night. The Porton Down guy didn’t slip up when he stated you cannot say where a simple chemical compound was manufactured- that’s just science. And BJ didn’t slip up when he said he knew the Russians made the novichok.

Every aspect of the narrative and when each fragment was revealed to the public was calculated to the tiniest degree. And each reveal was designed to get mouthbreathers like almost all of you here ‘excited’.

The moment the british press first remarked about an ex-spy and his daughter discovered unconscious on a bench, the false flag was in play perfectly. A bunch of innocent children dying in East Ghouta of a similar nerve agent was just another step. The end game of this particular false flag is the coming French, British and American blitz on Syria- the most concentrated use of air power yet seen in Human History. Every gain made by the Russian and Syrian people will be overturned. And zionist appeaser Putin has been nothing put a perfect pawn of the Deep State.


Zionist dribble from a limited hangout zionist psy-op operation. Notice how our zionist troll posts over and over to get you to look?

Of course the rebels gave up the second the false flag poisoning of the women and kids happened- by a nerve agent related to the same family that includes novichok. The rebels were under direct command of the West- their leaders were British SAS members on the ground.

It was ESSENTIAL that a plausible explanation for the rapid access to the bodies of the gassed was created- although Putin himself ordered Assad to allow the American (CIA) medical NGO to operate in East Ghouta, and maintain direct contact with the USA. This NGO recorded all details about the nerve gas attack, collected the required medical samples, and immediately shipped them back to the USA and Europe- in time for Trump’s announcements today and tomorrow.

Russia still fighting against ‘rebels’ in East Ghouta would be a distraction anyway, as the peeps of the West still mostly view the rebels as islamic terrorists- so the Deep State wants that story off the front page, as the new story about Assad nerve gassing his own innocents takes its place.

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