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Season Of Bloody Harvest Nearing In Syria And Iraq

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Season Of Bloody Harvest Nearing In Syria And Iraq

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Season Of Bloody Harvest Nearing In Syria And Iraq
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The seeds of destruction casted by the US-led intervention continue to grow their bloody sprouts in the Middle East. Syria and Iraq, once thrown into the chaos of war instigated by foreign-sponsored terrorist groups, are yet to restore themselves from actions of the ‘friends of democracy’. Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, often labeled as freedom fighters by NATO members, still control a large chunk of northern Syria. Even ISIS, which was supposedly defeated with at least visual participation of the ‘forces of democracy’, still remains the permanent source of threats in both Syria and Iraq. The self-proclaimed Caliphate was demolished, but its members are still active all around the Middle East and beyond.

On December 7, Peshmerga forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region carried out a series of raids in response to recent ISIS attacks. As of now, these efforts led to little result but they are important to show the concern of the Kurdish leaders over the deteriorating security situation. Just on December 5, ISIS propaganda outlet Amaq released photos showing the attack on a Peshmerga unit and civilian houses in the village of Khadir Jijah. The terrorists reportedly killed nine Peshmerga members and wounded five others. Three civilians were also killed, while another one sustained injures. In the first days of December, reports about the increased ISIS activity also appeared from the Iraqi side of the Syrian border. ISIS cells enjoy freedom of movement in the desert area. The chaos around al-Tanf, which was turned by the US into a no-go zone for Syrian government forces, also contributes to this cause.

During the large-scale operations against ISIS, Iraqi Kurdistan remained one of the safest regions of Iraq. Nonetheless, now, when the vestiges of ISIS are focused on guerrilla warfare, the leadership of the Kurdish autonomous region seems to be unable to fully guarantee security there.

US troops themselves suffer from Washington’s Janus-faced policies. On the one hand, the White House declares its commitment to the fight on terrorists. On the other hand, it does all that is possible to prevent the restoration of stability in the region thus creating favorable conditions for ISIS and al-Qaeda operations there. No surprise that this approach leads to some difficulties on the ground.

Late on December 4, three rockets reportedly hit the coalition base at the CONICO gas facility in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The attack reportedly led to no casualties, while US-sponsored media outlets rushed to blame the Damascus government for the attack. ISIS cells that are regularly spotted near US forces on both banks of the Euphrates River are apparently clear from suspicion. On December 5, the US-led coalition reportedly held a live-fire exercise at CONICO and increased number of patrols by military helicopters. As of December 7, US forces there appear to remain in the state of increased readiness.

Al-Qaeda lovers in Idlib also spent time productively. On December 4, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham targeted a position of the al-Quds Brigade near al-Sa’diyah in western Aleppo with a US-supplied TOW anti-tank guided missile. The pro-government Palestinian group reported that one of its fighters was killed. On December 5, Ansar al-Tawhid terrorist group shelled a Syrian Army position near Dara al-Kabira in southern Idlib. Army troops reportedly suffered no casualties. Since then, no ceasefire violations have been reported in this part of Syria. Nonetheless, there are no doubts that they will be reported soon. NATO member states have little interest in helping Syria and Iraq to recuperate from the years of conflicts. Instead, they see the territories of these countries as one of a multiple location battleground needed to strike their ‘geopolitical enemies’ and promote their global agenda.

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Christian J. Chuba

“Iraqi Kurdistan remained one of the safest regions of Iraq.” Then why are their so many Iraqi, Kurdish refugees in Belarus trying to get to W. Europe?

Chris Gr

Because these persons are either terrorists, gangsters or just misguided.


“Safe” does not mean “easy to make a living”. Those regions are devastated, with utilities and infrastructure in tatters. Let alone getting jobs.

Per Dørup Jensen

Yes, and why are they going to W. Europe trying to destroy their country?


It’s astonishing what despicable things are done under the US flag in Syria. it’s unconstitutional, aggressive war waged against people who are not our enemies with enormous destruction, suffering and death. We arrogantly decide what leaders are acceptable to us.

We call Iran the chief sponsor of terror in the world but who has led the coalition that has killed over 500K Syrians and made millions refugees? Not Iran!

jens holm

You are not “WE” at all.

Almost the only thing in common is blaming anyone else. You are not even allowed to make the own needed changes for wellfare.

You even has neigbors which has done that or partly has such as Turkey and Israel. You notg even tale their good parts and do them to Your own.

Så many here are analfabeths in any kind of knowledge for anychanges. They not even are able to crteate structures for it as well as they also not even see, why Westerns are so strong in GFDP and the wished wellfare for many more in %.

We westerns are even condemmed from not using Muhammed Economics or suppolorting Karl Marx, Stalin and Putin. We comapre and what do we see.

Even there aregreat mistakes in the kapitalisme it makes incitaments to produce more. By that it also has to be sold to someone, so we pay pr hours, education,skills and hard work.

In Denmark 80% are working for non familiy companies. In fx Syria an Iraq thats 20%. Family companies dont hire the best but too often hire the ones, which has the best relations to old people. Next You reward men by cars and women for a mobile phone doing exact the same job better and being blamed for being able to.

Thats the second thing. You are so low educated Yourself. Even so You work hard to keep vomen from any knowledge, which You dont think is for You. But it is. We see it here.

Vomen er just as clever as men and are all over in all level. Our Premiere Minister is a Vomen but chosen for being the best. We chose here by free elections.

Its very strange muslim vomen in Denmark not kept down hard by the men, which bought them, are much more clever then they were in Syria, Iraq a.s.o. They learn danisk faster then most men, they do their lessins in school, they take educations well on all levels, they by that raise the livingstandards – and some by that are killed by their men in stupid honor and respect quagmire.

they also by that pay a lot of tax getting education free, childsupport and free hospitals, healtcare and pension. Men pay nothing at divorse. They make their own money and have a bankaccount too.

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