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JUNE 2021

Second Batch Of Militants Prepare For Evacuation From Douma – SANA

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Second Batch Of Militants Prepare For Evacuation From Douma - SANA


A second batch of militants is preparing for an evacuation from the district of Douma in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

Preparations for evacuating the second batch of “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists and their families from Douma city to Jarablos started on Tuesday in preparation to clear the city from terrorism.

SANA’s correspondent said that several buses have exited through al-Wafideen Camp safe corridor carrying a number of Jaish al-Islam terrorists and their families, and headed to the main gathering point on Harasta Highway, from which they will be transported to Jarablos later.

The correspondent added that the evacuation process is subjected to thorough inspection where buses and luggage are searched and the names of the terrorists are verified to prevent them from smuggling any civilian or military abductees, and to make sure that the terms of the agreement are not violated regarding the personal firearms they are allowed to carry with them while they are leaving.

Terrorists of Jaish al-Islam in Douma have been holding large numbers of civilian and military abductees hostage for several years inside the so-called “al-Toba Prison,” in addition to using hundreds of families as human shields.”

On April 2, 1,065 militants and their family members were evacuated from the Douma district under a deal between them and the Syrian government.

Since April 2, the Jaish al-Islam leadership has not commented on reports of the militants withdrawal from the area. However, if the second batch lives, it will be clear that the evacuation deal is undergoing despite the public denial by miltiants.

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Richard M

Stop wasting time with these Jayshtards. Either they get in the buses or show them sunrise at midnight!


This report if true will explain a lot I think Richard.


“A Syrian MP has revealed that the last remaining active terrorist organization in East Ghouta is demanding that they will only leave the town of Duma if they can leave with $900 million.”

Richard M

I wonder what country’s currency the cash is? I would allow them to take whatever change is in their pockets. No paper money though!


If this is true ,it is about 5000 USD per adult civilian in the Ghouta pocket. many of whom have been forced to pay black market prices to the US proxy Terrorists for a small part of the UN aid delivered over the years.

When we consider that such extortion and theft is normal in all the US terrorist occupied areas, including Syria , it is easier to understand the infighting amongst the terror gangs and their will to fight the SAA.

Just as drug gangs confront the authorities all over the globe.

Richard M

Nice analogy. The same is seen in Bilalstan as the Ottoman puppet Free Salafist Army Orcs battle over Afrin’s loot.

King Tudor777

I support Syria’s fight against terrorism and I think they all must be eliminated, not only evacuated, they stole the UN aid and let people starve. However, Assad isn’t a good guy, he’s a dictator and killed a lot of good and bad people, all the sides have blame in the civilian suffering. We shouldn’t forget that there are also reports about some soldiers of the SAA/NDF making Afrin refugees to pay more than US$1000 each people. Just to clarify, I don’t want to get rid of Assad or anything like it, he’s the best option for Syria, he’ll save Syria from the Saudi, Turkish, Jordan, American-paid terrorists, but we mustn’t forget that all the sides have committed a lot of mistakes.


What evidence do you have that Bashar Assad ordered innocent Syrian civilians to be murdered ?

You must have some to assert that he has surely ?

p.s Whatever the US State Dept says is not evidence :)


Their demand ridiculous enough that if i still keep the heads of those ISIS headchoppers I’ll give them those instead and tell them to collect it’s bounty for cash.


That is the cost of 900 high precision missiles. Hummm….. better to kill them.


Ahh, so they are Israelis.


900 million in exchange for 3500 prisoners, mmm hope Assad can come up with it.

King Tudor777

A plethora of RuAF airstrikes would be a good start!

Michał Hunicz

Great news, Yarmouk rats are next!


Trump regime is illegal in Syria, Iraq and in Afghanistan and using the terrorist controlled areas for their military bases without the permission of the regional countries.


Their leader seems to be in denial, in addition to being abroad.

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